NRA Not just about Guns, It is about our FREEDOMS!

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For those who have read my articles for awhile, you know I can be very passionate about what is going on and I express it on this blog.

I will tell you right now, this is the most important article I have ever done on this blog.  This is it for us…. We either Stand Up right now or let this country and our Freedoms go over the cliff this month!


We have had our rights taken from us, one by one.  Now this government is going for our 2nd amendment right.   Please understand the right to bear arms is not just about having a gun.  Our forefathers put it in the Constitution for the people to be able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.

Look at history of all the dictators that took the people’s guns before they became the tyrants and committed genocide in their countries.   Zimbabwe was the latest,  research Germany, Russia, etc and how they disarmed their citizens before a dictatorship.  When you think about it.. the NDAA allows the U.S. to commit genocide of the U.S. citizens.  It allows a citizen to be assassinated due to being a “threat” against the government.

I believe in standing up for our rights, yet we lost our rights and freedoms with the NDAA, FISA, Patriot Act as the list goes on and our Constitution has been eroded one amendment at a time.

Where is the message to this government that we won’t take it anymore?  They sure don’t listen to us when we call them.

I can tell you how we can send a big message in that we won’t allow them to continue taking our rights away!  It is through the NRA.

I began thinking about the NRA and wondered why they are hated so much by the media.  I contemplated that for awhile and realized… they are an organization that has stood for our rights and freedoms and have never backed down.  Then it hit me… that is why the media drags them through the mud, because they have stood up for all of us and our freedom as our forefathers wrote it!   The government and controlled media hate that! 

Did you know that the NRA was founded in 1871?  They were a sports hunting establishment at that time.   In  1975 they began to recognize the need to form a lobbying group to defend the 2nd amendment against Washington D.C. legislative actions.

The NRA is not a bad organization, no matter how much some in the government and media tries and portrays it to be.  They are our last defenders in D.C. of our 2nd amendment.

You need to ask yourself… would our 2nd amendment rights be taken away already if it were not for the NRA?

I called the NRA headquarters and spoke to them about our 2nd amendment and what Washington D.C. is trying to do to take it away.   I know calling your government official does no good, I have done it multiple times in the past with the same result of “The will of the people, being ignored.”   We had a great conversation and we spoke about actions that need to be taken.

Right now there are only 4 million NRA members.

I am starting a ONE MILLION NEW NRA MEMBER DRIVE IN ONE MONTHS TIME!  It would send a message to all of those in Washington D.C. in that we do not approve of what they have been and are doing that could not be ignored!

Right now and I mean immediately people need to join the NRA.

Imagine ONE MILLION NEW NRA MEMBERS IN ONE MONTH’S TIME!  or even better,  doubling the NRA membership in one month.  But it will take everyone reading this to help make either one happen!  This will be a grass roots effort together by getting this out to your email list, putting it in forums and making it viral. 

That would get the attention of those in D.C. and the media.  They would not be able to ignore how many people joined when they are trying to get gun bans through!  The voice of the people would be heard by a show of force through the NRA!

I am asking people to help make this go Viral!  Please copy and paste this in an email and send it out to your list!  Please join the NRA and let all of those in Washington D.C. know we will not allow them to take our Freedoms away anymore!

I had a person tell me they don’t want their name down and in the radar of the government.  I will say this, if there was ever a time to stand up for your freedom and rights, this is the time and it may be the last!  No one can sit back and not do anything through fear of this government.  That is what they count on.  Only through standing together will the Will of the People be heard loud and clear and listened to!

Even if you don’t have a gun or believe in them, I hope you at least believe in our Freedoms and understand this is a Freedom we can not allow to be taken.

Those who are veterans, active military or have had family in the military.  They have stood up for our Freedoms and Liberty in the wars!  Many died fighting for the Freedom and liberties for you and I.  Their fights and deaths can not be in vain!

This needs to get to all the active military and they need to join the NRA too!   I would bet that  active military want to be able to have gun rights when they are home, as that is part of what they have been fighting for.  Imagine when they get on U.S. soil and retire their guns being taken away from them.   Our Liberty and Freedoms have been and need to continue being preserved by the military!  Those that would be in charge of taking our guns would have to remember they would have the same thing done to them when they are out of the military and law enforcement. 

There is a special program “NRA LINE OF DUTY”  It is For a FREE Membership for Active Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders!  All the benefits plus MORE of the NRA are for all of those who are active Line of Duty Personnel!   Please have everyone and anyone you know in those fields sign up for FREE!   This link takes you to the page for active personnel to sign up.

The NRA is allowing the people who join right now through this link/blog to only pay $25 for a years membership, not the normal $35!  The longer term memberships are also discounted.  Send it out in an email to everyone you know, ask them to stand up with you for our country and the future of it!

Besides being the best $25 anyone could spend right now to send a message to Washington D.C., there are actually a lot of benefits to the membership.  The link gives the benefits, including a hat, free gun insurance, a choice of magazine subscriptions and there are many companies that give discounts to NRA members online and locally around the U.S, which enables everyone to get their $25 back plus more through discounts offered.

Here is the direct link to the NRA membership page not embedded in words, so you can send it out to everyone on your email list.

Sign up every person in the family, don’t just do one membership per household.  Give it to people as a birthday gift/a late Christmas gift/ a Valentine gift/an Anniversary Gift/ a gift for all your employees, etc.  The gift would be a gift of Freedom!  NRA membership $25….result…. Freedom – PRICELESS!

You can also renew through the link no matter what date your membership is up.


I have written about the various legislation of the gun ban, but all of bills are on the NRA site.
Here is information on various legislation being introduced for gun bans on the NRA site. 

Articles like this Vanity Fair one..saying to “repel the 2nd Amendment” . is why it is VERY IMPORTANT TO SHOW OUR FORCE AND JOIN THE NRA IMMEDIATELY!

The White House is attempting broad gun control.  This article has a sentence in it that is important:

 To sell such changes, the White House is developing strategies to work around the National Rifle Association

Remember Biden guaranteed the Mayor of Boston that Obama will sign a gun ban by the end of January. 

My own plan of action is to contact the local police departments, the local military and first responders, besides going door to door in my neighborhood.   I am asking you to email this article or copy a portion with the link to the NRA and send it out to everyone you have an email address for.  Together we can all make a difference for our freedoms!

It starts with one…. please be that one.

UPDATE 7:30 PM est – Biden asked NRA for a meeting 
(This shows how important the NRA is and how important it is to have a huge amount of new members. imho. ) Portion:

 NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said the organization accepted an invitation received from the White House late Friday.

 The NRA opposes new restrictions on gun ownership, and has proposed that one way to deal with the issue of gun violence is to put armed guards in schools.

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  • bryan warrick

    I just joined the NRA, and I don’t even own a gun

  • johnd32

    GOA is better then NRA, NRA is full of lobbyist who work with the Gov’t.

    • ERIK

      The nra has lobbyed against the 2 A time and time again

      I second the GOA

  • Ryan

    Im joining today. 3 year membership!

  • I am concern that the NRA is about to be punked by this President, who is very good at taking so-called conservatives to the wood shed. He is saying he will make war on gun owners by Executive fiat, if they don’t “give him what he wants” and he mostly wants bi-partisan cover. If he does this by Executive fiat, I think the NRA knows what comes next, a lot of pain and suffering for all of us and they are considering comprising their principles to “avert” total war with .gov. It is not the NRA’s place to negotiate our God-given rights away. The 13 pieces of silver they are currently being offered will be remember. They need to stand by their principles, this far, and no further. Let the chips fall where they may. And yes the Gun Owners of America (GOA) compromise less. Viva Cristo Rey.

  • ncjoe

    Bullshit. The NRA is just a tool for the gun and ammo industry to convince gullible sheep to buy their wares. And guess what? You pathetic fools gladly part with your hard-earned money to enrich those corporations you rail against so vociforously. Idiots.

  • Justcause

    Gun owners of America has done more for gun rights than the NRA. But either way join the us

  • Montana Rancher

    You can normally get the lifetime NRA membership for around $350 if your gun rights are worth more to you than $25. The NRA does more than any other group in voter education, actually funding legal challenges to anti gun laws (local and national see NRA-ILA) and having the largest membership which leads to the funds to work on a national level.
    If you are already a lifetime member there are several tiers you can go higher for another $350, my next level is Benifactor which is about level 4, thanks for the article, I received my upgrade information in the mail a week ago and I’ll send it in.

  • Lets hope the new agenda will not be right to own firearm states. This will be much like the right to work states where people leave good paying jobs for the opportunity to work for less and subslave conditions.
    Even states rights are being abused by dictator corporate interests.

  • Insert Name Here

    The NRA is the wrong organization to join, they are all about the money. Join the Gun owners of America, they are all about our rights and not about money or power.

  • BettyLiberty

    The only good thing about the NRA are their awesome training videos.

    I do not support the NRA. Since the early 1930’s the NRA has been at the forefront in the incremental erosion of our 2nd amendment rights.

    The NRA was instrumental in the creation of ‘Gun Free Zones.’ Every recent mass shooting, but one, occurred in a Gun Free Zone, which in reality are Fish in a Barrel Zones.

    I support the second biggest, and only NO COMPROMISE gun lobby – the Gun Owners of America.

  • cara

    NRA or GOA = Write,call or email your national and state senators and representatives that you stand for the 2nd ammendment without any errosion of its’ true and original meaning: citizen protection against a possible rogue government as well as individual protection in an increasingly dangerous world.