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You know I sound like a broken record here, but I cannot, again, believe the level of outright fraud perpetrated on all Americans by those elected to represent us.  And, once again, all of it is done with our consent because we do not know our rights.  Please indulge me briefly as I recap what I have discovered so far.

Your Warrant Deed is basically useless as it pertains to the true ownership of your land.  Your Warrant Deed falls under Administrative Law, and makes one subject to the confines of such.  Your Land Patent, on the other hand, places the patent owner outside the confines of Administrative Law, and nullifies its powers over the patented land owner.  Ron outlines all of this here

On that same note, once you bring your land patent forward you are no longer subject to property tax or building permits.  Now, a knee-jerk reaction for some will be that I am trying to help people avoid paying what the rest of us have to pay for.  Please do not fall into that trap.  Understand that by paying property taxes and fees for permits, we are supporting a CORPORATION and not a government.  The only thing keeping this whole charade going is our compliance.  You can see Ron’s explanation of this here.

Speaking of compliance, did we somehow volunteer to be subjects of the corporate state?  Well, not exactly.  Out of ignorance, we have agreed to give up our constitutional rights, for corporation granted rights, by simply not objecting.  Ron lays things out very clearly on the video which can be seen here.

Lastly, one may think that since the criminals in charge have found a way to steal our true identity, to steal ownership in our land and to steal the future of our posterity that they would leave our vehicles alone.  Yea, not so much.  In the spirit of the Warranty Deed fraud, the Title of your vehicle is merely a representation of true ownership and not actual ownership.  Who really owns it?  That’s right…the State.  Ron covers this in, likely, the final video I will release until the full DVD package is ready.  By the way, Ron doesn’t have a Driver’s License and you do not need one either.  You can view the latest video below.

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Contributed by James White of NorthWest Liberty News.

James White of NorthWest Liberty News  hopes to inspire you to take action.  Future generations will look back at this time for many, many years to come.  How the narrative of history reads is up to all of us.  The time to take action is now.

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  • Tatiana Covington

    They’re all just man-made documents… who cares? So are old newspapers.

  • Angela

    In their law dictionaries satan is actually the attorneys -Attorn: “to turn one over to another lord” – Satan: “adversary” with their man-made legalese word magic in courts of Ba’al – see

  • Andrew

    Court cases have upheld Driver’s Licenses under the guise of Public Safety and state Police Powers. Court cases have also upheld ad valorem taxes on real estate and property. Most judges will go with the case law on this one and jail you or write out an order to seize your property, caring little about any “argument” you might make. Unless you have a practical legal application against administrative warrants/orders being issued out and SWAT teams coming to remove you from your property, you might want to think again. These people have no qualms shooting you for resisting their “orders.”

    • just websearch drive vs. travel. Youtube : Charlie Sprinkle too.
      USA vs usA
      Republic vs Democracy……..etc etc.

  • such love

  • nice to see some good stuff on this screwy site

  • jack reacher

    This is true, providing you are a sovereign state citizen, and it does not apply if you are using the public roads to earn a profit. However, nearly all of us have given up our sovereign rights and agreed to become slaves to the federal corporation known as the United States. I am just now beginning to understand the sovereign citizen movement. Would you like to keep the 50% of your wages that the government confiscates each week? Learn how to free yourself from federal slavery. There is much on the internet regarding this, but I would recommend the free download of The Great IRS Hoax: Why We Don’t Owe Income Tax.

  • jack reacher

    You are not legally required at birth to pay federal taxes. You volunteer to become a federal slave when you get your Social InSecurity card or fill out a government form indicating you are a US citizen. Read the definition of the United States. It is all a word game, but if you play by the rules, you can free yourself.

  • I like that idea, except it might qualify as murder. MIGHT. Will require a tad more study.
    If We the People went down to the local pretend court and popo station and confiscated everything inside, it may meet some resistance.
    So, why can’t We the People resist thieves, tyrants , pukes and Godless swill in the same manner?
    Study of the Declaration of Independence is in order here.