Now We’re Even Going to Have a “Smart” Oven, Complete with Image Recognition Camera

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Everything in the future is set to be “smart”; that is, it will be filled with technology, connected to the Internet of Things, and constantly making data.

Now, we’re about to see a smart oven that comes complete with an image recognition camera.

Forbes reports that, “The June oven will not only recognize what you put into the oven – say cookies or muffins – but also know how many you are putting in and automatically calculate the correct cook time and temperature.”

Wow. The technology will be so smart we will barely have to do anything except stuff the food in the oven and walk off.

Ain’t all this smart technology just great? Now the NSA can monitor and illegally steal data from our ovens, too!

Quick question though: is this really necessary? 

Aside from taking food selfies or capturing time-lapse of our meatloaf baking, are we really just going off the technological deep end here when everything in our houses is collecting image recognition data including of our food?

Are we set to live in a time where computers are so omni-present in every single aspect of our daily lives that people forget even basic skills like how to cook without a computer?

(And that’s notwithstanding the legal debates over what happens when the image recognition camera recognizes that someone is baking pot brownies… uh oh…)

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  • Guillotine_ready

    There is always a need for increased profits and more production to keep those pockets filled. If we must sell people technology that is on the border between stupid and insane, so be it.
    We already have groups of people who get together and then stare at their phones, we can make them buy anything

  • Joel W

    Well it seems to me this goes hand in hand with the ACA, digital medical records, the monitoring of purchases thru credit/debit cards and use of courtesy cards. Just like smart meters can theoretically (or realistically) be used to dictate people’s energy use from far away, this is just another mechanism of control. Not eating the way they want you to (like maybe not a healthy enough dose of GMOs and RoundUp), well, premiums may go up, or certain medical services denied, or your kids may be taken away.

  • Reverend Draco

    My oven is smarter than your oven! Neener!

  • Mike

    I have no smart appliances. And if I ever have to buy a new TV, it will NEVER BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET.

    • You can’t buy a new television that isn’t connected to the Internet by necessity. Do you get online with a dumb toaster?

      • Mike

        Yes you can, you just never set up the internet connection on them.

        • How so you prevent their internal wireless modems from making a connection? Wrap them in tinfoil?

          • Mike

            faraday cage and removal of the antenna

          • How do you remove the antenna when it is on the mother board? Where do you get a Faraday cage that you can carry?

          • Mike

            You have to open up the TV and find it on the TV’s mother board. Small wire cage around the TV. A faraday cage does not have to be huge.

          • There is little point in putting anything in a Faraday cage that has wires passing in and out of it, because filtration can’t equal a proper Faraday cage’s isolation.
            How does one place an SMD antenna in a Faraday cage?
            Have you ever worked in a telecommunications Faraday cage?

          • Mike

            Was not speaking of an industrial type, just ways to block smart devices from transmitting signals that you did not authorize.

          • That would be best accomplished by something like a cellular blocker, which prevents the smart device from receiving a command from the network that would allow it to transmit anything but an interrogatory, which it would the failure to receive an response to as a network busy code, which is prohibited to interrupt.

          • emmanuelozon

            Easy, don’t have wifi in your home. If the beast connects to your neighbor’s wifi, well then, you can just watch from your window what happens to your neighbor when you start watching Aljazeera.

          • The only way I could have wifi in my home is to install a myfi in my van, which would be an unnecessary expense to have Internet access, which is free in just about every business I patronize, in addition to free hotspots provided by the local tv-voice-internet copper provider.

    • emmanuelozon

      I turned the TV off a year ago. I’ll never turn it back on.

      • My last television was stolen in 1987, long before they became a major method of spying on the viewer, a la telescreen.

  • bill lopez

    Pretty easy to just not connect it to the Internet, or just block all of its outbound traffic. Viola – no data sent.

    • Never mind the multiple embedded communication modems, reaching out to all the pervasive interconnectivity. Most satellite television customers are unaware of the camera in their receiver, but there it is, waiting for you to plug it into a phone line, so you can buy movies.

  • The more data there is to ignore, the more virtual our reality becomes.

  • The Cabin or cache ain’t gots no electricity…. we just gots a woodstove and fireplace…. and they ain’t uh two smart i wreckin ….

    Y’all likes me Kingz Ingelish?

  • emmanuelozon

    You may want a smart oven, or a smart fridge, etc, but not me. I won’t even have wifi in my home.