North Koreas Post-test Statement May Indicate They Have Miniaturized A Nuclear Device

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Amongst all the nuclear sabre rattling coming out of North Korea are a couple of things that we should really be a little concerned about. We have heard before that tests were taking place, and once again North Korea gave the overnight warning. We are used to the international condemnation that follows the tests. We can even hazard a guess as to why they do the things they do. They rattle their nuclear sabre and the West reacts in its predicable way assuming that the Dear Leader is not actually crazy enough to try and launch a device. Food aid is then provided and it all settles down until the next time Pyongnang decides to try and flex its nuclear muscles.

This time though there’s a subtle difference. The triumph statement released by the government was as always upbeat…as expected, but taking a look at the wording can be revealing. Part of the statement indicates that the North Koreans may actually have made a breakthrough this time.

“…carried out at a high level and in a safe and perfect manner using a miniaturized and lighter nuclear device with a greater explosive force than previously”

North Korea has for years wanted to make a bomb smaller, small enough to fit on a warhead. If they are to be believed they may have managed it this time. In another part of the statement the following point should be noted:

“The test demonstrated the good performance of the DPRK’s nuclear deterrence that has become diversified.”

Pre-test speculation in the West concerned the fuel that they would use. Would it be highly enriched uranium instead of plutonium? If so then they have actually diversified their nuclear arsenal. In addition uranium enrichment facilities are far easier to hide away than plutonium ones, another plus if you don’t want the West knowing what you are up to or how far along in the process you are.

At this point it’s assumed that North Korea doesn’t yet have missile capability, and it’s also assumed that they realize if they did launch a strike it would be suicidal. The retaliation would not only end the regime but devastate a country that can’t feed its own population on a good day, let alone at a time when they are dealing with radioactive fall out and have no one sending food aid.

Let’s hope that once again North Korea are playing a game of Brinkmanship and nothing more. Only time will tell.

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Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

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    North korea is not a threat to anyone.

    Unlike Israel they have joined the Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for speaking out. Israel is the bully and the genocidal war machine,
      along with the Crown and The “”Vatican” for pushing and manipulating the U.S. into being the Monster it is today. U.S. is responsible for saying NO and making reparations and amendments for the devastating damage and trauma
      it has caused and dumped on the rest of the world – and worse, to it’s own people.

      In Liberty.
      Free Gaza.

  • Wolfmother

    Man are you ever mislead. I can’t imagine there is people so gullible out there as you but then I saw the SOTU.
    When Kruschev pounded his shoe, he was speaking of lemmings as yourself. Get over your Israel hate. Media Matters is just to your left.

  • Anonymous

    Iran and North Korea = 2 countries with NO central banking system

    Follow the money – in why these stories pop out.

    U.S. and Israel and UK media = just trying HARD to provoke a WAR. It’s so predictable.
    U.S. who has DRONE NUKED innocent persons all around the countries in the world.

    N.Korea Nuclear bomb is to Iraq’s WMD’s.

    There will be KARMA for the media cartel for perpetuating this lie.

  • Anonymous


    • Ken, your UK friend

      Well said Anonymous. Applause! However, surely you can come up with a more original name LOL.
      But, moving on, some wretched rock falling from the sky in Chelyabinsk will be seen in the same light as a false flag and blamed on innocent N Koreans. I despair I tell you.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Further pick up on a point:- Central Banking Systems. If N Korea & Iran decide to run things their way it is THEIR decision, THEIR turf and you must obey THEIR rules when visiting said countries, turfs, hoods etc. I expect same standards eg tight jeans, skimpy tops, awe-inspiring hair-do’s etc LOL from women who immigrate into my country, so likewise when in Rome, agreed? UK, USA, Israel etc agree to join forces and force an issue over World Rulership. Surely in every Religious and Moral teaching ever written, what goes around comes around, this cannot be disputed, yes? So he who desires Megalomaniac Power shalt surely perish.
    Just remember to obey my rules when entering my Hood LOL.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Further pick up this time on Wolfmother:- Kruschev was a good leader. He only pounded his shoe, unlike that useless eater who threw his shoe at Bush. Bush remained a dignified President and mark my words you along with most of the world will shed tears as this great man passes. My Dad said “Don’t trust Bush, he’s a recovering alcoholic.” Well, I replied “For his own sake I truly hope he beats this wretched thing. I wouldn’t wish alcoholism on nobody Papa.” Regrets, said I’d work with, not against Obama as the press keep slagging him off LOL. But I really find it hard to see former pot smoking, funny hat wearing Kenyan Barry in the same light as good ole George W.