#Nullify2016: Rosie O’Donnell Pushing to Void Election Results Due to Russian Hacking, Group Claims SCOTUS Will Consider Writ This Month

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Saw this after Rosie O’Donnell, who called for both martial law to stop the inauguration and for Donald Trump to be involuntarily held for a psych eval, Tweeted it out to her nearly one million fans (and even pinned the Tweet to the top of her account).

It’s a Go Fund Me page set up to attempt to raise $35,000 to nullify the 2016 election results on the basis of Russian hacking.

It’s authors claim that Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg has put their writ of mandamus on the docket for response this month:

UPDATE January 29, 2017:

Supreme Court Justices had two readings of our emergency motion but it was unfortunately denied. Gratefully, Justice Ginsburg has put our writ of mandamus on the docket for response in February. We await a response from the defendents at this time.

Our Writ of Mandamus stipulates that the 2016 “Election” was illegitimate due to an invasion by a foreign nation, and requests that the Justices of the Supreme Court enjoin, or nullify the results.

This undertaking continues to grow in size and expense. Should we be required to present to the Court; we will support the travel expenses of our brave plaintiffs on our Writ.

Where do We go From Here?

Our Primary concern is that allowing this corruption to stand will corrode our precious Democracy beyond repair and strip us of our most valuable rights as American Citizens.

This declaration of the Election as Illegitimate has merits on its’ own. It will provide leverage in demanding improvements in our Voting Rights, Campaigns, and Election Systems.

Our Ultimate goal would be the overturn of all decisions and appointments stemming from illegitimate election results.

We ask, now, for the nullification of the election.

We feel that a small disruption/conflict is worth the price to pay to reclaim our Democracy and our Country!

I am grateful beyond measure, to each and every American willing to step forward and speak up. GIVE what you can afford, to stop this travesty of justice. You have a chance to make history today!

Step forward today and say, “No more!”

Please help spread the word.

Be a part of this movement to re-establish the AMERICAN PEOPLE as the director of our country and not uber wealthy oligarchs who want to pillage the illustrious wealth of our country, our natural resources, our national parks with their oil and minerals, our military strength, our funds such as Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security and others, our tax base, and our people.


UPDATE Jan 11: We have filed in lower courts and this writ of mandamus is now headed to the Supreme Court. The writ has been written, is in end stage editing, headed to Supreme Court printers and will be in the court Thursday, Jan 12. At that time, as we have asked for an emergency hearing, we are hopeful the justices will generously honor us with a positive ruling. We requested only that they permanently enjoin, or nullify, the results of the 2016 election. It would be up to the legislative and executive branches to fashion and conduct a NEW VOTE. We do not anticipate the pain of a whole new election season, primaries, etc. We just want to know that the vote is fair and free of influence by hostile foreign actors. It is the least we can expect of our democracy. If this is NOT done, then any feigning of the involvement of citizens in the election of our leaders has been exposed and our democracy will fall. We know that when this has been done in other countries, for the SAME reasons and the SAME bad players, they have effected new elections in the range of 4 months. Waiting 4 months to get a clean, non-tainted election is the least we can expect of our democracy.

It is more than clear that this election was tainted by not only direct Russian obstruction with the intent to elect Trump (and likely other Republicans) to office, likely with their consent and knowledge, but also outstanding are serious questions about legitimacy of voting machines. It is not acceptable, not only for THIS election but for the future of democracy itself, to let such a tainted election stand.

There is legal precedent to set aside the results of an election if the election was tainted by corruption. If the courts found that this election was tainted by corruption, as would seem likely given the FBI and CIA reports, this entire election result could either be voided and a new election slated, or Hillary Clinton could be named President. In one legal case, a Republican candidate was voided and a democrat put in office as a result of his corruption. This is a legal path which can be followed to right this terrible wrong. Whether the electors vote for Trump or not, this legal path should be followed as the Republican party, at its highest levels, have participated in this Russian aided fraud on the American people. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent or a zebra, every American should be aghast that our election process was so tainted.

I am grateful, beyond measure, to each and every American willing to step forward and speak up. GIVE what you can afford and stop this travesty of justice. History will tell this story and you have a chance to make history today. Be a part of this movement to re-establish the AMERICAN PEOPLE as the director of our country and not uber wealthy oligarchs who want to pillage the illustrious wealth of our country, our natural resources, our national parks with their oil and minerals, our military strength, our funds such as Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security and others, our tax base, and our people.

Step forward today and say, “No more!”
Help spread the word!

The whole thing brings up a lot of questions, the least of which is if the group is only asking for $35,000, why doesn’t Rosie just write them a check and be done with it?

So this is still a thing.

Remember this is exactly the talking point coming out of the CIA a few months back, first with former CIA Bob Baer on CNN saying, “If the evidence is there, I don’t see any other way than to vote again”:

Here’s basically more of the same:

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

But can you imagine if the Supreme Court really did nullify the 2016 election results and called for a revote based on the still baseless claim that Russia hacked our election, right now when the country is seemingly already coming apart at its political seems only two weeks into Trump’s presidency?

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  • Mike

    I vote we nullify every leftist’s citizenship, confiscate all of their wealth, confiscate every leftist business and turn its and the leftist’s citizens monies over to the rest of us.

    • g.johnon

      you seeing the irony in how much you sound like a lefty?

      • Mike

        well, they are the ones calling for violence and the like, all I want to do is take away their means of paying for the violence.

        • g.johnon

          a noble thing to want to do. but may i suggest that we just keep feeding them rope for awhile? cuz they are really getting seriously busy with hanging themselves and we should not get in their way just yet.

          • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Don’t interrupt your opponent while they’re making a mistake – it’s not polite.

            Plus, it’s fun to watch them have a meltdown.

          • g.johnon

            eggs Ackley!

          • AtomicMetroid

            The last 6 months have been the bestest. My libtard tear jars are still full AND I’m still blocked by VH website ah ah ah

          • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            I left that shithole about a month ago – even deleted the bookmark so I can’t be tempted to take a peek.

            The autistic screeching has gotten to be a bit annoying, but the rest of the meltdown has been good for many a guffaw.

          • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

            Libtard tears = MY Cru….

          • Mike

            well, they are doing quicker by the day.

          • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

            You know, I couldn’t agree MORE, as I have burned through THREE popcorn-popping machines as it is….

    • collette.robert@yahoo.com

      How do you identify a lefty?

      • Mike

        they are terminally insane and show anger, hate, racism, and bigotry towards facts and reality.

  • mdogg0724

    So Rosie O’Donnell don’t have $35,000? If she is that passionate about the issue of Trump being president, why not just pay for the recount herself?

    • AtomicMetroid

      A liberal…using their own money????? ARE YOU CRAY CRAY?? lol

      • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk


  • tscull

    It’ll never happen because it would mean an actual civil war, and every leftist think tank that has studied there being actual modern civil war developing within the U.S. has come to the conclusion that a right wing victory would be imminent. The screaming far left have loud mouths, and a big bark, and a lot of media attention, but the center to far right leaners are more likely to be those that are fairly quiet, but would rise up and take deadly action if and when the time ever came to do so.

    • SP_88

      Speak softly and carry a big stick.

    • collette.robert@yahoo.com

      Which leftist think tanks are you referring to?

      • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

        Probably the Bland Corporation in Soviet Monica, CA

      • tscull

        The Rand Corp., Brookings Institute, Progressive Policy Institute, Constitutional Accountability Center, Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development, Open Society Foundation, Center for American Progress, Demos, Center for Peace and Conflict, Center for International Policy, Inter-American Dialogue, Center for Urban Future, National Security Network- among others, any further questions?

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      In other words, the TENS of MILLIONS of patriotic, ARMED vets…..Yuppers.

  • Dean Woodlief

    Maybe we can get the Russians void her ………lol

  • g.johnon

    i am thinking that this whole russian hacking thingy is going to be what finally brings the treasonous left down for good.
    see, when you make up a phony story in order to attempt to overturn an election, you kinda get stuck with your story and have to ride it into the void or, you can admit to treason. and snowflakes admit to nothing when they can point fingers.

    • Uncle Sham

      some lawmaker in CA actually proposed a bill that would require public schools to teach that Russian Hacking got Trump elected

      • g.johnon

        no surprise there. deeper and deeper they go. think trump might pull out a cia exposure? could be in the offing, and if done right, would kill the entire left. then there would only be neocons and rinos to deal with.

      • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

        Goebbels would be SOOO proud….

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      Great analysis, all too true…

  • roger

    please, someone, throw a net over Rosie Odumbell……

    • g.johnon

      awww let her squawk. its like belling the cat, only they bell themselves.

  • Milly Vanilly

    Rosie watches TOO MANY Bugs Bunny Cartoons….LOL.

    • g.johnon

      it is impossible to watch too many bugs bunny cartoons. and they would all be way over rosie’s head anyway.

      • Milly Vanilly

        You know….You are right….can’t watch enough Bugs Bunny, WHAT was I thinking ? …but Rosie would look them as all HATE & not understand humor.

  • Uncle Sham

    Ginsberg would be forced to recuse herself after her pre-election comments about moving to New Zealand

    • g.johnon

      wow did she say that? gotta link?

  • jim_robert

    Rose O’Donnel???? Gee, what’s next? Pronouncements from Elmer Fudd? Alfred E. Neumann? Moe Larry and Curley?

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      Heeeeeeey, I loooooooooove Moe Larry and Curley! And *their* pronouncements were OFTEN socially useful!

      To wit:

      * Look at the grouse, look at the grouse!
      * Sloooooowly I turned, step by step…
      * I’m a victim of coicumstance!


      • Fearthenut

        Is that a Chevy??

  • Rebel w/out a Cause

    I didn’t even take the time to read the entire article. The Leftists are determined to undermine the election results. Did Russia “help Trump to win”? We’ll probably never really know – like so many other things that have gone on that we’ll never hear the truth about. I won’t even go into the list. But what is undeniable is the FACT that the MSM did their utmost to help Clinton win the election. But I guess that’s OK, huh..?

    I didn’t vote for Trump, but the hypocrisy of the Left in nauseating.

    Personally, I think they have a very well thought-out plan to destroy Trump. It’s called “death by a thousand cuts”. Read the “news” articles on Yahoo or MSNBC. They’re dredging the deepest depths to find something – ANYTHING – that they spin and/or twist to discredit Trump and his administration. And since they know that most Americans won’t read their entire article or “opinion piece” (just like I didn’t), they couch the headline to include a vague accusation of wrongdoing. People skim through the web pages, and come away with an “impression” that Donald and Co. are corrupt, racist, etc. etc. Name your “deplorable” character quality that they want to associate with our new POTUS and his team. I’m hoping Trump can persist in his efforts and save our ship from sinking. If he wins, the libs don’t have a chance in the future, which is at it should be.

  • desertspeaks

    they want 35k on go fund me BUT Rosie “the pig” O’Donnell has 100 million.. i guess she’s not sure enough about the case that not even the rick pigs will fund it!

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      That way, Ginsburg’s bribe can’t be traced back to O’Hippo’s personal bank account.

      • Phil_Ossifer

        That, and a GoFundMe effort makes it look like the effort has popular support because ‘look at all those people who gave money!” If O’Dunghole wrote a check all it would do is make her look like the hypocritical, whiny leftist fool we all know she is. The government isn’t the only outfit that practices “plausible deniability.” By the way…the only reason the Supremes put her stupid request for writ on the docket is so they can deny it once and for all, officially. But she’s too stupid to figure that out.

  • SP_88

    Who exactly is taking this loudmouth leftist seriously? Nothing she said can be backed up with facts. It’s all a bunch of tired old left wing talking points that have absolutely zero evidence to show for it.
    And this nasty old cow who has said some of the most disgusting things to people, like when she threatened to rub her period blood in someone’s face, is a total hypocrite. She conveniently left out the fact that the media worked as hard as they could to try and get Hillary elected. Obama and all his crooked cronies did everything they could to help Hillary. Even the RINO’s tried to get Hillary elected.
    But no matter what they said or did, nothing could overcome the absolute corruption of Hillary Clinton and her pay to play Clinton Foundation. And once Wikileaks published all their dirty secrets, the American people finally had proof of what they knew all along was a very corrupt bunch of democrats.
    And regardless of who leaked their e-mails, the American people voted based on what they knew about Hillary. And that is not voter fraud. That is called karma. And karma is a bitch.
    Hillary got exactly what she deserved. And all the leftists and liberals and democrats who thought that Hillary had this in the bag were given a harsh dose of reality. And they couldn’t handle it. So they did the only thing that they knew how to do, whine and cry and piss and moan and throw a big fat temper tantrum like a bunch of bratty little two year olds who aren’t used to hearing the word NO.
    Years of coddling, participation trophies and safe spaces have turned these people into a bunch of self deluded, entitled babies who are unable to cope with not getting their way.
    And this nonsense is nothing more than the equivalent of a two year old screaming in the checkout line because they were told that they couldn’t have the candy or the toy that just caught their eye.
    This lame attempt to undermine Trump has no merit whatsoever. It is not even worth debating.
    This nonsense should be thrown out of court just based on the fact that it is a waste of time. And Rosie O’Donnell should be made to pay for the court costs.

  • wally63

    She would have been a Bolshevik Joo Commie in 1917 Russia. She would have joined the Cheka (many women were Cheka) and committed unspeakable crimes against humanity by torturing and murdering White Russians. She’s crazy as hell, like all Bolshevik Commie Joos.

  • Rick Morrow

    Lock her up.

  • Dave Mende

    The deep state supported the Clunt 100%. The fix was in, it failed.
    Bugger off Rosie.

  • This kind of reminds me of what happened after the Rodney King verdict and riots back in 93.The system announced, that the cops would now be facing fed charges. Inasmuch as the riots never resumed, one would surmise that all the cops then were found guilty.Now, IF this would be done, it would set a precident.You KNOW, that IF this was done, the left would NOT accept another even bigger trump win! ANOTHER vote would be called for, which they again would reject the win It’s give us the vote we demand, for we will NEVER accept your win! And there ARE plenty of these crazies out there, who think they got the strength and ability, to crush the patriots, if push came to shove, they thirst for a civil war.And they have already rationalized that THEY are they true patriots.They really don’t care anymore about winning elections , unless fixed for them.

  • gingercake5

    Three questions for ya’ll
    1. How could anyone hack the election since the states do elections differently (and are fiercely protective about their process), and the machines are NOT connected to the Internet?
    2. Why did Trump supposedly lose the popular vote, if the election was hacked? (How could the hackers be so careless?)
    3. Why did Trump keep gaining votes during Jill Stein’s recount of three states?

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      You really DON’T think that ‘logical’ questions and their attendant (implied) logical answers can be *processed* by the tiny, cramped brain-stem of libtard-a imbecile, doooooooooo YOOOOU?!?!??!? PERISH the ‘thought’!!!

  • ahuxley

    I think Rosie is a little irritable because she missed her mid afternoon IV infusion of mashed potatoes and turkey gravy.
    Someone needs to throw her a couple of pounds of bacon to calm her down.

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    “We feel that”…Precisely the problem. These unhinged dipshits ‘feel’, but do ZERO rational thinking/analysis.

  • Fearthenut

    What a maroon!!