NSA Whistleblower Says DNC Email Hack Was Not by Russia, but by US Intelligence

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An NSA Whistleblower says that Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails are easily accessible by the NSA and FBI should they desire to look at them, and he suggests that the hacks on the Democratic National Committee’s server were not done by Russia, as many pundits are claiming, but possibly by a disgruntled U.S. intelligence worker.

William Binney, the architect of the NSA’s surveillance program, resigned on October 31, 2001 after working for the agency for more than 30 years. He thinks that an intelligence worker may have hacked into the DNC emails due to concern about Hillary Clinton’s disregard of national security in her use of a personal email server and her continued lies about her activity. Once accessed, there’s no telling where the information could have gone.

The “Putin did it” story is a fable used to sway voters toward Clinton’s war-driven agenda.

On a talk radio show, he mentioned that there are numerous questions that are not being answered about the hacked DNC emails and the network log available to the NSA.

Binney explains that there was no evidence tying the alleged Russian hacks to Wikileaks, and he says that they would have access to this information through the network logs. “So, if the FBI really wanted them, they can go into that database and get them right now,” he said.

He finds their reluctance to speak to this matter highly suspicious.

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  • Maddog

    Was it ever in question?

  • Mark G.

    No one really believes Russia did it, if they have a brain and common sense.

  • well duh.

  • Rey d’Tutto

    Nevermind, they have confiscated all electronics from Huma & Weiner after he was exposed sexting with a minor, and the FBI is initiating a new investigation against HRC.
    One no-knock raid and arrest later, a Local Police department was reviewing the contents of phones, tablets, PC’s, etc. while gathering evidence about Weiner transmitting photos of his weiner to at least one adolescent female, and found info relevant to the FBI case against HRC.
    Will this errant Weiner be Trump’s Ace in the Hole? Will Hillary be Exposed by Weiner’s lack of discretion? And who will commit suicide by shooting themselves twice in the back of the head next?