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Will It Be “Lights Out” For Parts of America This Summer?

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
June 18th, 2013


The 2013 Summer Reliability Assessment from NERC highlights that some states are well below the reserve capacity that’s recommended to cope with peak demand of electricity. The report, published in May, shows major concerns about Southern California and Texas stating:

“Tight supply may lead to operational challenges”

Peak demand in Texas has  risen, but production and spare capacity hasn’t, leading to a deficit of 1% between supply and demand.

Much of Texas is bone dry, with scarcely any moisture to be found in the top layers of soil. Grass is so dry it crunches underfoot in many places. The nation’s leading cattle-producing state endured its driest seven-month span on record, and some ranchers had to cull their herds to avoid paying supplemental feed costs. (Source)

Overall, the spare capacity reserve margin is down just under 1% across the country.

If the incredibly dry and hot weather that some states have experienced for the last two years continues this summer, demand will rise ever higher and lead into a situation where rolling blackouts would be considered as one way of dealing with the situation.

Lets hope spare capacity increases before winter…especially if its a bad one.

You can read the full report here.

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  • Tom Thatcher

    California will be terrible with all the Criminals in the dark.. That place is already a shit hole. Glad I left there.. But I think that the whole country better get ready for things like this and even worse…

  • RickE.

    This won’t affect me no matter what, as first of all I live in AZ, second, I have solar anyway, I’m set just fine for now.

    For all of you 99% that live on the grid…prepare, and prepare prudently!!

  • tracy

    Millions and millions of immigrants…legal and illegal…while the infrastructure is overloaded. Rolling blackouts, crowded freeways, water rationing…thats the future of the US.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    In many areas of the UK between 11pm and 5am the number of streetlights on has been greatly reduced and this was implemented only 2 weeks after I predicted it. The 1st time I experienced this it was really spooky. I fear crime and road accidents. The GPS on my phone still works but there is a real risk of getting lost in the dark. About the only time you’ll be grateful to be stopped by a police car LOL.

  • poptoy1949

    Perhaps Obama and his EPA should shut down more coal plants and keep new ones from opening for business. Yeah that should do the trick.

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