FEMA Soliciting Companies For ‘Motor Coach Evacuation of the General Population’

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Less than two weeks ago, FEMA was seeking contractors who could supply biohazard disposal facilities, tarps and housing units. They have also recently been on the look out for companies who are able to provide food and drinks on a grand scale, presumably to the displaced who are living under the tarps or in the housing units.

Moving on a little, they have now realized they have no way to get all the displaced/forcibly removed people from their homes to the camps housing units, so they are looking for transport companies willing to work on an indefinite time-scale, indefinite quantity basis, to facilitate possible large scale evacuations.

Solicitation Number:
Notice Type:

a. This is a solicitation for a single indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract to obtain evacuation planning and operational support to facilitate a motor coach evacuation of the general population in response to Presidential-Declared Emergencies and Major Disasters within the continental United States.

You can read the full request here.

In August of 2013, Janet Napolitano stated that she thought a major cyber attack against the US was coming. She also stated that THERE WOULD BE a major natural disaster affecting the people of the United States. How could she know that?

“A natural disaster – the likes of which the nation has never seen – is also likely on it’s way.”

So, since Big Sis made these comments, FEMA has solicited/or purchased:


Pre-fab housing units


Public alert/warning systems

Dumpsters/biohazard waste disposal

Air transport for relocation purposes


Nutritional short Shelf life meals

Medical services support


Guard services FEMA region 10



Personal hygiene supplies

Whatever it is…it’s getting closer.

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  • MBH

    Hum. How about red poly Obama hats and Red Keds shoes and concrete mattresses.

  • Kait

    This makes me sick

  • Erin Tarn

    Show us exactly where the wars are winding down? US launched a missile into Sudan, remains in Afghanistan, and is on the table about both Syria and Iran. Have you even read any news lately?

  • fatwillie

    So if article is true, lets say when the shtf we patriots commandere said buses, and instead round up all bankers, lawyers, judges, politicians from each branch, fema employees, nsa, fbi, cia, place them on said buses relocate to said camps, try next day, execute the same. hope your not missing any of this nsa it would break my heart. Oh its so nice to bang your wives, while your spying on our lives.

  • Greg Burton

    FEMA is preparing for the public’s reaction in the wake of
    the US government finally admitting the massive public
    health issues related to the Fukushima (HAARP/Stuxnet) radioactive plume now hitting the west coast of the United States, which will lead to a massive upsurge in cancer related deaths, premature births and deformed babies.

    Once mother started delivering preemies and deformed babies, it’s going to hard for the government to keep a lid on the scope of this disaster, despite having known about this planned eventuality since March of 2011.

    So, instead of acting proactively from the beginning, responding to Fukushima as the potential planetary depopulation bomb that it is, was intended to be, moving
    heaven and earth to enable the Japanese to cap Fukushima (remove Israeli and Japanese Yakuza from involvement), save themselves and the world,
    the US government and the MSM have kept information about Fukushima to a minimum and will used the issue as a pretext for a major media campaign of “shock and awe”, martial law and forced migration away from “contamination areas” to FEMA relocation centers via these motor coaches.

    The lack of response and media black out is is all consistent with the occult elite goal of global depopulation and subordinating what is left of the constitutional republic of the Untied States into their “communo-fascist totalitarian” system they call the New World Order.

    • sadnana

      I’m no expert, but wouldn’t people have symptoms of radiation sickness before women give birth to babies who have been affected?

  • Fripperton

    Guard Services Fema Region 10…Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon.

  • CapNCraigAgain

    don’t worry. I’m confident that they will screw this puppy too.

  • Snicker

    you mean…that’s NOT the bus going to the casino???

  • Adolph Hitler utilised box car rail transport for the same purpose.

  • signalfire1

    So natural and weather related disasters happen all the time; did she decide that she’d rather not stick around for ‘“A natural disaster – the likes of which the nation has never seen – is also likely on it’s way.”

    What exactly does she know that we don’t? It’s not like FEMA can predict bigger hurricanes, bigger tornadoes, or bigger than usual floods with any accuracy; it’s just as likely that climate change will result in less dangerous storms as worse ones; so again, what does she know that we don’t, except that FukU and Di (ichi)’s radiation will at some point be impossible even for the sheep to not notice? And sales of real estate on the west coast won’t go smoothly? When people will start to realize that not only is the west coast contaminated, but the whole country is? Or are they planning another false flag or nuclear attack (like 9-11, where it is obvious to everyone but the oblivious that the towers were taken down with small nukes, which have been in the US arsenal for decades, but unlikely available to a guy on dialysis in a cave) or better yet, just a threat of a detonation somewhere, at some point in the near future? Nothing like a bit of nuclear blackmail headed up by the CIA and ‘fought’ by the FBI to make life interesting.

    She sure looked like she knew something. Maybe someone should ask her what the plan is.

  • sadnana

    If FEMA has definite knowledge of a specific approaching disaster they need to be honest and tell us exactly what it is they are expecting. .