Notice From Oregon: “Your Food Benefits Will Decrease on November 1, 2013”

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Though America’s debt ceiling will once again be raised, funding issues have forced the hand of Oregon’s Department of Human Services.

This month the agency began sending letters to about 400,000 households currently receiving Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program benefits.

Though there were previously concerns threatening de-funding of food stamps nationwide because of the debt ceiling debate in Congress, this particular notice is related to the expiration of emergency funds granted to states during the recession under the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Starting November 1, food stamp recipients in Oregon will see cuts to their monthly distributions as a result of the expiration of those emergency funds.

Your food benefits will decrease on November 1, 2013. Food benefits for all SNAP participants are being reduced because the state will no longer get some special funding from the federal government.

The special funding was from The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The ARRA funds raised SNAP benefits to help people affected by the recession.

The amount your benefits will decrease by depends on your household situation. You will see the decrease in your November 2013 SNAP benefits.

You can see a copy of the letter below.


According to the government the recession is over, despite there being some 48 million people currently depending on SNAP benefits to put food on the table and the official unemployment/underemployment rate in america well above 13%.

With the US Dollar continuing to lose value and prices for essential goods like food and gas in an upward trend, even small cuts for households that depend on these distributions can lead to difficulty making ends meet.

Going forward, budgetary issues may lead to further cuts. This was very nearly the case this week when SNAP directors across the country were informed by the USDA that unless a debt ceiling deal was reached benefits across the country would be defunded.

Moreover, with prices rising unabated due to monetary inflation and increased global demand for resources, each month’s SNAP benefits buy less and less food.

A breaking point is coming and, as one homeless individual noted this week, when the benefits are cut or stop completely those who depend on them will have no choice but to get their food using other means:

It’s going to cause problems… because then you’re going to come to find out that you’re going to have people starting to steal and do what they have to do to survive.

How long before government benefits no longer provide the sustenance needed by tens of millions of Americans?

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  • Anonymouse

    Texas benefits already decreased October 1. My elderly Aunt was getting $150/month (budgeted $37.50 per week) and as of October 1 that was cut down to $16 a month ($4 a week). Not sure I understand the big drive to sign people up for it. Her income hasn’t changed. I think there’s something bigger going on with wanting everyone to have a card in their wallet, yet no useable balance on it. All of the states have cuts coming. $39 billion in cuts passed.

  • mirbach

    I get MAD when the person in front of me at the check-out counter buys t-bone steaks, crab legs and other expensive food items with a SNAP card. I have to pay for my pack of hot dogs and generic canned goods with MY OWN money.

    • Nexus789

      Wow, another telling of the steak and crab myth.

      • Shaniqua

        Its an analogy dumbass. It dont matter if its steak and lobster or name brand cookies and chips. The point is that there are so many EBT and SNAP users are not buying responsibly or healthy while so many that work have to make do with generic or without in order to get what we need.

        I buy generic and put it in a name brand box to fool my young child. I dont know how much longer I can get away with it since the box is getting a little worn out. I am not on EBT, I pay my own way, and am a single parent making do as best I can. I live very very carefully and dont have many of the benefits that the welfare class have. I work a register and see exactly what these sponges buy on our tax dollars.

        I do not mind seeing an elderly or disable person using the resource but it chaps my ass when I see a 400 lb mom with 5 fat kids of mixed race buying 600 bucks worth of junk food and soda every month. Shes chatting up someone on her iPhone the whole time. I see the same people every single month and have for almost 7 years so the problem exists. Denial is a form of stupidity.

        • Scott

          Amen to that!!

        • Braeden Law

          You say you live carefully; yet you are a single mom and work at a register being bitter and judging people all day…….you said youre tired of seeing mixed people come in and buying goods that they shouldn’t and on their iphones….what does race have to do with anything? I love ignorant losers like you lol. Im laughing so hard at this post because you “seem” to have all the answers but you are clearly not happy with yourself. – Even if you were still making more money you’d still have a poor attitude in life; and that is why you are single and no one loves you. Keep crying miss – Ill be in front of you buying coho salmon and filet mignon and then getting in my telsa going back to the pearl…ill be sure to wave!

          • Lorraine

            How mean!

        • Gina

          mixed race? Wow, I am a white person and that stings. You my friend are a bigot! Shame on you.

      • Kem

        oh he probably seen it one time and he lives in a state that goes by earned income. lottery winners can get food stamps in those states.Not going to see that in my state

  • Hammerun

    This is all liberal wester Oregon. In particular Portland and Eugene. Talk about a gimi gimi sect. There is a lot of hard working people in Oregon and way to many 70s style hippie type wanna bees. (No offense to the old hippies) this is going to put a dent in their lifestyle. But that’s western Oregon for ya. You don’t see this shit out in the eastern side. Oregon has a knack for sucking up on governmental programs up until it starts costing the state money. Government money is OK, but state money, not so much. To bad the environmentalist ran all of the viable industry out of the state. People might be working right now instead of looking for food stamps. All of the liberal laws secrete from Portland and then spread all over the rest of the state.

    • RickE.

      Actually there’s LOTS of liberals in the state capital too, Salem is full of them. Southeast Oregon and eastern Oregon has a LOT more conservative folks.
      I realize that food stamps help folks that justifiably need them, but I just couldn’t apply for ’em unless I was impaired somehow.
      If I were hungry I’d rather shoot an elk or other tasty critter! And there’s lots of the close by.

    • Kem

      You do realize Oregon don’t give FS out if you don’t qualify. and Oregon DON’T go by gross earned income it goes by all income. SS,VA,alimony ext. I get VA $1,200 month for me & my daughter and we don’t qualify. The people that get FS if lower then my income in Oregon I would say they need it.

  • patriot

    well at least they still have all that wonderful free obama care just can’t beat it

  • Evie

    Yes because if you work extra hard the money will go to Obama care you cannot have so none will be able to eat anyway. Dying is a great way to save government money. I do not know what the ones getting swipe fees will do. Look for brand new programs from Walmart and Bank of America called “Work for food only.“ I guess if you use a walker they will have you knit for money.

  • NOTICE TO ALL FOODSTAMP receivers,IN THE STATE OF OREGON,starting NOV.1,2013.all state employees will be required to have a place AT THEIR dinner table for you,they all make over 100,000 dollars a year in pay and will help feed anyone needing be sure to call on them……they look forward to your arrival……..

  • NOW considering,THE USDA,you know who these guys are,their the ONES SHUTING DOWN ALL THE FARMS AND RANCHES,around america,and destroying their food, that was grown to feed america,THEY WILL WELCOME your coming to their house for dinner,after all it was their job to run the food stamp program,and they forgot about you… its your turn to remember them….IF you know any of these guys, BE SURE TO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS WHO THEY ARE,and where they live………

  • Andy

    Just means they won’t get to have as much steak to grill as they did before.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Andy

    Also most of the folks that voted for the liberals are on food stamps,so this is how they are repaid for their vote,maybe ya’ll ought to wake up and smell the crap,especially when the liberals try to blame the conservatives for things like this,the liberals have extended the freebies too far for it to work,so now they have to reel it in a little,Obamacare is taking more money for it to work so they raid the food stamp cookie jar for it to work,the Prez has too big an ego for Obamacare to fail ,he won’t cut it back or delay any of it,even if regular folks suffer,for him to admit even a small amount of failure is out of the question he is too arrogant,egotistical and narcissistic to even consider this.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • REB

    One brick at a time the Marxist system is collapsing!

    • Nexus789

      You mean the Fascist system. Get your frame of reference right.

      • Jean

        difference: negligible.

  • Greg

    It gets better: Food Stamp Recipients in Oregon just got notices that they ARE Automatically Elligible for Der Fuhrercare. Read an article about it earlier today.

  • rossco peco

    Welfare is the only thing keeping the poor from kicking in the door of the rich.

    Its ok. It will be chaos until the police decide they are getting fucked too. Who will stop the riots when the police/authoity turn on there handlers at all levels.

    That’s all that’s needed. Turn around. Confront your Leaders there are more of US than them.

    A thousand little cuts can bring down the biggest beast.

    • Jacob M.

      That’s the important thing to point out. Everyone thinks that the police will still be loyal to the government and will be kicking in people’s doors. Some might. Most are going to go home and protect their families and friends. They aren’t going to be loyal to a government that screwed them out of their pensions.

  • m

    Our “leaders” send all the jobs overseas. They accept million$ in lobby (bribes) money from anyone who has their price. They lie about everything. They keep their $100,000 assistants (Michelle has 12 $100,000 assistants). They keep the congressional barber, Camp David and the golf course. They think of themselves as superior and elite. THEY have caused, purposely, for their owners, all of this. They made these people poor and now they begrudge them their food stamps. WAKE UP, DAMMIT. They’re destroying us and we’re watching tv. We’re a worldwide joke for our apathy and stupidity. We’re becoming a third world nation and we’re the only ones who can’t see it.


    • ohNOyouDIDNT

      …”They made these people poor…”

      I can NOT believe you just let that out of your mouth. These people (many if not most but not all, I do understand this!) embraced it willingly. These people made choices in life that were not sound. How many welfare people do you see with the best and newest smart phone? I see alot. I work and dont have one. How many welfare folks do you see with new $180 Jordans? I wear payless workboots. How many drive above expense cars? I drive a 1985 F150. I buy thrift store jeans not 501 Levis. Are you starting to see the difference yet? I am not eligible for EBT or SNAP because I earn a living – BARELY. I dont have enough kids to qualify for aid. I didnt get pregnant at 15 and have 3 kids by 21. I have made the choice to not have credit out the backside and then default. I have made responsible choices yet I am barely surviving and it pisses me off to see people that do NOTHING and have more than I ever will.

      These “poor” people are not victims except to their own bad habits and behaviors. The government is no saint and very guilty of many things like enabling but they did not cause the initial problem.

  • wadsy

    I grow my own food. My wife homeschools our children. But after the loss of my job after 11 years. It didnt take long to deplete our savings. Yeah. I went and signed up for food stamps. Your b.s. tnbones and crab leg analogies grow old. I buy bulk beans. Rice. Vegetables. We dont buy pop. Cookies. Junk food etc. Not everyone out there abuses the system. Its only a temporary situation.

    • Hammerun

      I don’t believe ANYBODY here is talking about EVERYBODY thats on EBT/food stamps/snap. I have a belief that people commenting here are referring to the career /chronic professionally unemployed, I don’t want a job, I’ll just live off of the rich people. I have little doubt that nobody here wants to see anybody that needs it not get it. That’s what we paid it to do. Relax, you and yours aren’t the subject here.
      What jerks me is the career baby mills. I’ve actually heard someone say she needs to have another baby so she can get more money out of the state. WTF?

    • Shaniqua

      You said the very thing that makes you different than MOST of the rest wadsy, temporary situation. Hammerun is correct that we are not angry at those that have run into a bad situation and need something to get over the rough patch. I am angry at the lifetime membership program that is in effect for welfare and those that keep legislation in effect that enables it.

      • Kem

        Shaniqua. I do not know any one that is not in a similar situations as Wadsy is in. millions of others have lost their jobs and to this day can not find work. But people are directing their anger out on the millions that don’t deserve it. You’re angry at the the wrong people. The FS recipients even the bad apples are not the ones that made the laws. Any one will take advantage of anything they can to help their family, You can’t blame them for that. What would you do for your family?
        After my husband passed away I sold every thing I could including my car just to bury my husband, I had no help from anyone, I had no choice to be on FS for a while and I got those same dirt looks & cruel comments from angry people like every one on here. People say cruel mean things without thinking because of a few bad apples and direct it at others without even knowing their situation. I personnel could not be that cruel.

  • Bobo

    I have lived and worked in Oregon my whole life. Every business I ever had was at some point brought down by the liberal government policies. SBA hub zone comes to town and in one night all forestry contractors not allowed to so they can redistribute income. All work is in government set asides. The state gets funding for people to work but only “only” if they “like” you can you work. Otherwise they use it to help their friends gain advantage and hurt your company. The mass liberal bureaucracy wants to destroy profit makers because you are an evil capitalist while they are all good not for profits and government agencies. So here you work for the government or get food stamps when they are done with you.

    • TR

      If one can’t stay in business,they don’t need to be in business. Ever hear of Free Enterprise?

  • Anonymous


  • j christensen

    A guy in the bldg I manage got the same notice with the same $$ amounts. this is in upstate NY. must be happening all over. of course he started bitchin. mid 40s, healthy, hasn’t even looked for a job the 6 months he’s been here.

    • Kem

      “hasn’t even looked for a job the 6 months he’s been here” Are you stalking him?

  • erv

    The family of four will now get $630 per month. My family consists of five members and we spend under $500 per month on groceries. If we need to cut back on our spending we can easily cut this back without going hungry.

    • Kem

      Yeah if they have no income at all that is what they get.
      Above min wage $1,143.5 net monthly income x .3 = $343.05 (round up to $344)

      $632 maximum allotment for 4 – $344 (30% of net income) = $288, SNAP Allotment for a full month

      • Kem

        oops income x .4 = 342.900 (round up to $343)

        $287, SNAP Allotment for a full month

        • Kem

          Sorry folks it’s 2 in the morn and my brain is not working right. I wish they had an edit button or delete. I tried changing the allot amount to the Nov $632 maximum allotment amount. its $288, SNAP Allotment for a full month. any ways this is what the snap web site shows.

          Benefit Computation Example Multiply net income by 30%…
          (Round up)
          Subtract 30% of net income from the maximum
          allotment for the household size…

          $1,143.5 net monthly income x .3 = $343.05 (round up to $344)

          $668 maximum allotment for 4 – $344 (30% of net income) = $324, SNAP Allotment for a full month

          Good night….

  • J. Ringer

    Same reductions in Idaho. My legally blind, 62 year old friend got cut from $135.per month to $ stamps. Her total income from Social Security is $750. per month. Her rent is $500. She also pays electric.
    You figure out where she is going to make up the difference. And yes, she gardens and cans.

  • TR

    Any Republican ,Conservative,TEA that receives any form of govt. assistance or subsidy(individual or business)is nothing but a Big Govt. Socialist.
    Oregon needs to publish a list of all Rep/Con/Teas that are receiving any form of tax dollars.

  • BL2A

    Last year I knew of someone who was getting $200 a month in food stamps. This fat, good-for-nothing lazy bum (fifty-ish) always had $$ for name brand cigarettes, beer and Mary Jane. His live-in was working the system to better herself and he rode her coattails to his advantage. He did not work because he didn’t HAVE to!

    On the contrary, he has a young relative who had an out-of-wedlock child and took nothing from the State. She is very independent and self-supporting. She went back to work just 2-weeks after having the baby (and a difficult delivery) because that’s all the vacation time she had. No paid maternity leave and no one else to pay her rent and bills. She’s now getting subsidized daycare, but that’s ALL. And the State mandates that she HAS to have the baby in daycare 4-days a week minimum, in order to get the subsidy.

    I pay taxes (LOTS) and the system injustices sicken me to no end.

    • Kem

      BL2A :That is the magic words “the system” its not the people to blame, people like the fifty-ish guy would not be milking the system if the LAWS changed to help the real needy people.

  • starving disabled senior

    I was brought up never to ask for anything but to be self sufficient. In 1990 i was rear ended by three trucks, broke my back and neck and took 4 years to become permanently disabled. My food stamps run out approximately the 21/2 week of the month and the rest of the days (until the 7th ) I live on bread, h20 and cottage cheese. I have diabetes and am supposed to be very careful what I eat.HA! that is impossible.
    the way food prices have increased just this year, not to mention the past three years. why doesn’t the govt. just give cyanide pills to everyone disabled or over 65 if they want us all disposed of?
    my medications run over $500 month plus medical supplies are close to $275. I worked for 33 years and contributed 25% of my salary to FICA in those days. This whole thing makes me sick and starving is not a pleasant way to die and lose your health.
    I don’t eat/buy junk food, crablegs or steak or any meat for that matter. Just fruit, vegetables
    and fiber. I also support a disabled son or try and go many times without eating so he can. What the
    dickens happened to this country and the state of Oregon?

  • Oahumike

    Steak and crab leg myths aside, I HAVE witnessed, on many occasions, people buying smokes and/or booze with cash, and after concluding this transaction pulling out their EBT cards to buy groceries. This is fraud! Out here in Hawaii, EBT is a way of life, and after you have pumped out 8 children is actually a very lucrative career choice. Many folks out here have completely gamed the system – many find several construction/manual labor type jobs that pay cash under the table, have enormous families, and receive maximum benefits. They make more than I do, and I have made responsible decisions all my life. Screw these parasites!