No Rage. No Violence. Just a Bar Owner Spontaneously Saving a Stranger from Homelessness.

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Forced into her car for shelter after several months spent living in economical hotel rooms, the downtrodden woman’s parking tickets accumulated rapidly into the hundreds of dollars — a total she couldn’t imagine paying, considering her impoverished current circumstances. Then, seeming to confirm her bad luck would, indeed, never run out, a tow truck arrived to haul the car away over the unpaid fines.

Distraught and in tears, pleading with the tow truck driver as her last remaining possessions lay strewn across the Idaho sidewalk, it seemed the woman’s situation couldn’t get worse — but someone saw what was taking place, her tears, and despair.

Without hesitation, Ted Challenger — a prominent local businessman and owner of the bars, China Blue, The Tailgate, Amsterdam Lounge, and Dirty Little Roddy’s, in downtown Boise — strode across the street to consult with the driver and see why the woman seemed so morose.

“I walked over to the tow guy, and I said, ‘Why are you towing her?’” Challenger told the Idaho Statesman.

Comfortable in life from his own lucrative business ventures, Challenger — whose abiding maxim says everyone has a story to tell — was taken aback by the relatively minor $450 in past due fines threatening to leave the woman carless.

“It just didn’t sit well in my mind,” he continued, “that they would throw her and her possessions out on the curb. I (paid) it, and she was just very grateful, and then I just went to work.”

That would have been the end of it — were it not for the woman’s entirely precarious situation prior to Challenger’s monetary intervention. In fact, he had no idea the depth of her gratitude — nor what would develop next, because of that gratitude.

But the woman, who chose to remain anonymous in the interview with the Statesman, at first couldn’t believe what had happened.

“Embarrassment fleeted across my face for a moment,” she recalled. “Here I stand, a grown woman, in the road crying and shaking. I saw there were many people now watching.”

With that one act — a gift the successful entrepreneur could easily afford — the woman again found hope she’d lost along the wayside.

“My tears turned from terror to a new emotion that I can’t describe. Joy falls short; gratitude is only the surface scratched of what I felt,” she asserted. “To have this one thing, just one thing go right for a change made the bad stuff a little better and feel like it wasn’t all for nothing.”

Unbeknownst to either party, local resident, Jason Stephens, witnessed the entire incident from a vantage point across the street, that day in July, and then posted what he’d seen to Facebook, where Mix 106 morning show host, Mike Kasper — acquaintances with Challenger for more than two decades — picked up the story.

“I felt horrible,” Stephens lamented, “she was obviously in dire straits and needed help. (It was) empowering. He walked over there without hesitation. … Ted already had his mind made up before crossing the street.”

According to his friends, the bar owner’s actions might have seemed heroic, but he’s the type to intervene and help if and when it’s necessary — in this situation, the fines needed to be paid, so Challenger paid them.

But the woman was so inspired by the generous gesture, she wrote a post to Boise Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” section to thank him publicly since she hadn’t had the chance, in part stating,

“For the past year, life has been one swift kick in the teeth after another, having lost my newborn son, my home and everything that I called familiar. Thanks to you, today my smile can remain intact. Today, I can catch my breath. Today, you have given me the opportunity to not just survive. Today, my ever waivering [sic] faith in humanity has been restored. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, a million times over… thank you!”

- boise

Despite the good samaritan story having gone viral at the end of last month, Challenger delicately dismisses the publicity, noting the stress of the woman’s predicament had been clear, and he could not just walk away.

“I guess I’m just really fortunate. I have everything I need. … If you saw the torment on her face, I don’t know how anyone would walk away.”

He added, “This is how it should be, right? I try to do good everywhere I can.”

By the very nature of news, the worst examples in humanity — crimes, disasters, disease, violence, bloodshed, war, strife — always make headlines. If it bleeds, it leads, as the old adage goes — so much so, sometimes it seems as if nothing positive or worthy of optimism ever occurs.

Every day, as this and countless other quiet examples show, people help people — without requiring a prompt to do so, and without seeking any sort of gain or recognition — and in this time of strident division and vitriol, it’s that spirit of cooperation and an extended hand that can sometimes be the other’s only hope.

Image: Flickr/Chili_bob.

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  • lee ho fook

    someone should give her a job

    • PJ London

      So what are you doing, have you found her, have you offered her a job, a home, anything at all?
      No, I did not think so.

      • DW3

        Five questions in one sentence. Very efficient. However, it might serve you well not to answer them. Douche-bag.

        • PJ London

          Your first two sentences are fine, but it is impossible to deduce from your last two, to what or whom you are referring.

        • lee ho fook

          now, now, DW, don’t be mean to THE JEWISH TROLL!!!! It’s not very Christian…I know, even tho they tortured and murdered THE SON OF GOD — well, even He would probably want you to have a little sympathy for the DEVIL….also, they deserve pity for choosing evil over good for what, 2,000+ or – years?? & we all KNOW where they will end up, don’t we?

      • lee ho fook

        A$$HOLE – I’m not a company. I’m retired on a small pension. Interesting that you took my comment in a negative way and chose to respond to it in a critical manner….PAID TROLL??? I tink so, LOL!!!

        • PJ London

          “I’m retired on a small pension. ” welcome to the club.
          The point of the article was that an individual took personal responsibility to solve the lady’s problem. Everyone else saw it as ‘someone’s’ problem as long as it was not theirs.
          Your comment bought into the idea that ‘someone’ should do something.
          Had you made it clear from the comment that you were not in position to provide assistance perhaps because you were not in Boise, then you would have a defence, but as it stood, you were just washing your hands of the problem. Pontius Pilate would be proud of you.
          If you are/were in Boise, merely offering her the opportunity to use a bathroom, watch TV or join you in a coffee may make a huge difference. Giving her a postal address so that she can send off CVs, taking her to church or an opportunity to Iron her clothes, providing access to eMail or Jobserve.
          If I were trolling you, I would be far more acerbic, as it is I will not even respond to your descent into ad hominem response.

          • lee ho fook

            Yup, a trolling troll – got nothing better to do than to try to start arguments…isn’t there something more productive you can invest your time in?

          • PJ London

            Oh dear,
            you should really change you name to wat de fook.
            What a sad person you are, no response to any of the points I made, no articulate defence of your comments, merely childish and stupid attacks against me.
            I will let others decide who is the troll and who is trying to bring sense and reason to the comments.
            You are right, there are many more productive discussions that I can add to. You just detract from the goodness and civility of this world.
            I leave you with this thought from Mr Franklin.
            “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” — Benjamin Franklin

          • lee ho fook


          • PJ London

            I see you are working hard, at remaining stupid.
            You should just retire and let dementia take its’ course.

          • lee ho fook


          • lee ho fook

            no asshole…someone in a POSITION to help this woman – I don’t own a company…nor do I live where she does…stop wasting the time of people with higher brain power than you…

          • PJ London

            ‘people with higher brain power than you…’ If I find one then I will not waste my time or his.
            So far all I find is muppets.

          • lee ho fook


          • lee ho fook

            aren’t you the righteous one….. here’s a gold star…. what did YOU do for her, you angelic being???

          • PJ London

            I called out a pompous wat de fook.

          • lee ho fook

            PAID TROLL

          • lee ho fook

            you are a smelley, filthy JEWISH TROLL… be gone, Satan

          • PJ London

            ‘smelley’ ?

          • lee ho fook

            yeah—you’re all sweaty and filthy and foul-smelling from all that hard work of PULLING DOWN AMERICAN STATUES!!!

  • jimmy joe

    Fucking govt, willing to, literally, throw her to the curb for what, parking in the wrong spot!! Bunch of dirty, good for absolutely NOTHING, cocksuckers!! Extort someone that already has nothing and feed her to the dogs for not having the extortion fee’s!! Foul mother-fuckers, holy shit!!

    • lee ho fook

      well, unless and until the real Americans rise up and take back their country things will escalate…

    • Smarty

      JJ, I can’t add a single thing to your assessment of these immoral fuckers. They create the rules, and then extort money from the rules they create. Criminal activity with the blessing of the sheeple…

      • Marthajcrawford


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    • Le Ruse

      Well, if she would declare herself a muslim & a refugee from Mexico, I’m sure that the authority would have helped her with a refuge, proper housing & some money with it ?? Of course being white & christian, they will tell you fuck off !!

  • Phil_Ossifer

    The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread. Anatole France 1844-1924.

    • PJ London

      However, should they do so, then the police for a mere $2 will turn a blind eye.

      • lee ho fook

        yes, TALMUDIC TROLL

    • The Tuna Fairy

      I have always loved that quote, excellent choice in this context!

  • Clementine

    “This is how it should be, right? I try to do good everywhere I can.”… YES!!! I’m really enjoying all the articles, of people being good to each other, on The DS lately!

  • tonye

    Good man.

    Now, let’s help her out long term.

    I honestly think that charity shoulid start locally, not by paying taxes, but by donating whatever we can to people who are in need. Money, shelter, food, jobs, caring, etc…

    Think what I could do if the State of California and the Federal Gov would offer me a tax credit for charity. Or better, if they would lower my taxes so I could have more to give away.

    Bravo to this man.