Oath Keepers Vow to Stand by Bundy Ranch in Cattle Dispute with Feds

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Things are escalating quickly in the public land use dispute between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and a 67-year-old cattle rancher and his family.

While Bundy’s family has grazed cattle on the land in question since the 1870s, the state decided to officially outlaw cattle grazing in the area in an Agenda 21-esque move back in 1998 under the guise of protecting the environment for the endangered desert tortoise.

Now BLM says that, not only has Bundy has refused to pay the federal government for “grazing rights” for the last 20 years, but they have officially declared that his cattle are now “trespassing” on what is supposed to be public land.

As reported yesterday, apparently that’s worth calling out a fully militarized federal force, including nine helicopters and a multitude of agents and even snipers, to descend on Bundy’s ranch to impound his cattle.

This picture was posted on The Truth About Guns blog April 8th by author Robert Farago:


Bundy’s son Dave has already been arrested, reportedly for filming feds outside the BLM’s designated “First Amendment Area” (the feds were even thoughtful enough to put up a sign for it).

Yesterday, video surfaced of protesters, including Bundy family members, being tased, thrown to the ground and threatened with K-9s by BLM officers.

In response to the mounting dispute and worries this could become the next Ruby Ridge or Waco, militias from all across the country, including Texas, Montana, Utah, New Hampshire, and Florida, have mobilised to stand with the Bundy family and others protesting the BLM.

Now Oath Keepers, a non-partisan association of 40,000 current serving and former military, police, and first responders who have pledged to fulfill their oaths to ‘defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,’” has released a statement that they, too, will stand by the Bundys against the corrupt actions of this government.

It reads in part:

This is not about cattle.  This is about power, and the trampling of rights.  It’s about a systemic power grab and abuse of power by the federal government as it runs roughshod over the rights of honest, hard-working rural Americans and over the rights of all the Western states.  This is not an isolated incident.  It is but the latest in a long train of abuses aimed at subjecting rural Americans to absolute despotism while destroying the property rights, economy, and independence of the rural West, in particular, and eventually wiping out all of rural America.  This is an attack on all of the West, which is why patriotic legislators and lawmen from all over the West are answering the call to defend it.

And it is not just ranching that is under attack.  It is also mining, farming, logging, fishing, oil and gas, and any other industry that uses natural resources or the land.   This is a full spectrum, frontal assault on the rural West.   Ultimately, it is about bankrupting and impoverishing independent rural Americans to bring on a planned depopulation of the West.

This is truly a range war, and it is being waged by all three branches of the federal government, including complicit federal judges who “make it legal” through their willful rulings that strip away any meaningful redress or shelter for ranchers and farmers who have worked the land for generations only to now be told that they can no longer do so because of one endangered species or another.  Entire regions of the West are being shut down and impoverished using this tactic.

In this case, the Bundy family has run cattle on that same range since 1877 and they used to have fifty-two neighboring ranchers who did the same.  Now, using the Desert Tortoise as the weapon of choice, the federal government has run all the other ranchers in Clark County, Nevada out of business, and Cliven Bundy truly is the last man standing.   And it is also about all Nevadans being “prohibited” from using their own “Public Land” and the fact that the Feds were imposing their will over the state and it’s people at gun-point.

Unless We the People begin to take a meaningful stand now, in full support of our patriotic state public servants who are willing to lead us, the domestic enemies of the Constitution will not stop until the West is a land of ghost towns, devoid of people, and we are all crammed into city slums, totally dependent and weak, with no protection of our rights, like third-world urbanized peons under the arbitrary and capricious control of corrupt dictators.

The statement also called out Nevada Governor Sandoval — who has publicly criticized the BLM for “intimidation” and trampling upon Nevadans’ fundamental rights with so-called “First Amendment areas” but done little else — for not showing up in person himself and ordering the Nevada Highway Patrol to stand between the people and an “out of control” BLM. Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore showed up yesterday to stand vigil, saying, “we are here because the Governor is not.”

Oath Keepers is calling on anyone who can make it to Bunkersville, Nevada to peacefully stand with Cliven Bundy and his family and to stand up for the Constitution of the United States of America and the rights of the people against a corrupt government that would subvert us all:

We therefore call on all liberty-loving Americans who can possibly make it to Bunkerville, Nevada to join us in this vigil, NOW, in direct support of oath-keeping Western lawmakers and lawmen as they stand guard over the rights of the people and begin to push back against federal abuse.  Come take a meaningful stand, in a real fight where it counts the most – in our states.  This is far, far more important than any trip to Washington D.C. to wave signs and yell at a deaf and blind Congress, White House, or Supreme Court.  This is where the real battle is, and where you belong.  This is where you can make a real difference, and begin the restoration of the Republic, from the bottom up.

Read Oath Keepers full statement here.

In other news, Natural News has just reported that the BLM is cashing in hardcore to the tune of millions on fracking operations in the very land from which they are trying to evict the Bundys. (Hat tip: Jason Rivera)

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  • Cracker122049

    Is it just me or do those snipers look like they do not have a peaceful intent on their minds? Stand there peacefully to make a better target for the snipers don’t sound real smart to the untrained mind! Where in history has peaceful resistance ever stopped a tyrant?

    • CharlesH

      Snipers have just one purpose – to kill. They’re not there for intimidation, they are there to kill on order.

  • farang

    Pay more attention, eh? It’s what we’ve been saying for years, since Cheney invented these “zones.”

    After we defeat BLM, we find Cheney and have him enjoy some “water sports”, yes

  • Dave

    Any comments on the fact he quit paying grazing fees in 1993? To the tune of at least $300,000.00 (His number) up to 1 million (BLM number).
    THEN, The land was finally declared off-limits for cattle in 1998 and became a designated habitat for the federally protected desert tortoise. That same year, a judge ordered Bundy to remove his cattle. He refused to comply.
    So, he paid fees for decades, then decided he did not have to due to premptive rights
    He’d have my support if he did not quit paying fees. Don’t scream the fees were illegal, he entered into that contract willingly along with many other ranchers. Then he got hoiler than thou.
    That forces me to put him into the ‘angry it’s all mine business owner’ catagory who thinks all should bow unto him and all monies go his way.
    All other issues are (now) moot.
    This is my call. You can disagree, but unless you have facts that state otherwise…..

    • Gregory Walls

      He quit paying the feds…because the money he paid in was being actively used against him, instead of for the improvements that it was supposed to be used for. He tried to pay the fees to the county…they wouldn’t take the money. He then used the money to make necessary improvements to the land directly…instead of paying off the feds.

      • Thomas Parker


    • berrybestfarm

      Make all the excuses you want. How would you like to be targeted by snipers or be blockaded for making a political statement. Is money so god damned important to you that you support terrorizing people over it?
      Dennis Patterson–Deer Park,WA

    • rob

      Sounds like you work for the BLM?

  • TrueLight

    Feds see the Statute At large Volume 43 March 7, 1925 through Volume 44 December 16, 1925, and USC “ No Authority

  • Dave

    ***This is the same BLM that destroyed over 1,500 desert tortoises they were paid to protect;
    *Irrelevant to this issue

    ***So, before you judge this man who is 3rd generation rancher, know your facts.
    * Got all info in my comment from this web site and the Blaze.

    ***where in the constitution allows the federal government to own 90 percent of a state

    *where does it show that you or I own any of it?

    Listen, in my statement I make it clear that his ceasing of making payments was the first ‘foul’. (You may argue THAT was wrong, but he entered into it as a contract,
    he broke that contract.)
    Had he not broken that contract would this issue of trespassing cattle still have occured?
    I understand from other reading that the BLM ordered a great reduction of the head he was allowed to graze. That sucks man.
    Be thankfull you had all that land to use. It made your corporation what it is today. Be thankfull you never had to purchase that much land, like the rest of us do, because I guarantee your bottom line wouldn’t look as good.
    Make no mistake, Br. Bundy is a business, maybe even an actual corporation for tax purposes.
    Fine, we need business of course. But they enjoy quite the tax perk no matter what they say. (Side Note: Isn’t it funny how bad all business is? Yet they open every day….)

    Curious, how much land does Mr. Bundy outright own? Land not under dispute?

    This issue that he and his family’s occupation of this land then later deemed owned Federally is, on the surface, not right. But then think to what kind of country we’d have if whole towns were owned by the Fords, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc.
    Not to mention The Morman Church.

    I am Pro Business, yet Pro Regulation. I grew up in the 70s/80s. I’ve lived the horror of Love Canal, burning rivers.

    • Anothereno

      The people own the land, the people pay the government property tax to maintain and improve infrastructure where needed. That’s why its called public property.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Oath Keepers we salute you. I describe myself as just a friend from the UK, one of many worldwide who admire America’s Constitution and despite a cross the pond rivalry or 2 I must take my hat off to admire what led to America becoming the leading Superpower last century.
    Bundy is a hero. Period. It sickens me to see the big players cattle prod the little guy. I am non violent and detest guns but I will not sit back and accept injustice. Bundy has more friends than enemies and he is a MODEL citizen. Please continue to support him.

  • Thomas Parker

    I thought Jones was a brain-dead fanatic.

  • Thomas Parker

    Good idea, Einstein, murder a few publc safety officers. They frown on that there.

  • Marla Lk

    Fresno, CA officials ambushed my family in order to take our properties behind 60-yr water scam – family, neighbors left dead. It was not expected I would still be alive – ongoing attempts to have me killed as they altered evidence of what took place, prohibited reports, committed perjury (backed by Mayor Alan Autry aka: Bubba Skinner / CA’s “water shortage” spokesman) to have a R.O. issued against me followed by sexual harassment and threatening me if I ever contacted or pled for help again. Stripped of human / civil rights, left destitute, in fear for my life as the horrors continue. Informed, “You may have made it further than the others but you won’t make it out alive.” “You will commit suicide like the others.” It is true – no way out of this but death. Leaving the information behind.