North Korea Warns Of Nuclear War After US And South Korea Drills

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North Korea has officially threatened the United States with nuclear war after joint drills conducted with South Korea last weekend drove tensions even higher. The rogue nation also warned that a nuclear war “would inevitably lead to another world war.”

North Korea is not mincing words with their latest threat. The US and South Korea participated in joint bombing drills recently, and Kim Jong-un has made it clear that that’s a provocation, while experts in the US claim that nothing more than “self-restraint” is standing between armistice and a nuclear war.

“South Korea and U.S. air forces will immediately respond to enemy provocation in any form anytime and anywhere,” South Korean air force operational commander Lieutenant-General Won In Chu told reporters in a text message.

“North Korea’s actions are a threat to our allies, partners, and homeland,” Pacific Air Forces Commander Gen. Terrence O’ Shaughnessy said in a statement. “Let me be clear. If called upon we are trained, equipped and ready to unleash the full lethal capability of our allied air forces.”

Two U.S. officials said the show of force was intended to “send a clear message” to North Korea, ruled by the dictator Kim Jong Un. But North Korea’s chubby tyrant responded all too quickly to the “clear message,” with one of his own, and he sounds ready for World War 3. Pyongyang was furious after the US deployed two bombers near its border in a show of force that it slammed as a “military provocation.” North Korea has now accused the US and South Korea of pushing the region to the “tipping point” of nuclear war.

Tensions escalated in the peninsula after North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, believed to be capable of hitting targets as far away as Alaska. Kim Jong-un must be extremely tired of being considered irrelevant, and the US is known as a warmongering country. These tensions show no signs of subsiding, and war appears all but imminent.

North Korea, which is banned from testing or developing missiles under UN resolutions, has been working to develop a nuclear-tipped ICBM capable of hitting the US, ignoring repeated and toothless warnings from the international community. The military drill conducted by the US and South Korea saw American bombers destroy missile batteries and South Korean jets deliver precision missile strikes on an underground command post.

An editorial titled “Don’t Play With Fire On A Powder Keg” published in the state-run North Korean Rodong newspaper said that the joint drill made a nuclear world war more likely. Describing the Korean peninsula as “the world’s biggest tinderbox”, the article said, “The US, with its dangerous military provocation, is pushing the risk of a nuclear war on the peninsula to a tipping point.” The paper did, however, accurately describe the exercises as a “dangerous military gambit of warmongers who are trying to ignite the fuse of a nuclear war on the peninsula“.

“A small misjudgment or error can immediately lead to the beginning of a nuclear war, which will inevitably lead to another world war,” it added. The article also justified North Korea’s weapons’ tests as “legitimate and justified measures” amid increasing “threats of nuclear war” against Pyongyang by Washington.

Starting WW3 appears to be a top priority for both the US and North Korea. Both nations seem to be increasingly hungry for a nuclear war, and neither has chosen to show a great deal of restraint.

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  • Time Will Tell

    Shouldn’t be hard to spot him from a drone. He’s the only fat one. He’s probably the only motorcade rolling around with one vehicle being lopsided. His phat @$$ is in that vehicle.

  • Frank

    The North doesn’t need nuclear weapons, other than to make Kim feel better about the size of his penis. If the North would comply with international law, they could get all kinds of foreign aid to develop electric power and food production, allowing development and expansion of industry and exploitation of natural resources. No, Kim NEEDS a heightened threat of invasion by the US or any other country in order to perpetuate and strengthen his tyrannical control – to the point of insanity and self-destruction. NOBODY wants to invade the North, having a good idea of the mess it is – a brainwashed populace and a starving, Agrarian, Dark Ages existence throughout most of the countryside. Neither the US or South Korea can stand by while he develops weapons of mass destruction and threatens to use them against a conjured threat – which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Kim Jong-Un, aka the “Supreme One” or the “Deity,” needs to be transported to the next level of existence and the Korean peninsula reunited.

  • Jimbeau

    I have some trouble with this whole north korea scenario. I have to keep reminding myself that the rest of the world is dumbfounded at how we here in The States are SO clueless because of our squeaky-tight media dissemination. Also, knowing how the CIA has driven so many countries and people nuts with their harassment and carnage over the decades, I have to wonder how much of NK’s ire (if it’s even true) is in response to our govt’s actions.
    I know that I am FED UP with contrived wars… really, what to think?

    • TrevorD

      I agree totally. Smells very bad to me.

      • SP_88

        Because of what I’ve read in the media recently, my first thought is that North Korea is a rogue state run by a nut job that needs to be dealt with.
        And though that may be true, I also know better than to think that the United States and our allies are entirely innocent.
        It’s no secret that our government has been involved in endless wars and acts of aggression against sovereign nations for decades. And North Korea is not the only country that worries about what we might do next.
        After all, how many countries have suddenly found themselves with the U.S. military opening up a can of democracy on their ass, after months of threats and accusations of humanitarian crimes, terrorist support or chemical weapons attacks?
        So it seems perfectly reasonable for any country who has seen what’s going on to see the writing on the wall, and make the necessary moves to defend themselves against our aggressive behavior.
        The big and powerful countries with nuclear weapons capabilities, like China and Russia don’t have to worry about dealing with our regime change operations, at least not to the extent that small countries who cannot defend themselves do.
        So now we sit back and watch as these nations play a game of nuclear chicken.

        • TrevorD

          Yep get that. The only other thing and it may be a bit `out there` is that Kim has already been bought off by TPTB. What I mean is `they` are desperate for a huge war, anywhere. They thought the Middle East would do it but Putin with help from the Chinese have not risen to the bait and others behind have stood against them and their plans. Kim is well` educated` in the West and he is part of the back up plan. He like all of them is maybe in `the club`. He could be very ready to sacrifice his county for NWO plans and a ton of money and protection. I don`t know, just a slant on the present episode in the infiltration of Humanity from the utterly insane opposite.

          • SP_88

            I don’t think it’s as “out there” as you think. In fact, it’s pretty likely that this is their “plan B” since their agenda in the middle east has gone sideways so badly.
            And it certainly isn’t a stretch to suggest that Kim Jong Un would sacrifice his country for cash and prizes from TPTB. He has oppressed his people so badly, how could anyone think that he gives a crap about them.

        • KERYGMA24

          The thing is the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon is America the one thats says other countries can’t be trusted with nukes..

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    What, is Kum Dung Bung gonna DRIVE IT over here himself in his Kia micro-limo, or what?? They can’t even get a missile to leave the launchpad in Bung’s bung…….