NRA Lambasted for Pointing Out the Obvious: Obama’s Kids Have Security

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From the “Give Me a Break” file, White House representatives and media in Washington are wringing their hands over an ad from the NRA that mentions the President’s daughters.

White House spokesman Jay Carney denounced the ad in a statement. “…to go so far as to make the safety of the president’s children the subject of an attack ad is repugnant and cowardly.”

Reading that, one might expect little Sasha’s and Malia’s faces to be featured prominently. One might predict ad hominem attacks on the children personally. One might brace themselves for the vicious attack on the First Daughters – for the hateful barrage of ill wishes and insults towards those poor children that are certain to be forthcoming.

Hmm…take a look and judge for yourself.

Protection for Obama’s kids and gun-free zones for ours….If anything is repugnant, it’s the belief that his children are entitled to safety and security while the less famous and wealthy children must take their chances in buildings that advertise their defenseless nature with signs proclaiming them gun-free zones.

The White House is probably hoping that people hear the statement and condemn the NRA and all the “gun nuts” and decide that the ad must be offensive without even seeing it.

Apparently when a logical rejoinder can’t be found, feigned indignant outrage and a statement  that “a president’s children should not be used as pawns in a political fight” is the only response.

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  • Kynnie

    Those children or the mere mention of his children should be left out of this. There was security at that school long before the Obama children started attending there, which was one of the main reasons they chose the school.

    It’s funny how the NRA wants the government to pay for armed guards at all schools, so that their pockets and gun manufacturers pockets can get even fatter. If they want armed guard at schools, then they need to reach deep into their pockets and pay for them. I, as a parent, would not want any teacher or personnel to be armed . . . if a teacher is having a bad day or does not care for a particular student and/or their parent . . . who’s to say they won’t pull out that gun and shoot and then make up some excuse as to why . . . heck no!

    And the NRA truly need to do their homework and stop spreading lies about doing away with 2nd amendment rights — never has been said and never will. They want everyone to live their lives in fear and for them not to want gun control shows they’re more interested in deepening their pockets than the safety of children and other US citizens . . . now that’s disgusting and their ad is cowardly and repugnant.

    • Mini

      So you agree with the white house that president’s kid are more important then everybody’s kids. You sir are a horrible father or a troll. Oh by the way if a teacher kill one of her/his student it’s called murder. Or are you just stupid.

    • house of cards

      dumb as obumer… well, we can’t fix stupid

    • Wallimiyama

      Wow…do you wake up spewing liberal propaganda? Or do you have to push a rewind button that plays the tape mounted where your brain is supposed to be?

    • Cnsay

      The only thing disgusting and repugnant is you kynnie. BTW I hope you haven’t escaped from Southpark your best part is coming up….the bastards!

      • SKIP

        ROGER THAT to everything just typed condemning kynnie. Maybe he thinks the sacred negroes kids are more important than his but I do not. This ongoing program is not going to end peacefully and both sides of the coming conflict are going to suffer badly. Winner TBDL (to be determined later) but it will be messy and very unpleasant, even for those living behing guarded gates as there are some of us that will guarantee those gates will not hold.

  • Cymro

    Only a fool would not see the hypocracy in what Obama is doing. The do as I say not as I do mentality does not cut it. Government indoctrination camps should foot the bill for security. These same indoctrination camps should not allow the teachers and staff to be armed but instead put someone who is trained, skilled and proficient with the proper weapons. If the abysmal performance of government education is an indicator I wouldn’t trust those teachers with a q tip much less a weapon. Do you really think that a teacher would pull a gun and shoot a 6 year old? Is that what kind of teachers you think are in the schools or are you just talking out your ass? Even if that is the case all the more reason to have professionals guarding the children instead of teachers.

  • Ck1

    Let us not forget that he is a public servant not a ruler. Let us not forget he asked for the job. If we are to keep the kids out of it, then he shouldn’t use children as a backdrop.

    • SKIP

      Right, he is not a ruler until the official corronation takes place and 100,000 praying muslims on the black house lawn confirm it.

  • SIG308

    @ Kynnie,
    Using that feeble reasoning, possibly you could be having a bad day while driving your car and decide to run over a crowd of pedestrians. Maybe you should consider giving up your drivers license.

  • Mmmm. I smell CIA troll.

  • Red Scare

    It’s an eye for an eye. If one side can use kids in order to push an agenda, than the other should be able to do the same. NRA!!

  • SKIP

    People with kids or other loved ones are vulnerable in ways that those that have none are not, this is why I never allowed married men to go on patrols with me during the Vietnam war, they always had something on their minds other than our getting back safe such as who was doing their wife, will I see my kids and as the mafia and muslims know, threats against the family can bring most men to heel.

  • JW

    No point in even responding to Kynnie. Just trying to get your goat. It’s hypocrysy in its purist form and must be ignored.