Now Mitt Romney Might Run for President? Says “Phony” Trump Is “Very, Very Not Smart,” Leading America into the “Abyss”

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Are the pathetic losing pile of whiners left at the GOP actually going to attempt to run Mitt Romney now to try and counter Donald Trump?

Milktoast doesn’t even begin to describe what the average American conservative thinks of Mitt, but here we see him giving grand speeches lately (video below) as if he’s actually going to step in and run now. Others have brought up the point that there might be a brokered Republican convention during which all of the other losing candidates’ votes could be put together in a basket and handed merrily to the candidate of the establishment GOP’s choosing if they don’t like who the people pick (and who is, quite obviously at this time, Trump)…

But could they really stoop to such a desperate, toilet bowl-level low as to run back to lukewarm magic Mormon underwear Mitt?

Fortune seems to think so. So does New York Magazine who says Mitt is lying when he claims he isn’t going to run:

When Mitt Romney took the stage at the University of Utah Thursday morning, it was to throw himself on the tracks in front of the Donald Trump train speeding toward the Republican nomination. Over the course of a blistering 15-minute speech, Romney emptied the Establishment’s oppo-research file on Trump. He called the real-estate mogul a “phony” and a “fraud.” He catalogued his business failures. “What happened to Trump Airline, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump Steaks, and Trump Mortgage?” Romney said. He cast Trump as a dangerous strongman who is “reckless in the extreme.”

At the opening of his speech, Romney made one thing clear. “I’m not here to announce my candidacy for office,” he said. But, in a sense, it was just that declaration, however unorthodox.

Watch Mitt’s Trump attack that seems to last forever and sounds like it was handwritten by the Hillary camp below:

Trump responded like… Trump. “Mitt is a failed candidate, he—” Trump said, cutting himself off laughing at Mitt.

How many more performing clowns does this circus need?

At least this season’s election cycle has been fun to watch.

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