Norwegian Government Is Preparing for the Migrant Induced Collapse of Sweden

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Long before refugees from Syria started trickling into Europe, and long before Germany went on a moral crusade to let every third worlder into their country, there was Sweden. Most European countries had started shifting into multi-cultural societies decades ago, but Sweden was arguable the first country to really open the floodgates. While there are other European nations with a higher percentage of foreign-born citizens and residents, Sweden was the first to let in so many people from countries with radically different cultures than their own.

As a result, the social fabric of their society is beginning to tear. The police are overwhelmed, their welfare system is overburdened, and their borders are crumbling. All in all, their society is on the verge of collapse. Depending on your perspective of Europe’s migrant crisis, you may find that hard to believe. But if you don’t believe me, then take a look at what the Norwegian government has been saying.

Norway is ready to abandon the Geneva Convention if Sweden collapses. The border will be closed by force, and Swedish refugees will be rejected without the possibility to seek asylum. “We are prepared for the worst,” says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

There is such an imminent danger that the Schengen agreement, and the asylum system in Sweden will break down, that Norway must have an emergency legislation in place in case it happens, believes Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Therefore, she has crafted a law that will allow for Norwegian authorities to reject asylum seekers who do not come directly from a conflict area…

…”It is a force majeure proposal which we will have in the event that it all breaks down, that the flow (of refugees) just comes, and they all end up in Norway, because we are at the top of Europe. Norway is the end point, is not it,” says Erna Solberg in an interview with Berlingske.

Let that sink in for a moment. The neighbor to one of the most affluent, stable, and successful nations on the planet (or at least it was those things) is afraid that Sweden is on the verge of collapse. They’re worried that Sweden’s problems are so severe, that they’re going to spill over their border and wreck their country as well.

It used to be that when you thought about countries that could collapse, Northern Europe was off the table. Civil wars, genocide, refugees, revolutions, coups, all that stuff. Those sorts of things used to be unheard of in the West. If you brought them up in a conversation, you’d immediately think of Africa, South America, or the Middle East. I mean, social collapse in a Nordic country? Ridiculous! That’s for third world countries, not highly developed welfare states.

But it is happening, and there’s a very simple reason why. Nations in the West became so rich and so advanced that they rose above the poverty, chaos, and insecurity of the third world. But then they started importing people from the third world, and they failed to assimilate them. Now they have third world problems.

Big surprise right?

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  • Jonny rRingworm

    They did this to themselves. I am Swedish, anytime you overload your welfair system with people whom have no intention on working this kind of thing happens!!!

    • none

      Hi. Since Sweden is a financial center of the world, and has gold filled banks.
      Could this cause a financial crisis around the world? If these banks where looted of there reserves?

      • Jas

        lol…It won’t be migrants who loot it!

      • Jonny rRingworm

        I don’t think Sweden is large enough to bring down the world. But it won’t be helping things….

  • Mark

    The Jewish origins of multiculturalism in Sweden
    Kevin MacDonald on January 14, 2013

    Jewish activist promotes “multicultural mode” for Europa: Sample Sweden

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    • I just posted the SAME video without reading this, ha, and thanks for the occidental observer link!

      • Mark

        You are welcome. Always continuing to update the data:

        • I am on there quite often and I commend you for your effort, there isn’t another place online with so much concentrated info on that topic I have found to date and I do look.

          • Mark

            I had a laugh because Ngallendou complained it was “single source.” Over 1,000 linked references, quotes, and videos from mostly Jewish sources and he says “single source.” Such weak criticism as to be funny! Even their name-calling gives them away.

          • Wow, that is quite the exchange, my friend. You absolutely buried them with facts, they had no retort so they devolved into insult flinging, hahaha, somebody doesn’t like to lose! They call your exposing of hatred, hatred… amazing!

          • Mark

            Their tricks are the old tricks of the rabbis.

            Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say: Behold this is new: for it hath already gone before in the ages that were before us. Ecclesiastes 1:10

          • I was just learning about the ages and the procession of the equinoxes last night and yes, that is true, there is nothing new under the sun.

          • Mark

            So many important and interesting things to learn and do and yet life is so short. May the Holy Ghost flood us with His Sevenfold Gifts!

          • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            Ooh, I would be interested to know about that…got a link? And how are you doing, how’s the snakes and the gf?

          • Glad you asked, this video is AWESOME! Best I’ve seen in a while, it fully explains this awakening and why and how it is happening + the elite and their evil response to it: – they are not flat earthers(they may be by now though, this is 4yrs old.) so their cosmology is not correct in my opinion but it doesn’t matter anyway, it is the relative position of the dog star(god spelled backwards) that influences our consciousness throughout the ages. They believe it is the relative position of Sirius to the sun but in the flat earth model the sun circles closely above the earth so that would make it the relative position of Earth to the dog star, Sirius but either way it’s getting close and the closer it gets the higher our consciousness will rise. Propaganda is used to stifle this but it is a futile effort, this can’t be stopped only slowed down through evil tricks.

            We are just starting to turn the corner to the enlightened ages(bronze, silver, gold) which will be here for a VERY long time. That mayan calendar is a calendar for the ages and the reason it stopped on Dec 21, 2012 is because that was the end of the age of picese, a dark iron age and now we are entering or have entered the age of aquarius and things are lookin’ up from here on out for a very long time until we recede back into the iron age once again in the far distant future(1000s of years from now) (warning: this video accurately discredits and exposes religion so viewer beware if you’re the religious type who gets offended).

            My largest snake peed her cage a few days ago but she had a fresh, fat belly with a 9pound rabbit she just swallowed so I didn’t want to disturb her to clean her cage(even though I really wanted to , I HATE messy cages!). Today she peed again and it really reeks in the snake room now so she’s getting a bath and cage scrub down after work, the bigger the snake, the bigger(and smellier) the mess, yuk! I love her though, such a gentle giant.

            My gf is doing well too, thanks, how is your family doing and how are you doing?

          • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

            I will definitely watch that, and you should know by now that I’m never offended by anything 😀

            So they only pee every few days? Lol I always laugh at the idea of a snake in a bathtub!

            We are all good!

          • Tatiana Covington

            Nuh, dude, they didnt have no fuggin Internet back then. And stuff like that.

  • tomw

    After hearing from some folks from Sweden over the years, on how perfect their social system is, they now have a chance to prove it.

    • I don’t think they designed it for africa and the middle east to reside in their country, it was made for hard working, intelligent people, that’s why their society was so nice. They messed up when they let the enemy into their political system, we have the same problem…. termites!

  • frankw

    “Diversity” does not work, never has.History is littered with the remains of cultures that overloaded themselves with unassimilatable peoples. The people of Sweden should ride those responsible out of the country on rails. This is a taste of our own future.

    • There only needs to be one international group with no national allegiances to their host country to be systematically removed from all European nations and it will stop overnight… can they do it though?

  • All according to the jewish plan to remove white people off the planet: – stare the demon in it’s face.

  • Zaphod Braden

    There is no way that millions just start migrating out of the Middle East into Europe because of a sudden impulse to do so, some very powerful supporting group is behind this and it simply is not clear what would be the motivation for such a massive invasion this mass movement of people across European borders equates to genocide:
    Who has the most desire to empty the Levant of Arabs and send them packing to Europe. You kill so many birds with that one stone it’s irresistible.
    IS-rael & ISIS-rael, one and the same. This flood of muslim refugees into White CHRISTian Democratic Europe is a repeat of Israel’s actions in 1948 , terror used to depopulate areas that Israel wishes to grab for “Greater Israel” and at the same time to dilute and destroy CHRISTian Europe.
    Before the state of Israel was founded, the terrorist underground militias that were to become the Israel “Defense” Forces committed over 100 massacres of civilians. The atrocities intensified in the months leading up to the “declaration of indeperndence”. In March and April 1948 alone over 25 massacres were committed including infamous ones such as Tantura and Deir Yassin. Israeli leaders themselves credited these actions as of great use in getting the Palestinians to evacuate Palestine so that a Jewish state could be established without a demographic “burden” of “non-Jews” (Christains and Muslims).

  • Zaphod Braden

    SEND those who are concerned about the REFUJIHADIS over THERE to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland. Send the CONCERNED ONES with THEIR OWN money to pay for the charity they are SO anxious to hand out because “being charitable” with someone else’s money is THEFT, charity must be paid for with YOUR money.
    What do you think they are going to LIVE ON?
    YOUR Social Security will be given to the REFUJIHADIS.
    YOUR PENSIONS (already proposed by Robert Reich) will be POOLED so EVERYBODY gets a pension.
    then YOUR IRAs will be grabbed as the last source of funding …………….
    Each refugee already has access to the following:

  • Specifically, they are zionist jews doing this, they are hell bent on eradicating the white race:

  • “No one knows if this Jesus Christ existed, and if he did, NOTHING is known about him!” “WHY I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN” Bertrand Russell 1928

  • littlebit43

    There may be several countries collapsing as millions of so-called immigrants flood their country. The only way to stop it is to stop housing them, feeding them and giving them money. This may be cruel but if they want to survive they have no choice. They are not going to assimilate they expect the country they are invading to switch to their way of thinking and living. Put that money towards your military, you are going to need it.

    • Mark Owen

      What I really don’t get is how the Desert rats can handle the sub Arctic winters there. Must stay inside plotting while the snow is ass deep. Gathering up guns ammo and other radicals for their fair weather push to start.

  • Stu

    Sweden is the canary in the coal mine. Maybe the western world will wake up after the canary dies.