NH Police Seek Armored SWAT Vehicle to Combat Peaceful Libertarians, Occupy Activists

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Police in Concord, New Hampshire have applied for a $258,000 armored vehicle from the DHS to combat domestic terrorism.

According to their application, they cited “active threats” from peaceful groups like Free State Project and Occupy New Hampshire as one of the primary reasons they require this military equipment.

New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper reports:

In its grant application to DHS, the police department said New Hampshire’s experience with terrorism “slants primarily towards the domestic type,” and said “the threat is real and here.”

“Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges,” the application stated. In addition to organized groups, it cited “several homegrown clusters that are anti-government and pose problems for law enforcement agencies.”

The police don’t explain why they think Free Staters pose a violent threat to them.  It seems clear from all of their material that they represent non-aggression, liberty, and personal responsibility. Apparently those are dangerous concepts to an increasingly militarized police state.

Executive Director of New Hampshire’s Civil Liberties Union [NHCLU] Devon Chaffee called the language “alarming.”

“It’s far from clear to us why an armored vehicle would be necessary to address what are generally, by and large, non-violent movements that in fact provide little or no threat to the security of our state,” she said.

The exact vehicle the police hope to acquire is Lenco’s BearCat which is a bomb and bullet proof “Specialized Response and Rescue Vehicle.”

Read the full application here.

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  • Frank

    They need a BearCat because they are such paranoid cowards they can’t handle a little opposition like adults… so they need armor and guns. Well, GUESS WHAT! They have guns too, and when those retards push people over the line with their gestapo idiocy, that BearCat won’t save them.

  • KooKoo4cocopuffs

    BIG EGOS little dicks

  • Andy

    Used to be in law enforcement,here’s how it goes,the Feds put out grants for agencies to pick from a lot of the equipment is used,but some is new.the equipment is requested and then allocated,with the Feds putting the requirement with it that if needed it will be used for federal purposes,this is where you have the future federation of local law enforcement coming in.All they will need is some small type of incident happening and they can call in their “marker”,on local law enforcement.Plain and simple,their will be some that won’t go along with this though,due to it being unconstitutional,just like a lot of the military won’t go with it either.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • THE POLICE GANGS “INTEND TO MURDER ALL THE RESIDENTS”then they can just take what they want and the GOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS will have caused their own death,stupid,stupid………

  • THE GOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS,must be really stupid,GANGS ROB AND KILL PEOPLE,have you ever heard different?what are you thinking about ,making it possible to rob and kill an ebtire town when you know,DRUNK WITH POWER has always lead to the same end,in any country you ever heard of,NOW ITS HAPPENING IN AMERICA and all the morons support it,this is too stupid,I can’t believe what fools you are,when their geared up enough ,they will take everything you own,and you will deserve it………………..