Not Joking: 4th Grader Suspended for Making ‘Terroristic Threat’ with Magic Ring from ‘The Hobbit’ Movie

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How much more pathetic do public schools in America have to GET before they just start imploding from the sheer level of STUPID?

This is actually being reported in the Odessa American:

A Kermit parent said his fourth-grade student was suspended Friday for allegedly making a terroristic threat.

His father, Jason Steward, said the family had been to see “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” last weekend. His son brought a ring to his class at Kermit Elementary School and told another boy his magic ring could make the boy disappear.

Steward said the principal said threats to another child’s safety would not be tolerated – whether magical or not. Principal Roxanne Greer declined to comment on the matter.

The principal declined to comment… because what in the hell else could she possibly say that would make her look any less idiotic at that point? Is there even anything?

This kid is nine-years-old, by the way.

While I understand that saying he’s going to make a classmate disappear might be considered not very nice, since it, oh, I dunno CANNOT POSSIBLY HAPPEN IN PHYSICAL REALITY AS WE KNOW IT, does that still technically make it a “threat”?

(Sorry for the caps there, but I can’t help it.)

I mean, did the principal ask him if he planned to use his magic ring to make the boy reappear before suspending him, or…?

If I threaten to make it rain magical rainbow unicorns, would Principal Greer also considering that a “terroristic threat”?

Oh, and apparently the boy has already gotten in-school suspension before for the high crime of “referring to another student’s skin color” and “for bringing a kids’ book about pregnancy to school.”

So apparently we are so politically correct now, we can’t talk about our skin color at all or bring children’s books to school about pregnancy (even though many of our schools across the nation are teaching children this boy’s age and younger all about abortions and masturbation under the guise of sex education).

(Can you believe this kid’s dad had to go on the record with, “I assure you my son lacks the magical powers necessary to threaten his friend’s existence. If he did, I’m sure he’d bring him right back.”)

What else is there to even say at this point?

Once this sinks even lower (because yes, somehow, they’ll find a way) to a totally intolerable Idiocracy level, and parents start pulling their children out en masse to homeschool them, you know the establishment will just outlaw homeschooling.

But in the meantime, these are the kind of people who are running our government indoctrination centers. People who have now deemed it appropriate to label a nine-year-old using his imagination as a “terrorist.”

Just… wow.

UPDATE: Some smart-thinking commenters below decided to look up the information to contact this principal’s boss. Mr. Bill Boyd, Kermit ISD Superintendent, can be contacted by phone at (432) 586-1000 or via email at

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  • SickOfTheStupid

    Of all our governments tyranny the reality is the education system is the least of our problems, its damage is already done for almost 50 years we have paid for first class schools and gotten 3rd world results.

    The bottom line is we have the option of not participating in the governmnt school systems……………its by choice. if you are not home schooling or co-op educating your children I am at the point I have little sympathy for the victims of its abuse……

    Ether we start taking back our towns city’s and states from the grips of this corrupt bureaucracy or we need to start taking out the fedcoat governmnt……………….One way or another we can no longer just sit and b**** has the country collapses around us………………The time has come to stand as men in the face of tyranny…………..

  • nighthawk

    These are the idiots teaching our children today, think what your grandchildren will like tomorrow.

    • eldoradocreekskipper

      They’ve been doing this for a long time. Listen to a lot of the 30 year olds. Their ideology is usually appallingly communist-like. The are politically correct haters of white males, agw theory supporters, etc. This is where the occupy wall street and hands up don’t shoot mentality originates.

      They are very authoritarian if not totalitarian. I know of one instance in which a claim was made that some middle school girls had stolen something (I don’t remember what the item was). Some of the female teachers took the girls into a room and strip-searched them. That is merely one horror story that is true. There are millions of others. Then on the other hand, students of color can threaten (with beheading) and physically assault teachers with impunity.

  • Smarty

    It’s time to make the principal disappear….

  • angrymike

    Someone find the email that belongs to this woman’s boss !! We need to tell him what an incompetent boob he has running the elementary school is !!! If someone can find it, I’ll definitely send a nice little email !! Complete fools !!!!!!!

  • CharlesH

    I’m SO THANKFUL that I was born when I was and in school before all of this craziness took over our country. I know I’d be addicted to Ritalin or some other damn drug if I were in school today. I was hyper-active/typical all boy – class clown, whatever.

  • varlog

    Did anyone explain to the teacher it is fiction? Not to worry, it’s only make believe.

  • Tom

    I know someone who used to install and service intercom systems, with schools naturally being a significant customer base. Her stories about school principals being the dumbest of the dumb are very entertaining. To see the inevitability of this, look no further than there being only one college major with a lower average SAT score than education majors: education administration majors. We are doomed.

  • farang

    Principal Roxanne Greer best be careful: I hear anyone harming the boy will be zapped with Gandalf’s staff! Eaten by Orcs!

    For REALS!!! Or pooped on up by one of Gandalf’s eagles…have you seen the size of those birds???

  • speak for yourself.

  • All one can do is teach their children to think critically and logically, and bring them up in the traditions of liberty. They will encounter institutionalized idiocy for the rest of their lives anyway, may as well equip them to fight it now.

  • Vote You Up

    Anything to shame and humiliate the play and imagination of children.
    The principal is a dolt in my opinion.

  • Ken, North Face

    Watch this. I can summon every intelligence agency worldwide just by a simple statement. I wouldn’t do this in America or Israel but God is Great. That’ll distract these plonkers from the raw milk sellers for just a few minutes LOL.
    All post to Facebook “God is Great” conveniently ignoring the Charllie Hebdo case who already needed police protection due to death threats from angered Muslims. Even with protection from armed Gendarmes the Jihadists got Charlie. Not nice I agree but you don’t prod a tiger in the zoo with a bamboo stick now do you? Europe has its own manners.
    Merci beaucoup mes Amies.
    Aidez moi mon Dieu.


    What is the mental age of the school administrators. Will they shrivel up if someone places a curse on them? Lets try!


    the safest country in the world. one hundred and eleven in deaths per hundred thousand in the world.
    Because we are sane bible thumping gun toting Americans.

  • jim_robert

    As a former educator, I can tell with complete certainty that people in education are, generally speaking, some of the most ignorant, politically correct doofuses on the planet

  • RockyMtSpirit

    So, this whole brouhaha was caused because a kid told another kid, his magic ring could make him disappear?
    Yeah, really?
    BTW, I’m a proud West Texas native, who was born in Kermit, but BS like this makes me question other West Texans.
    WTF? Really?

  • Undecider

    Why is it a “terroristic” threat? Was it for some kind of political gain?

  • Joe Lizak

    She’s just pissed because last Friday night she used a cock ring on her husbands disappearing boner and that didn’t even work.

  • D. McCue

    I urge everyone to contact the Superintendent with the information provided at the bottom of the article. We need to start putting pressure on those responsible for this idiocy or it will continue to get worse.

  • L O

    Approve more public school bonds, so the stupidity can grow!

  • Chir

    I can’t resist…
    Fourth grade….

  • eldoradocreekskipper

    In a sane world the Principal and teacher would be fired at the very least. Sending children to public school is child abuse.

    The teachers and administrators are nearly all communists. I agree with Lord Monckton’s take on who is and is not a communist. They may not admit or even think that they are communists but they are communists all the same.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Hi. I can make someone disappear just like that:- You will love this.
    A Facebook friend called Oliver David Bornean had been insulting me for weeks on end and contrary to my better assessment his trolling went unchallenged. One day I gave him a taste of his own medicine by way of a wall post I cannot repeat here. He blocked me and removed me from a group he was Admin on.
    Clearly some people cannot handle what they routinely dish out to others. I hate bullies and expose them whenever I can.
    So help me God.

  • Laura Lee

    This is how the story goes in State education… and could have gone there. Making a terrorist threat is a felony. Principal calls the police. The police would have arrested him. Kid would have gone to jail. Parents would “bail him out”. The school would have forced a psychiatric exam. The State voodoo doctor would have declared him psychotic and delusional… a danger and a threat to himself and others. Locked him up in a psych ward. (No bail from there.) Finally gets out… having been drugged into oblivion while traumatized from soul rape… and having a bunch of crazy adults force their bizarre judgments on you. Psychiatrist prescribes jr. prozac. The father is like, “These people are the crazy ones! I refuse to give my son prozac!” The Child Welfare would then get involved. Medical neglect. They remove the child from the home. The child goes into foster care. The parents are stripped of all parental rights. Cannot see child. He is beaten and raped by his foster parents. Then killed. That’s the America Nanny State. Lunatics, deviants, and sicko control freaks… running the system. “It was just a ring!” you say. Well, this is the bizarro world of paranoid schizophrenic control freaks in charge of their Brave New World: Bizzaro world where nothing a control freak authoritarian figure of the State does is wrong… or is accountable… and nothing a child or his parents do is right.