Not a Single Police Officer Has Ever Been Killed by So-Called ‘Cop Killer’ AR-15 Bullets

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Editor’s Note: This time, it’s the White House engaged in a conspiracy theory…


The White House is trying to get 5.56 “armor piercing” rounds classified as “cop killer” bullets. But there’s only one problem: no cop has ever been killed by the “green-tipped” AR-15 ammunition.

Still, the President claims that banning the ammunition is just a “common sense” way to protect police officers. Speaking on his behalf, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that the 5.56/.223-caliber M855 ball ammunition must be banned because it can shoot through bullet proof vests. While that is true, so can just about any rifle hunting round. Are they next?

The core of the White House’s argument is that there are some AR-15 style pistols which they claim are “easily concealable weapons.”

They are not.

All types of AR-15 style pistols are too big for any commercially available holster, or anything that could be worn on one’s belt or even in a should holster. The weapons are essentially “novelty guns” that are not typically considered for their practical value since they cannot be legally manufactured with a rifle stock. That caveat makes them incredibly difficult to aim or hit things from far away. Add a stock and that changes dramatically… but then they are NFA-restricted items which require extensive background checks with the ATF, a $200 tax stamp and a waiting period that commonly takes more than half a year.

No crime has ever been committed on record with legally registered weapons such as this, and no ban on assault weapons would effect NFA items. So the White House’s claim rests ultimate on the fantasy that police officers are being shot and killed with stockless AR-15 style pistols. The only problem is, this has never happened: not even once.

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