“Non Stop Gunfire”: Mass Shooting at Country Music Festival near Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas, Over 50 Dead, 200 Wounded

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Update 17: The police chief just revealed that the number of dead is actually over 50 with over 200 more wounded

Update 16: NBC News is reporting that the shooter is 64-year-old Stephen Paddock.

Update 15: A Fox News report just claimed that one local first responder personally pronounced at least 20 people dead on the scene. A citizen also helped at least 7 people and used his clothing to cover bodies of the dead he passed.

3 people have also been detained as possibly connected to the attack.

Update 14: For those with a more conspiratorial point of view, as information continues to be released it sure is starting to reek of at the very least some sort of cover-up of who carried out the horrific attack and how it could have possibly been done by only one person.

Update 13: Another eyewitness stated on live T.V. that there was at least 10 minutes of straight shooting.

Update 12: Police have claimed that one shooter was killed and that they are looking for a women person of interest.

We are also reporting on an eyewitness claim that a crazy women told the crowd they were going to die 45 minutes before the shooting took place.

Update 11: A verified Twitter account for a local news reporter has confirmed that at least 20 have DIED.

Update 10: A report from The Daily Mail has further updates:

  • The victims were slain at both the Route 91 Harvest festival and the Mandalay Bay hotel just over the road
  • Witnesses reported automatic gunfire coming from the hotel onto the festival and police cars below
  • Police said one shooter was ‘down’; at around 12:38am they said they believed there were no more shooters
  • People listening to police scanners said that shooter was killed in a room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay
  • The Strip is closed down and flights from the city’s McCarran International Airport have been suspended
  • Unconfirmed reports have also been made of shots fired at the Bellagio hotel and other sites in Las Vegas

Update 9: An incredible video has been released showing citizens working together to help transport shooting victims. As usual, tons of reports were originally released indicating multiple shooters but now police are saying there was only one.

Update 8: CNN is reporting that at least two are dead and twenty four wounded. Sadly, that number is sure to rise as authorities further release information.

Update 7: Las Vegas police have confirmed that one suspect is down. It is currently unknown how many more shooters there actually are.

Update 6: According to BNO News there are as many of 70 victims in local hospitals after multiple shootings on the Las Vegas strip. The possibility of this being a direct act of terrorism (ISIS) has just risen exponentially.

Update 5: The major airport in the area has been completely shutdown.

Update 4: Even more video has emerged, this time showing when concert goers first realize there is an attack going on. Take notice that the first set of shots seem closer while the second are farther away as if there were multiple shooters attacking in different places.

Update 3: Media reports still indicate that there may be multiple shooters in different places throughout Vegas

Update 2: Horrific new video has emerged of the shooting. Warning: Graphic Footage

Update: A live report from the local ABC affiliate just interviewed a witness who said that she is in a hotel across from the shooting and that she can hear gunshots and that her daughter is at the music festival and saw bodies everywhere.

“People were laying on the ground and had been shot, some people were shot in the head.”

Social media is currently flooding with reports of a mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas with unconfirmed claims that upwards of 20 people may have been killed. The shooting took place at the Route 91 Music Festival near the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Stay tuned as this is an extremely fast developing story and updates will be incoming.

The following Tweets paint a picture of what is happening in real-time:

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  • John C Carleton

    Smells like Washington DC.

    • darkhorse

      smells like ISRAHEL to me, John…

      • John C Carleton

        There is really no difference.

        • darkhorse

          just so we’re clear who is engineering everything….

          • John C Carleton

            Israhell is a British Empire outpost.
            Israhell currently gives Washington DC their orders.
            The political prostitutes to include Nitwityahoo are as much puppets as their counterparts in DC.
            The Queen of Britain takes orders, the pope of the RCC takes orders, the head of the EU takes orders. Rothschild takes orders.
            How far up it goes, don’t know, do not have the political scum from my own city cleaned up yet.

  • Mike

    antifa, isis, cia. one of the 3.

    • darkhorse

      all being one and the same…ISRAHEL..our controllers

  • gazoo3

    Another completely staged fake hoax event in which nobody died.

    • darkhorse

      possibly…or not….ISRAHEL really wants our guns

      • gazoo3

        The NWO isn’t headquartered in Isreal. Not saying the Israeli government is innocent or anything.

        • William Whiteman

          Yes, gazoo believes it’s the Japs.

        • William Whiteman

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        • William Whiteman

          gay retard above

    • William Whiteman

      Yes, you’re right.
      It was the Japanese mafia.

      • gazoo3

        It was your mother’s smelly pussy.

        • William Whiteman

          Awww, the mongoloid speaks insults.

          • gazoo3

            I place a curse upon your head the gates of hell have opened wide. Misery and suffering will follow you for eternity.

          • William Whiteman

            Awww. Take the cock out your mouth before you speak.
            Hard to understand down syndrome stuttering

    • William Whiteman

      Everything’s a hoax.
      Hey, your granma needs you to come upstairs and take her trash out.

  • frankw

    Listening to the sound of gunfire, it sounds to me like TWO weapons with different rates of fire at the same time. Also two shooting platforms were reported in the room where the alleged gunman died.

    • archer

      Belt fed? Sounded like AK though.

    • Rey d’Tutto

      Yeah, that “lone gunman” used two rifles simultaneously…
      Echos can confuse, but that sounded like two distinct automatic firearms with different rate of fire. This stinks of false flag black op & cover-up.

  • darkhorse

    as real as Sandy Hook…but the morons will BELIEVE..as always

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Well, we all know which weapons platform/s this will be blamed on-the AR15 and/or the AK47. There will probably also be a focus on the kits sold to allow auto fire or the bump fire kits. Wait for it…

  • Elaine.Benes, II

    Well, it appears they have officially amped up the gun control issue here in the good ol USSR. We are fucked people. Welcome to 1984.

  • darkhorse


  • renee ciccioni

    Smells like a false flag , Trumps coming for the guns so we can’t fight the corporate, military take over … Or it could just be that there are crazy people who like the idea of hurting and killing people , why else would anyone own an automatic weapon , goes for the government as well..

    • darkhorse


      • renee ciccioni

        No I’m pretty sure the CIA , and other secret types of organizations are corrupt and doing things all on their , to protect their own power structures and wealth . Are you being paid to make anyone who questions the actions of the corporate government as a bunch of delusional anti-Semitic nut bags because, kudos to you it is working.

        • darkhorse

          have you ever heard of the ZIONIST CIA?? That’s where al qaeda and ISIS were created…

          • renee ciccioni

            There aren’t just Jewish people working for the CIA there are people of all faiths .. What utter nonsense and most of there connection is with the Vatican just like MI5 and MI6 Mossad, KGB, .

          • darkhorse


          • renee ciccioni

            You obviously have reached the height of stupidity.

          • darkhorse