Not Just Hillary, Entire Obama Administration Exposed for Using Private Email to Avoid FOIA Requests

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by Jack Burns

Wikileaks is helping President Obama keep his 2008 campaign promise — to be the most transparent administration in U.S. history — whether he likes it or not. And, once again, we’re learning more about the inner sanctum of the administration and its communication practices. As FBI Director James Comey announced Friday, a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has been launched, just days before the presidential election. Comey’s move drew fire instantly from the Democrats who claim Comey is attempting to sway the election in Donald Trump’s favor. While many are focused on Comey’s actions and renewed investigation, Wikileaks has uncovered what may prove to be a systemic problem of executive branch accountability not merely limited to the former secretary of state’s emails.

According to former State Department official Tom Nides, in a 2015 email to John Podesta (Clinton campaign manager), everyone in Obama’s cabinet and every White House staffer uses their personal email for government business. Nides should know as he worked under Hillary Clinton in the State Department from 2011 to 2013, according to one source.

While keeping email hidden from the public may seem like no big deal to folks who simply don’t care, ALL correspondence which is related to governmental business is the property of the federal government and is supposed to be accessible by anyone wishing to inquire within the archive of records.

The Federal Records Act defines a record as anything, “regardless of whether it exists in physical, digital, or electronic form, is a record as defined in subsection (a) shall be binding on all Federal agencies.” This includes all communication of state agents (like the POTUS) who work in the executive branch of government, as well.

But the Obama administration, according to Nides, has long since avoided the Federal Records Act by using private Gmail accounts. Nides wrote Podesta and said, “There is only one thing that needs to be done on this email thing. (Which I am sure nobody wants to do). Get a state dept career lawyer to go through all the emails and pull the official ones.” That admission seems to be on the level with what is expected for compliance with the Federal Records Act. But it was Nides’ next admission which is the talk of many major media outlets.

Nides wrote, “Btw you know as well as I every god damn cabinet officer and WH staff uses their [sic] gmail account!” The former Department of State employee revealed what many already suspected. The Obama administration is anything but transparent. Just ask Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. His organization routinely sues the Obama administration in federal court using the Freedom of Information Act as warrant for inquiry, and says the administration stonewalls his efforts at every turn. Fitton’s organization gave the Obama administration a failing grade on transparency and says his administration is even less transparent than when Bush was president.

Fitton wrote in 2015, “There are about 18 lawsuits, 10 of which are active in federal court, and about 160 Judicial Watch FOIA requests that could be affected by Mrs. Clinton and her staff’s use of secret email accounts to conduct official government business. In our various FOIA lawsuits, our lawyers have informed attorneys for the Obama administration that Hillary Clinton’s account and any other secret accounts used by State employees should be secured, recovered and searched.” JW actively seeks out those files through official methods, using FOIA and the Federal Records Act, but has been met with delay after delay from FOIA requests to the Obama administration.

While the Obama administration is on its way out, groups like Judicial Watch aren’t going anywhere, and presumably have all the time in the world to FOIA their way into digging up those deleted Clinton emails, as well as securing Gmail accounts from the Obama administration cabinet and staffers. This story is definitely a long way from being over.

It’s no wonder why so many free thinkers are now questioning the story lines they’re being told. With the president and all his men (and women), hiding their communications within their Gmail accounts, the truth is never going to be told, at least not the real truth. And by the time organizations like Judicial Watch are successful in obtaining the electronic communications records that rightly belong to the people, it will be way too late to hold anyone accountable for breaking both the Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Julian Assange, we salute you. Thank you for forcing the Obama administration to be transparent. Keep up the valiant work!

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  • TrevorD

    “To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace”
    ― Malcolm X

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    We are going to shoot, lynch, shoot and then lynch or lynch and then shoot every last one of these Traitors.

    • ExecutorOffice

      uh,,,,gonna’ need a LOT of bullets and a LOT of rope, and one heckuva’ hideout and the ability to not be tracked digitially

      • Sovereign_Citizen

        Not as many as you think and not needing to hide as much as some would hope:) Too many on this side…Very few on the Treason side.

        I will take the odds we have every day of the week.

        • ExecutorOffice

          360 million vs about 100k?

          • Sovereign_Citizen

            Really…you think that many (360 mill) are on the side of the Establishment?

          • ExecutorOffice

            no,,,, just the opposite

          • Sovereign_Citizen

            Ah….well let me help you out here:)

          • Sovereign_Citizen

            Let me see if I can help you with the numbers but it would appear you are having a hard time with them.

            Something like 45 percent of all households have registered guns in them. Notice this number doesn’t include how many households have guns with no registration to them. This does not make them illegal guns or illegally owned guns, just guns that haven’t been bought in the past few years and therefore were most likely never registered.

            That puts us at 320 mill (more correct than 360) times 40% (shaved 5% off) = 128000000 or 128 million people armed. Don’t believe the hype that all of those guns are owned by like 3% of the population; even the FBI will tell you that is not true.

            Of the 120 million (makes the numbers easier to toss around if you trim a little here in there in the other’s favor:))as of 2014 there were 21.8 million veterans in America. That means that of the 120 million armed Americans, 1/5th of them are very highly trained with lots of real world experience and most have passed that training on down to their families, children and grandchildren. Let’s pretend that only half of these are Conservatives: 60 Million People.

            The latest statistics gathered by the FBI for the year of 2014 state that there are 3.4 law enforcement officers of any type per 100,000 people in America. That means there are 10,880,000 LEO’s on the books. Let’s pretend that only half of these are Conservatives: 5 Million People.

            Now lets look at how many of these people are snipers. SNIPERS!?!?!?! What did I just say? Yep. Snipers. Here is how various dictionary’s define a sniper:

            to shoot at individuals as opportunity offers from a concealed or distant position
            A skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place.
            One who shoots at other people from a concealed place

            Now, how are these people snipers? Well, not all of them. Let’s look at some more numbers:

            The most recent year 2015 says that there were about 16 million in the spring of that year and 17 million in the fall of 2014. Now, some will be hunting in both seasons but most people do not do that. So let us trim that down for you and say 10 mill in the spring and 10 mill in the fall or a total of 20 mill total.

            So, how are they snipers? Simple, they are extremely quiet, they sneak about, one shot, one kill, and almost every last one of them is doing it. Let’s pretend that only half of these are Conservatives: 10 Million People.

            So, we have 60 million people who are not only a little armed but quite heavily armed, of which a VERY large portion of them at 10 million are very well trained snipers. We arent even counting all of the people who have actually been to Benning for some sniper training or any of the other various schools that teach such things:)

            Yep…I will take those odds every day of the week:)

          • ExecutorOffice

            I’ll stick with 360 million. Count visitors from Canada and Iceland and illegals against demon spawn gov’t. You don’t need a gun to destroy corruption…note the current victory being garnered via a Wiener

          • Sovereign_Citizen

            Can’t argue with any of that.

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Cockroaches and politicians hate having light shined on them, and for the same reasons. Thomas Jefferson said, “When a man assumes public office he should consider himself public property.” Indeed…there is no “right” to hold public office, whether elected or appointed. A public office belongs not to the officeholder but to We The People…and We are NOT amused in the least.

  • MaHaBone

    These elusive and corrupt tactics have been copied at the local level, and law enforcement is complicit to criminal corruption in our communities. Paul Ryan’s home district of Racine County, Wisconsin is a prime example where records have been destroyed and tampered to avoid FOIA and other legal consequences, in addition to fraud, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, illegal campaign financing, pay to play racketeering, illegal lobbying and coercion, abuse of power, misconduct in office, discrimination, rigged development deals and contracts, and pay to play racketeering.

    The FBI needs to begin indictments in Racine County, Wisconsin before more innocent lives are ruined by criminal officials and their associates. Local law enforcement is either complicit, negligent, incompetent or corrupt, and the local media is subjectively suppressing, censoring, and banning comments to cover up criminal corruption and hide the truth from law enforcement.

    This is criminal and we demand justice and accountability before we have a full scale Constitutional Crisis that destroys the rule of law and any faith in government. This is tyranny that affects local communities and has been enabled by the complicity at the national, state and local levels. It needs to end NOW.

  • ONEWhiteAZZKracka4TRUMP2016

    Only God can help ’em once TSHTF and opens season on these tyrannical sonsabitches.

  • RMS1911

    let me be clear, this is not who we are. we are the most transparent administration
    in history.

    yeah right
    rope a dope

    • TrevorD

      Yes you are the most transparant, we can see right through you.

  • ExecutorOffice

    Federal Government: It is neither. It is a fraud run by frauds defrauding the population for centuries.

  • D.Moore

    This proves their Intent, no hiding from that Mr Transparent