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NYU Grad Student Tweeting All US Drone Strikes after His iPhone App is Banned
December 13th, 2012

Earlier this year an Iphone app that was intended to map all of the drone strikes carried out by the US government was banned by Apple and now the creator of the app is using Twitter as a means to get the word out. is now Tweeting every Drone Strike by the US Since 2002.

The description on the page says:

“Every reported US drone strike, from 2002-2012. Launching Tuesday, December 11 at 12pm ET. For @rushkoff‘s Narrative Lab. By@joshbegley.”

All of the drone posts are documented with sourced links and offers a clear depiction of just how many drone strikes have taken place in past few years

“I wanted to play with this idea of push notifications and push button technology — essentially asking a question about what we choose to get notified about in real time,”Begley tells Wired, really making it as easy as having real-time drone updates beamed straight to the iPhone of anyone that installs the app. “I thought reaching into the pockets of U.S. smartphone users and annoying them into drone-consciousness could be an interesting way to surface the conversation a bit more.”

Unfortunately, thanks to government involvement in the marketplace Apple made the move to pull the application.

At least the message is still getting out there, so twitter users, add Dronestream and spread the word!

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