NY Times Reporter Found Murdered After Exposing MKUltra?

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(Originally posted on Your News Wire)


by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

A former New York Times reporter has been found murdered in the Dominican Republic following her exposure of MKUltra. 

Sarah Kershaw was found asphyxiated due to strangulation on Monday at her apartment in Sosua.

Project MKUltra, often referred to as the CIA’s mind control program, was the code name given to an illegal program of experiments on human subjects, designed and undertaken by the the CIA. Ms Kershaw published an article with the New York Times exploring this subject in 2008 with her article Sharing their Demons on the Web, writing:

“For people who regularly visit and write on message boards on the mind-control sites, the idea that others would describe the sites as promoting delusional and psychotic thinking is simply evidence of a cover-up of the truth.”

Abreureport.com reports:

In her article, Ms. Kershaw wrote that people who felt they were being targeted had found the support of Missouri Representative Jim Guest, who told the Times: “I’ve had enough calls, some from credible people — professors — being targeted by nonlethal weapons. They become psychologically affected by it. They have trouble sleeping at night.”

When Ms. Kershaw wrote her article, psychotronic warfare was not legal against US citizens, but that all changed with the National Defense Authorization Act 2013. In response to the legalization of psychotronic warfare, Abreu Report published an article, writing:

“Psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a man’s brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who need to control the man, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain. These weapons are used against the mind to induce hallucinations, sickness, mutations in human cells, ‘zombification,’ or even death. Included in the arsenal are VHF generators, X-rays, ultrasound, and radio waves.”

Is it possible that Ms. Kershaw stumbled upon some new information that made her dangerous? Considering the speed at which the capabilities of psychotronic weapons has improved, the possibility is extremely high.

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Contributed by Sean Adl-Tabatabai of Your News Wire.

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  • She was strangled by her husband. Does that make him a mole?

    • I forgot

      Morocco mole maybe.

    • James Michael

      Really? You were there?

      • Nope, but this isn’t the only or the best place to get your news, either.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    The entertainment industry has been the testing ground of choice for MK-Ultra over the years. Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber didn’t just suddenly “flake out”. The price to be paid for their success has been to become marionettes of the Illuminati. The question to be answered is, are they aware of it?

  • Can the CIA please train this weapon on the Swiss police to stop them torturing foreigners please? Preferably while turning them into dancing clowns. Read about Swiss torture at http://www.actionsuisse.com/forcing or other unbelievable acts by these sickos at http://www.areyouseriouslyinsane.com/swiss_torture — come on CIA go get some real terrorists, those who torture innocents.

  • What about the Uber driver? He had no criminal record yet he killed a number of people while picking up fairs. Even when confronted by a fair he didn’t kill the guy. Seen this on the show that Govenor Ventura hosted. Guy gets a phone call and starts limping and dragging his leg. Got another call and he walks normally. Guy didn’t realize he was dragging his leg. MK-Ultra exsists.

  • D.Moore

    I find this inconclusive considering she is not the only person to speak about MKUltra. Plus why wait 4 yrs to kill someone, I don’t buy this one


    I will take this statement at face value until I find otherwise. I will investigate for I trust two people in this world. My Mother and myself, and she is dead. I have made a list of people who are trustworthy. In that list government resides at the bottom. Media and the ones who deliver also rank close to the level of government. Now to the similarities to all suspicious deaths when it relates to people connected in the many ways to government. Take time to think on the many deaths you have seen connected to people in government at all levels.
    Does anyone find this unusual? How many have deaths around us during our whole lifetime? All I would say. Using percentages do you equal the deaths around you as compared to our leaders in government. I know I sound confusing.

  • James Michael

    NDAA is treason and cannot be law…..

    • Pamela

      Duh, then why is Obama in there? Most treasonous shit of all

  • This is absolutely possible, since I have personally received gov. harassment by a Customs Black hawk helicopter that came to my personal residence after I revealed information to a top political operative in the German political system. We are in deep do do in this country.

  • rich

    Isn’t that how Obama has been getting his way in Washington? Doesn’t he have a mind control expert (Jarrett??) who has the opposition submitting to his ideas?

  • Schmueli

    She didn’t expose MKUltra. MKUltra was exposed decades ago.

  • You were there?

  • navre12

    Its interesting that the New York Times,(a long time CIA mouth piece), where Ms. Kershaw once worked as a reporter listed here death and her journalistic resume as reporting on the Pacific North West, Real Estate, teenage eating disorders among girls, and nothing about her MK Ultra reporting.
    They did site that she was suffering from neurological disorder for sometime.

  • navre12

    Right, just like Michael Hastings who was killed by driving into a single tree on a lonely road in the desert sometime after his reporting on the General Stanley McCrystal.
    No formal autopsy, no witnesses, no reporting on his demise and the suspicious circumstances in any of the major media….nope just an accident no sensationalist journalism.

  • none

    She probably just fell asleep, then rolled over on her back. The pillow was under her arm. So it covered her face, happens all the time. Just ask judge Salit’s wife.

    • Mark Owen

      Judge who?

  • Mark Owen

    Funny how anyone who has anything to do with exposing the crooked regime for what it is ends up taking the dirt nap. No investigation no autopsy That elephant eared mullah in the White House most likely knows about all of it. And Valerie Jarrett the Iranian puppeteer is still calling the shots.

  • She wasn’t strangled, but she was asphyxiated, so the cause of death was the same. It is always a shame when an intelligent, vital person ends their own life, especially so when they are suffering so severely from an easily treated condition as occipital neuralgia. I have a similar condition caused by a pinched nerve at the bottom of my spine, which was completely remediated by adding two natural antiinflammatories to my diet. I never got to the point of seriously considering ending my life, although with two chiropractors being unable to cure the problem, and saying that surgery was the only option, I hit the research trail, as Kershaw knew how to, and found a very simple solution. Thank you for the update.

    • Martin

      The police actually released the first statement saying that he had strangled her and then later retracted it which caused a lot of confusion.
      Glad you found a solution to your problem and hope all goes well for you in the future

  • Sparky McBiff

    Linking to a NYTimes article inorder to “become better educated on the situation”?

    That’s pretty funny if it wasn’t so sad that you believe that to be true.

    • Martin

      Sparky. Regardless of the source the reason I know it to be true is because I know them personally as I stated previously. The fact that you think it is not true based simply on the source is quite ignorant. Even the worst reporters in the world have to get it right sometimes.

  • EmmettGrogan

    Do you know why she committed suicide? Psychotronic harassment can induce suicidal ideation.