Obama Announces Plan to “Expedite” Smart Gun Technology

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America is by far, the most difficult country to push any kind of gun control legislation. The gun grabbers really have their work cut out for them here. In just about any other nation, all it takes is one tragic mass shooting, and the sheep start bleating and begging for more restrictive laws. But for a variety of reasons, it just doesn’t work here. Guns have just become far too ingrained our culture for most people to give them up.

It’s actually quite impressive when you think about it. Every other line and amendment in the US Constitution has been violated into meaninglessness. Though the spirit of the Second Amendment has been violated as well, it hasn’t been done to the same extent. It’s the last domino that just won’t fall, no matter how hard the gun grabbers blow.

Since they can’t pull off an outright ban, they have to constantly find alternative routes of gun control. They try to place onerous regulations on buying and selling firearms, they push extra taxes on ammunition, or they try to force gun owners to buy insurance for each gun. The list goes on and on. One of their alternatives to gun confiscation, is the smart gun.

In case you don’t know, a smart gun is a weapon that uses biometrics, fingerprints, rfid chips, or a magnetic device to determine if the person holding the gun is the rightful owner. If someone else handles the gun, it won’t fire. This would presumably prevent the gun from being stolen by criminals or handled by children.

This makes it the perfect Trojan horse for gun control, since a roll out of these weapons (if you can even call these neutered toys “weapons”) be implemented under the guise of safety. The gun grabbers can make an appeal to our conscience and desires. They’ll say that we can have whatever gun we want, so long as it has smart gun technology to prevent it from falling into the hands of bad guys or unknowing children (as you’ll see in a moment, it’s a Faustian bargain).

But first, they’ll try to roll out this technology in increments, starting with law enforcement. They’ll say that we need smart guns to prevent criminals from killing cops with their own weapons. President Obama recently proposed a plan to create better smart guns for that exact purpose.

First, we’ve jumpstarted the development of smart gun technology. Today, many gun injuries and deaths are the result of legal guns that were stolen, misused, or discharged accidentally. As long as we’ve got the technology to prevent a criminal from stealing and using your smartphone, then we should be able to prevent the wrong person from pulling a trigger on a gun. So, my Administration released a plan today to expedite the development of smart gun technology, including by identifying the requirements that smart guns would have to meet in order for law enforcement to purchase and use them effectively – and keep themselves and the public safer in the process.

However, this has nothing to do with the safety of law enforcement. The threat of a cop having his gun stolen by a suspect is a non-issue. Of all the hundreds of thousands of police officers in America, only 51 were killed when a perp overpowered them and took their weapon, between 2000 and 2010.

So what is this really about?

The government wants to normalize smart guns, so that they have more control over us. How does that give them more control? Because, when you have a firearm that is dependent on electronics to function, that firearm becomes hackable. It will be programmed with back doors that the government can exploit, just like computers and smartphones.

In the future, smart guns will be designed so that government officials can shut them off remotely whenever they want. In fact, the first smart gun that can be remotely controlled by a bureaucrat was invented about two years ago.

A new technology that could allow authorities and others to literally “turn off” guns by remote control has been patented.

German arms maker Armatix GmbH has filed a patent for an improved smart pistol that can be shut down by a wireless signal.

“Preferably, the apparatus of the invention can be controlled remotely, for example via satellite and can send information to a satellite,” the European patent application for the gun says.

That’s the real endgame. At first it will be voluntary, but eventually they’ll force you to buy smart guns. It’s the best way to implement gun control without alarming gun owners, because with this technology they can trust anyone to have any gun, knowing that they can turn it off at any moment. They’ll try to trick the pro gun crowd with promises of reduced regulations. They’ll let you buy fully automatics and other “scary” weapons, just so long as it is a smart gun.

But if you take that deal, then one day you’ll wake up in a country filled with smart guns that you can’t really own or control. Unfortunately for the gun grabbers, gun owners aren’t stupid enough to take that deal, are they?

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • frankw

    With approx. 300M firearms currently in circulation it still leaves the grabbers with the problem of how to neutralize them. Properly maintained weapons can last for decades, even centuries, so they still have the basic problem of dealing with them.

    • Which is all the longer that we’ll have to remove the traitors and get our country back. The grabbers need to be neutralized, not the lawfully owned guns.

  • mayday911us.

    Oh look pushing this nonsense in the name of safety. But let’s see if he puts his secret service the first to have this so called smart gun technology.

    Oh I hope everyone realizes the next push well be a mandate to upgrade your non smart weapons. At your cost but it a new form of registration.

    • Public safety has always been the ploy. Eventually we’ll just have to round up all the survivors and try them for treason.

  • Montana Man

    One eventual way of making people move from current firearms to smart guns, is by changing ammo bullet design. Smart guns could only utilize “smart bullets,” which would have a unique, proprietary shape or a special notch, on the ammo casing, and would not work in traditional weapons. The govt would see that these bullets would be the only available ammo on the market. What they have already done in the area of light bulbs they would now also do with ammo. The govt. would also make sure that standard brass casings are no longer produced. However, the govt will never be able to implement gun laws that we refuse to accept. Molon labe!

  • Frank

    “Smart gun” technology is a pipe dream. It works as laboratory prototypes but out on the street it’s a very different story. You have to modify the weapon’s firing mechanism which is not an easy thing to do and then there is the question of reliability. The only way this can work is if the weapon is designed from the ground up to use smart technology and have safeguards against modification built in. Retrofitting an existing firearm is too costly and impractical. So what’s going to happen is, after a certain date, they’ll say we have to turn in all of our “old” guns and the only ones we’ll be allowed to own are “new” smart guns. They’ll justify this by saying we aren’t prohibiting gun ownership, just that the guns you can own have to be of a certain type. Yeah. Sure. Right. Scumbags…

    • Ohiolad

      “So what’s going to happen is, after a certain date, they’ll say we have to turn in all of our “old” guns and the only ones we’ll be allowed to own are “new” smart guns.”
      Obama won’t have enough time to implement this in the short amount of time he has left, assuming he can be forced to leave and doesn’t declare martial law. It would have to wait for the next Democrat gun-grabber.

      • Frank

        Yeah…and that’s what the Hildebeeste is going to do. Her first term is essentially O’bummer’s third term. If he’s announcing it you can rest assured that the foundations are already in place.

    • David Dally

      I decided not to trade any of my guns for for smart guns. NEVER

    • Remove the modification, and the problem goes away.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Ahh dammit. Next thing you know they will be outlawing 3dprinted under leaver black powder percussion pistols that GLOW IN THE DARK!
    Sorry for the bad photo but i don’t own a camera smart phone 2d printer. Maybe after it’s out of prototype stage.

  • Milly Vanilly

    GREAT PLAN….THEN the government can sell the software to China ( actually Hillary will GIVE it to them for a SMALL DONATION) & also the govt. will sell the software to the Drug Cartels.
    In the end of THAT nightmare scenario ALL the citizens would be Unarmed & ALL the criminals would be ARMED.

    • Frank

      Pretty much, except that law enforcement and the military would be exempt from having to use smart guns. Then there will be a rash of burglaries and hijacked arms shipments that somehow magically end up in the hands of the drug cartels. This whole thing is designed as a backdoor registration attempt.

      • Anything that is electronic is easily bypassed. In this case, it would probably be nothing more than removing a solenoid.

  • SP_88

    We need to resist this smart gun nonsense, no matter how safe or reliable it may be. If they can shut down our firearms remotely, it will effectively shut down the true purpose of the 2nd amendment with it. The government is a potential enemy, considering the purpose of the 2nd amendment. Giving them the ability to shut down our weapons is a conflict of interest. It would be like giving the Nazis the ability to shut down our weapons during WW2. It’s a ridiculous idea that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
    And as far as giving these stupid things to the police, what if someone was able to hack them and build a device that could shut down all the firearms the police have so they could commit a crime without the police being able to stop them? And what if a criminal built many such devices and sold them to other criminals? It would immediately make every firearm useless against them. It’s definitely possible, even likely that such a thing would happen if everyone was forced to use these smart guns.
    And what about people who are able to take apart these guns and remove the smart part and turn it back into a real gun? It is a mechanical device. It wouldn’t be very hard to make it work without whatever device turns it on. It would be like hotwiring an old car.
    With all these very good reasons not to do this, it makes the term “smart gun” an oxymoron.

  • Mike

    They only want to implement smart gun tech so they can flip a switch and disarm people PERIOD. No thanks. The only gun control needed by law abiding citizens is the ability to shoot a tight group at the target down range.

    • David Dally

      If she is elected I actually hope she tries. That will put an end to the discussion.

  • Susan Vue

    Relax Obama there is no need for smartguns – Hasn’t Hillary told you? she is going to confiscate all the GUNS.

    • David Dally

      If she is elected I actually hope she tries. That will put an end to the discussion.

  • Sir TuberKopf

    Smart gun technology is a lie, it does not exist, it does not work. Isn’t this Obama the snake in Chiefs plan, to always lie to the American people?

  • ExecutorOffice

    Hello Feds wasting CAFR Account interest,,,, don’t you guys do ANYTHING worthwhile ? Psyops , disinformation, Title 26 or Title 15 IR / IRS sleight of hand,,,,etc


  • RobertFl

    If guns are that smart, that also means the gov’t could have the ability to shut down a weapon from a distance (and in masse). Seems to defeat the purpose of the 2nd amendment.

    • NolanR

      Wow! Did you figure that all out all by yourself?

  • Greg Burton

    A well coordinated gun confiscation program.

    • David Dally

      The difference is that the Obama administration is orchestrating the shootings to justify more gun laws. I said it and I mean it.

      • Greg Burton

        I agree. This “program”, as well as the drone assassination program, foreign AND domestic, could not proceed without his authorization.

  • At least one state–New Jersey–already has a smart gun law on the books. It stipulates that only smart guns will be sold in the state, once the technology has been perfected and models available for purchase for three years!
    Along with the other nefarious and and pernicious-to-freedom consequences of smart gun-only gun ownership, some of which have been discussed here, I’ll tell you what the one method of personalization is that is feasible and which ultimately will become infused with smart gun technology, if things are allowed to proceed–microchip implantation in people. All these other technologies and adaptations–biometrics, RFID chips in bracelets, etc.–simply are not feasible, for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, an RFID signal emanating from a microchip implanted in the user is the logical solution, and in time, this implantation will be mandatory, in order to purchase a gun, just as forces are driving towards mandatory chip implantation in humans in myriad other areas, like workplace access, buying in a cashless society, etc., etc.!
    A freedom revolution must be waged NOW!

  • David Dally

    You’re late. I made this exact point 2 days ago regarding the governments plans for smart guns.

  • NOB

    need to keep this from going into law

  • BigGaySteve

    So if someone is breaking into my window at 3am I am going to have to worry if the battery on my gun died.

  • WheelerDealer

    Alinsky tactics. Provoke and antagonize.

    It will never happen.