NYC Arrests Drop 56% for Second Week as Even the NYPD Union Admitted Many Arrests Aren’t “Absolutely Necessary”

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Ever since the NYPD essentially went on strike following the shooting of two police officers after weeks of nationwide police brutality protests, they’ve continued to show everyone just how utterly unnecessary such a bloated, militarized police force really is in America today.

The first week, NYC arrests dropped 66% compared to the same time last year; the following week, they were still down 56%.

The “strike” of sorts was issued by the NYPD’s union New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association just before Christmas:

“Starting IMMEDIATELY: At least two units are to respond to EVERY call, no matter the condition or severity, no matter what type of job is pending, or what the opinion of the patrol supervisor happens to be.

“IN ADDITION: Absolutely NO enforcement action in the form of arrests and or summonses is to be taken unless absolutely necessary and an individual MUST be placed under arrest.

“These are precautions that were taken in the 1970′s when police officers were ambushed and executed on a regular basis.

“The mayor’s hands are literally dripping with our blood because of his words actions and policies and we have, for the first time in a number of years, become a ‘wartime’ police department. We will act accordingly.”

Aside from now labeling the NYPD as a “wartime police department,” (nice, right?) emphasis has been added to the pertinent directive: “No arrests…unless absolutely necessary.”

That means the 56% of people who were arrested this same time last year in New York City were arrested even though it wasn’t necessary.

Forgive me if this is a stupid and overly obvious question, but shouldn’t all arrests be “absolutely necessary” first and foremost?

Why are people being arrested in this country when it isn’t “absolutely necessary” to arrest them?

Who wants to live in a country where that’s the case? Where citizens can be arrested even though it isn’t absolutely necessary?

That’s like a school bus driver randomly driving the school bus on a Saturday just because — only for the metaphor to really work, the bus driver would have to also make the school money while driving the bus for no reason on a Saturday, because that is exactly what’s going on here.

If all arrests aren’t absolutely necessary, then the only reason they keep happening in such high numbers must be to feed America’s massive police state prison-industrial complex.

America has more police departments (over 18,000 across the nation) and puts more people in prison per capita than any other nation on the planet bar none. We’ve said it before here at The Daily Sheeple, but this situation right here proves once and for all that the number one mission of at least some American police departments is definitely not “to protect and serve.”

Sounds more like the mission is to get as many people “in the system” as possible and drain them economically through court costs, probation fees, etc. while at the same time using unnecessary, inflated arrest figures as job security, justification for hiring more and more police officers, bigger budgets and the continued acquisition of more law enforcement equipment. (And don’t forget, propagate the completely ridiculous war on drugs…)

So, is there any way to really know what the true crime rate is in this country? If not all arrests are “absolutely necessary” to begin with, and crime rates have already been dropping across the board for the last couple of decades in America, is the whole thing one big financial scam or what?

The longer this goes on, the more obvious the racket becomes.

On top of plummeting arrest figures, the number of tickets written across the city is down a whopping 92% this week. NINETY-TWO PERCENT. Think of all that lost revenue in ticket fees, insurance rate hikes, defensive driver course fees, etc. — all gone because the cops just simply stopped giving tickets out and not because they didn’t need to in the first place but for unrelated, personal reasons.

This has been referred to as “taxation by citation,” by the way, because quite obviously this is likewise unnecessary.

It’s not that crime doesn’t happen, but come on. Two weeks of this now and New York City is still standing, still functioning. The majority of people are going about their lives the same as before. The city certainly hasn’t imploded into a nightmare of criminal chaos and mayhem, nor has it become anything even close to a “warzone” that would necessitate a “wartime police department” either.

Who knows how long the strike and continued beef between the NYPD and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio will continue, but one thing is certain — the longer these cops show their true colors, the more blatantly obvious it becomes just how unnecessary the American police state truly is.

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  • Mike

    Every single police department has a quota to meet via arrests and fines and all expenses paid to the state, county or local as a result of the arrests and or fines.

    • BBBB00000000000000000000000000

      Bingo. Send the badges home and save tax payer money! End result lower the quota that the mayor and his minions place on the badge slaves so the robe slaves will be able to steal the money from those that have been caught doing dirty deeps that the city does not like. Send the judges home so the badges can have lower quota. Do you freaking Yankees see whaere this could go. No did not think soo.

      • Mike

        Wow, nice little rant there. All they need to do is get rid of the quotas and actually focus on REAL CRIMES. But then people would see that most of them are not needed.

        • Reverend Draco

          i’m glad you were able to figure that out – it was so random and disjointed that i could make neither heads nor tails of it

  • Dr NoNo

    Wonderful! Stay on strike cops, it will take a lot of violence and fear away from the neighborhoods that you “protect and serve.”
    Respond to violent criminals but leave the non-violent victimless offenses alone. Perhaps the state will cull the sick members of the police herd to reduce the ranks.. It’s a win for the citizens.

    • B00000000000000000000000000000

      There is a whole lot of wisdom here.

  • B00000000000000000000000000000

    Keep it up. The public will find there is not the level of need for all the badges and robes. Translation, we don’t need all those cops and judges. Soooo lets have a handsome tax cut and by the way I will take that hand gun to protect my self. WL we don’t need all that bull schit down at city hall. Send some of those people home. Lets hav another tax cut. All of a sudden your taxes are around 12 to 15 % of your income not 55% that you pay today. Do you get it yet you Yankees?

  • B00000000000000000000000000000

    Bottom line it is one big freaking scam your gobberment has organized to extract more of your hard earned money. It is just one scam after another. And you blind idiots just keep standing there going yea screw that guy a little more. Are any of you dumb Yankees getting any of this?

  • whitefeather

    Gee, isn’t that what we’ve been saying all along?

  • Malachy

    And It has been ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to be able to walk down the street again without the thugs in Blue hiding around every corner…

  • Evan the police are being played be this scumbag nonadministrative
    terrorist in the W.H as he still be hiding in the closet

  • MrApple

    So up until now they were just arresting some people in order to just have something to do?

    • Honey badger

      Bingo!!! All about the revenue machine taking more of our money.

  • Unnecessary arrests? This is due to quota’s because our Legal/Justice system has been turned into a money making machine rather then a Justice seeking one. It used to be, that the only time you were arrested and/or charged with something was when there was CRIMINAL intent. Now, our system has gotten so big, so bloated, so corrupted, so privatized that it is money that moves it… This is a sad state of affairs.