Oakland Cops Point Guns at Sleeping One-Year-Old in Misdemeanor Warrant Search

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by JG Vibes

A recent police accountability report in Oakland revealed the horrible details of a raid where police pointed guns at a sleeping one year old child.

The East Bay Express Reported that:

“Two Oakland police officers pointed their firearms at a sleeping nineteen-month-old child while investigating a misdemeanor crime, according to a new report released Thursday. The sleeping child posed no threat to the officers, and yet they pointed their guns at the one-year-old anyway. The alarming incident was cited by Independent Monitor Robert Warshaw in his latest report on OPD misconduct.

Warshaw noted that the department has had a history of overly aggressive behavior toward city residents. Warshaw also noted in his report that OPD not only failed to make any progress in living up to court-mandated reforms in the latest monitoring period, but actually lost ground for the second quarter in a row.”

Although there are few details being released at this time, it is fairly safe to say that this was likely connected to a drug offense or some other nonviolent crime, considering that it was noted as a misdemeanor.

It seems that more often than not, police go into routine calls with guns blazing.  This is happening so much across the country, that it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to consider that maybe they are being trained like to perceive and treat every single person as if they were a criminal.  Apparently, that even extends to children as young as one year old, who pose no threat on the officers life at all, nor do they have any possibility of being a criminal.

…And these are the people that gun control advocates trust with weapons?


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J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter-culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer, reporter for theintelhub.com Executive Producer of the Bob Tuskin Radio Show.

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  • wolf

    These pigs would have been shot dead at the scene had this happened to us. Even with level 3a head armor they would be toast.

    • G-DAWG

      No dang kidden, What is up with those bedwettin, pillow biten LEOs. Thats a typical punk-bully, always goes for the weekest.

      The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

    • wolf think dog food,leg shots or neck shots,remember your dog,he’s going to get hungry with the wal-mart,closed……woof,woof….food,food……..hahaha,these pigs must be all morons really……….

  • G-DAWG

    I guess they believe in their little dim minds that they will shoot babies cause they might be assaulted with a pacifier. What most dont understand is LEOs are not taught or allowed to think. Only react according to their training which makes you wonder if planned parenthood is in charge.

    The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Good thing their dog wasn’t sleeping with that baby.
    In Cop think, all terriers are terrorists. Your spelling is good enough, here is your badge.

  • Prepared Painter

    These worthless cowards should be shot. LEO’s you better take care of your own or when the SHTF you will all be in deep shit, and no-one will trust even the good ones. You will be on your own if you dont cleanse your departments yourself.

  • HOW in the hell do you take a bunch of morons and think they will cleanup a rats nest when there the rats,LISTEN when the shit starts if anyone thinks they aren’t going to kill the children first,YOUR NOT PAYING ATTENTION,they have been trained to kill the children thats why if you look at any event, the police gang are involved in they terrorise the children and they always point their guns at the kids,this is to let you know they plan to kill your children first,I could recount a hundred stories where they killed or ijuried someones children,LOOK AT THEIR PAST,they always go after the kids first…….look at arora colorado,they have a gun barrel in the mouth of a five yearold,and threaten to kill him,to make the parents allow themselves to be searched……..

  • AMERICA IF YOU DON’T WAKEUP SOON,they will kill your children,weather you win or lose the battle,the police gang will be trying to kill your children,ITS HOW THEY OPERATE NOW DAYS,don’t think these are the old days,those cops retired years ago,this is the new breed of demon killers and don’t think they aren’t cause they love killing children,even if you give up your weapons they will kill your children for sure then after they take them,they will be tortured and then they’ll kill them…..GOD help the children ,who’s parents are cowards………..

  • Jeremy

    Wow! what a display of utter cowardice., and from public servants sworn to protect and serve. Thank God for the second amendment, and the power it gives American citizens to protect ourselves from tyrannical puppets such as these.
    Wake up America the enemy isn’t at the door, he’s in the house pointing his government owned Ar at you’re kids!