“No Actual Safe Level of Exposure”: Former EPA Senior Scientist Confirms Fluoride Lowers Children’s IQ

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by Alex Pietrowski

Ostensibly, the purpose of adding the fluoride to public drinking water supplies is to improve dental health in the community, yet even the U.S. Government had to modify this claim by lowering the national fluoride levels in 2015, citing increases in dental fluorosis.

In 2012, a major Harvard study found that public water fluoridation poses a risk to the developing intelligence of children, essentially lowering the IQ of those in communities with public water fluoridation. This study invigorated the public debate on this issue, yet, fluoridation continues, despite the known risks, and all the while, scientific evidence continues mounts in the case against fluoride.

A new study published in December of 2016 by the International Society of fluoride Research in New Zealand, entitled, Developmental neurotoxicity of fluoride: a quantitative risk analysis 379 towards establishing a safe daily dose of fluoride for children, concludes that lowered IQ is indeed a risk for children whom consume uncontrollable dosages of fluoride in public water supplies.

“The information now available supports a reasonable conclusion that exposure of the developing brain to fluoride should be minimized, and that economic losses associated with lower IQ’s may be quite large. ” [Source]

The research team involved in the study was headed by William Hirzy, PhD, a former US EPA senior scientist who specialized in risk assessment. He offers the following explanation of the significance of this particular study:

“The significance of this peer reviewed risk analysis is that it indicates there may be no actual safe level of exposure to fluoride.

Groups of children with lower exposures to fluoride were compared with groups having higher exposures. Those with higher exposures performed more poorly on IQ tests than those with lower exposures.

Applying two different, standard risk analysis techniques used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to published data on the impact of fluoride exposure in children shows that daily intakes in excess of about 0.05 mg of fluoride may result in depressed intellectual capability. This calculation involved using safety factors designed to protect the most vulnerable child.

One well-conducted Chinese study indicated that children exposed to 1.4 mg/day had their IQ lowered by 5 IQ points. Current average mean daily intakes among children in the United States are estimated by EPA to range from about 0.80 mg/day to 1.65 mg/day.

Fluoride may be similar to lead and mercury in having no threshold below which exposures may be considered safe.” [Source]

The study can be read in its entirety, here, and is worth sharing with anyone still on the fence about the so-called benefits of fluoridated drinking water.

Final Thoughts

Water fluoridation is medication without consent, yet people tolerate this abuse from government in many parts of the world without a full understanding of the negative effects of fluoride toxicity. The struggle to stop public water fluoridation is winnable at the community level, though, and every year, the grassroots movement against it grows.

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  • Guillotine_ready

    It is long past time we took our grievances to the doorstep of this sold out, putrid mess called a government and let them feel the full fury of our dissatisfaction. Then change would come in a short space of time.

    • Maybe we should make each of them swallow a full tube of fluoridated toothpaste and prosecute the survivors.

    • Unless they start feeling physically endangered and can’t sleep well at night nothing is going to change. They most likely laugh at our protests just like I laughed at the million megs march last month, lol

      • The fact that they feel physically endangered is why we have the Patriot Act.

        • If they’re sleepin’ we’re slippin’. The Patriot act came from:

          “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”

          • Maybe we should use some of the internationally illegal but allegedly efficacious interrogation techniques on them that they’ve been killing “illegal combatants” with during their many unconstitutional police actions.

          • I’d support that 100%

          • If you’ve got the dungeon, I’ve got the time.

  • What of those so ignorant that they will buy bottled water for their infants that is clearly labelled as containing added fluorine? Do they really believe that their children have a fluorine deficiency? Maybe they have a baseball bat to the head deficiency.

    • I haven’t seen them in a while. I wonder if they’re still trying to do that.

      • I have never not seen it at Walmart.

        • Damn, thought they stopped carrying that stuff after parents got educated on fluoride.

          • Which parents got educated? Those who did don’t need Walmart to protect them.

          • I thought the sales would have declined enough that they didn’t carry it anymore. Apparently I was wrong.

          • They would have pulled the majority of the toothpastes that have fluoride at the same time, wouldn’t you think?

          • Only if the sales also dropped, lol… reminds me of this:

          • Mottling would precede hemorrhaging, and since that doesn’t appear…

          • Yeah… sometimes jokes aren’t logical…

          • Logical isn’t usually humorous when the majority of the audience isn’t rational.

          • But rational may be humorous to an audience that largely isn’t logical, lol 😉

          • That would be my definition of psychotic.

          • Jake
          • lol, a fake news checker website that doesn’t mention CNN… totally reliable!

          • Jake

            yep i like hmm ok

  • Roy Hobs

    Yea, but if it comes out of your tap then it is safe. Our “officials” wouldn’t put us in any danger. The PVC negates the fluoride. “Fluoride danger” is pure conspiracy theory.
    If only the Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie) had fluoridated city water!

    • Go swallow an entire tube of fluoridated toothpaste and let us know how well you weather the theoretical fluoride danger. Why do you think there is a warning to call a poison control center if a kid does that?

    • Eskimo man

      Find out where you have to go to buy Sodium Fluoride to put in your rain water tanks. I bet you can’t buy it because it is toxic waste.

      • Roy Hobs

        I agree. My comment was sarcasm. Sorry……..I won’t do that again unless pointing out my comment as ‘sarcastic’. Cheers

        • Eskimo man

          No worries mate.

    • It is enough that my little van on the prairie doesn’t.

      • Roy Hobs

        Ok….explain please. I don’t get the esoterica. 🙂

        • Which esoterica?

          • Roy Hobs

            Please explain. Van on the prairie? I don’t get it.

          • I was making a play on the “little house on the prairie” by substituting “van” for “house”, based on the fact that I have been a vandweller since the mid 80’s.

          • Roy Hobs

            Off topic — I lived in a Westphalia for a year. Best time in my life! Do you blog about your experience?

          • Not formally, just ad hoc as needed.

          • Roy Hobs

            Camper Van? I used to sleep on the streets during the week and then treat myself and pay the camping fee on weekends – use the shower/laundry/fill my tanks etc. Good times. Do it again if I didn’t have baggage. 🙂

          • I have been full time in one of three vans except for the 50 months I was full time in a truck sleeper. I don’t have tanks. I use 2 gallons of water from wherever in a Sterilite container to do personal hygiene and use a repurposed Purex laundry bottle as a urinal with a lid. Everything gets dumped on foliage daily, except #2, which goes inside two nested kitchen garbage bags and a 5 gallon bucket topped with a Gamma Seal until full, and then the bags get tied closed separately and tossed in a dumpster. What does baggage have to do with it?

          • Roy Hobs

            Sounds fun/adventurous. 5 Dogs and a wife = baggage. 🙂
            Although the wife is coming around to the idea. May end up being ‘comfortable’ rubbertrampers in the future. If conditions persist, do the RV camp ground Host thing from campground to campground — follow the warmth so to speak.
            You should blog about your adventures. I’d bet you get a few followers. Do you do this because you ‘have’ to or because you ‘want’ to?

          • lol, I’ve got 5 snakes and a wife… and a cat. If I had my passive income stream built up I’d be doing this probably:

          • Roy Hobs

            5 snakes………………must share! I had a Burmese Python in my younger days. Great pets. I’d let her out during the day and she would mosey around the house and curl up with you on the couch. Now I have small indoor dogs and I’m afraid they may end up as lunch if I had another one. 🙂
            I don’t know how I feel about living in a non-white Country if the SHTF worldwide. Even though the US is more and more looking like a third world country, think I still feel safer here. Especially in the North. Off Grid is my long term goal. Cheers.

          • You had a Burm? Cool! They friggin’ banned them using fake $cience so now you can be fined for crossing state lines with one, what a bunch of bullshit, I wouldn’t even acknowledge tyranny like that if I had one but I don’t

            I’ve got 2 little guys, both are mojave ball pythons, 1 male , 1 female, and they’re around 3ft each; then I have a male columbian red tail boa, he’s large for a male at over 8ft and around 35lbs; then I have 2 reticulated pythons, 1 male and 1 female, the male is a normal albino, he’s 2 years old and around 10ft and I am guessing about between 15-20lbs right now but he’s going to be my largest topping out at 15-16ft and weighing over 50lbs when he’s fully grown; then I have a female, dwarf, tiger, pinstripe retic that is 4yrs old, around 12ft and over 40lbs but I have to get her weight, she’s a big girl eating 14lb rabbits now! I am surprised how big she is considering she is a dwarf, not a genetic dwarf though, it’s locale that makes her a smaller size but she’s getting larger than I thought she would, what a great pet though! Retics are smart, much smarter than any other snake species I’ve ever dealt with which is why they’re my favorite.

            Off grid is my goal also, permaculture to be exact. I’m buying property with its own water source and I’m getting a solar system rolled into the loan. They’re gonna attack people like us for minding our own business and not needing them for anything but I’m sure you are already aware of that. A buddy of mine who’s doing the same thing just bought 40acres in vermont.

          • Roy Hobs

            How do snakes get along? I’ve never seen two together. They mind their own business for the most part? Off Grid…..best to set up both conventional utilities and self-sufficient. When the SHTF it won’t matter. No one around to enforce the law.

          • They are all in separate enclosures, I wouldn’t put two together unless breeding. Their enclosures are expensive except the two balls which are in glass terrariums until I get a small rack for them.

            Yes I was planning on doing a hybrid setup with the ability to switch back and forth.

          • Mostly want to. I’d rather save the money I’d have to spend on rent, mortgage, property tax, and utilities on to spend on something else. I haven’t figured out enough about any hosting platform to find any attractive given the overhead. I’ve been toying with writing a book, and I could easily ebook it, which might be worth the income it would produce. I’d really like to start a vandweller “cult” but most Americans are too addicted to their current lifestyles to produce enough response to several groups I’ve started, and most people who do it are part-timers. Have you ever been to the rubbertramping assemblies down by Ehrenberg?

  • Gil G

    Still beating that dead horse.

  • Osamao

    Does it lower I.Q’s more than Public Education or College?

  • It is not Paranoia

    What? Shit added to you drinking water is bad for you?


    • Cynical Old Bastard

      Shocking, huh?

      Who knew?

      I wonder when they’re gonna tell us not to touch hot stoves?

      • If you have induced neuropathy in your cutaneous tissues to the point where you can’t sense heat, you probably deserve to cook.

  • Joe2D2

    Just read the back of any fluoride toothpaste. There is a warning on every tube that clearly states, “If more than a pea sized amount is swallowed, call poison control immediately.”, but hey, it’s good for your teeth. Riiight.

    • Deborahjcarroll

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      • Cynical Old Bastard

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        I’ll be going there soon on my mega-yacht and I need a naked bilge-scrubbing girl. If your ass is nice I’ll pay you a $100,000 an hour.

        More if you can make good sandwiches.

        • How much Viagra do you have to take to get that foot up?

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            It’s a constant IV drip. Google pays for it. Regular blood transfusions too.

            What’s up with all this google spam lately?

          • Nitric oxide drips would be more efficacious and less expensive.

        • Elaine.Benes, II

          Daamn COB! When do we board? LOL

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            There you are, Laney. I missed ya. You do know this is only a three hour tour, right? But sh*t happens sometimes. Always fun though.

            I’ve been out tracking these $97 an hour google folks. Ain’t none of them paid me yet. Had some pretty good conversations. Still ain’t got paid.

            I think they might be lying to me.

          • Elaine.Benes, II

            Do you really think so? LOL you can rest assured if it’s Google they’re lying their asses off and tracking your every move! Missed you too you Cynical Ol Bastard!

  • The Tuna Fairy

    It’s NOT “medicated without consent” it’s “poisoned without consent”

    Medicated implies that it may actually be good for someone. Fluoride is “a corrosive acid captured in the air pollution control devices of the phosphate fertilizer industry” and is a serious neurotoxin (which is why they have to filter out as pollution, it’s toxic waste, required to be removed.)

    I run a Berkey water filter system with a fluoride and arsenic filter on it. I don’t consent to being poisoned.

    • How do you know when the filter is shot?

      • The Tuna Fairy

        It says replace it after one year. There are only 2 of us in my house, so I didn’t change it for 2 years. Hard to say, I have wondered about this too.

        • I have a travel Berkey that I have never used. I bought a bag of activated charcoal to use in it, should the need arise. Stirring activated charcoal into the filter reservoir and letting it be filtered as part of the residue should be as good, if not better, than using the halogen filter, because when the regular filters plug, they are clearly so.
          I have planned an entire protocol to deal with a complete failure of the local water supply. First, I scoop water out of the river and pre-filter it with a coffee filter. Stage two is the Berkey. The third and final stage is steam distillation using a non-electric distiller, with multiple passes if VOCs are suspected. Benzene takes three distillations to eliminate.
          I rely on the multi-stage water filter machines in local groceries instead of going through the process on my own. My protocol would only go into effect if all of the local machines and/or the water supply itself were down.

          • The Tuna Fairy

            The filter I meant is an add on filter. the big black one is the basic filter, then the secondary fluoride and arsenic filter screws onto it’s base, so the water goes through the black, and then through the secondary.

            Had to look up a travel Berkey to see what you had … You said: “Stirring activated charcoal into the filter reservoir and letting it be
            filtered as part of the residue should be as good, if not better, than
            using the halogen filter, because when the regular filters plug, they
            are clearly so.”


            1: Halogen filter? No clue there, not sure what you mean at all.

            2: Stirring charcoal powder into the top section of your filter?The black filters are doing what the charcoal would do, and the charcoal will clog all the little pores on your filter a LOT faster, seriously reducing your filter life. They CAN be back flushed by putting water up their output end, but that would only help a bit, and it takes a decent water flow to do it, difficult to obtain in a bad situation. I vote skip the charcoal, or do it before the coffee filter, filter it out before it hits your Berkey. It would just clog it, and have little positive effect.

            3: What kind of nonelectric steam distillation are you planning? Have you done it to test how difficult it is and make sure your system works? Three passes with an electric takes a lot of time, non electric may take longer, make sure your system is good enough to do that. And you lose a fair amount of water each time through, make sure this is going to work the way you think, test it and see before you need it and find out if you need to tweak your system a bit. Right now, you can go to a hardware store and get parts easily, might not be easy in a bad situation.
            Look up the arsenic secondary filters for your Berkey, they add in very easily to the system you have, and might be worth considering.

            Glad you are thinking on all of this!!

          • Fluorine is a halogen, and activated charcoal absorbs all of them, as well as other highly reactive chemicals, like arsenic.
            This is my distiller: http://www.waterwise.com/productcart/pc/1600.asp
            With all the options for heat, the locals would find a way, if it meant them having good potable water. I doubt that I’d need to be concerned about VOCs, since I’d be using runoff from melted snow, some of it within sight of the reservoir. If things got desperate enough, I could get water from cisterns and watering tanks.
            If you look at K&N air filters, you will see that they use the clumped dirt on the outside of the filter as part of it. The cleaning procedure is to oil the dirt and let it fall away.
            If the hardware stores don’t have hardware, how likely are the preparedness stores going to have replacement filters for Berkeys? Specialization in equipment reduces preparedness.

        • The Tuna Fairy

          If you meant the black filters, I think they are shot when the water won’t flow through them correctly, even after cleaning properly to keep the pores open. They have a gallons of water rating, but I don’t keep track of how much I run through them. I use a filter till I can’t clean it well anymore.
          The secondary fluoride/arsenic filters are really hard to tell when they are dead, those are what I meant are “hard to say,” I estimate on those. I have never had one quit flowing, I just am not sure if they use up whatever they filter with….

          • My addon filters started to stink and the water didn’t taste as good so I took them off.

    • Eskimo man

      In the courts you will have a hard time proving that it is poison, so you go the legal way by calling it medicated without consent, which is against the law. After that who knows what you could open up with a successful case.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    The public indoctrination system lowers IQs and people still send their kids there.

    The Disney channel lowers children’s IQs and people still let their kids watch it.


    An IQ test simply measures reasoning capacity and the ability to learn. Nothing more… nothing less.

    The simple fact of the matter is that more and more genetic defects are breeding while the more intelligent among the population are showing some restraint. Add to that the trend of “it’s cool to be a dumbass” and you have a disaster just waiting to happen. Throw “smart” phones into the mix and you have Miley Cyrus.

    When the SHTF they’ll make fine moving targets. The smart ones will survive and make good breeding stock. The rest will make fine buzzard and worm food.