Newtown Tax Assessors Database: ‘The whole town of Sandy Hook was bought off on Christmas Day 2009′, says investigator

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by Shepard Ambellas

That’s right, on Christmas Day of 2009, when just about every business in the country was closed, numerous real estate transactions for the amount of $0.00 (free) took place in and around the town, most of which included families or public figures, such as Gene Rossen, who were in some way connected to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

“Everybody gets a house for free”, factitiously said one Youtuber in a recent video posted on his channel after researching claims by others, like Youtuber LogicBeforeAuthority, who may have cracked open another part of the mystery surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting which took place Dec. 14 2012.

In a conclusive video titled Sandy Hook School Shooting Actors Got FREE Houses, LogicBeforeAuthority documents and explains how many of the “actors” who were allegedly involved in the Sandy Hook school shooting were actually given rather large Christmas presents in 2009, inheriting their homes for free.

Shockingly in the video, LogicBeforeAuthority continues on to expose the Hubbard family, parents of Caroline Hubbard, who according to the Youtuber, “took the money and run”, selling their Christmas present for $365,000 cash, turning it over into another new house across town.

The Youtuber also questions if any of these “psychopath actors” may be using new legal names as they may still be living in the area.

Insanely, all of this points to a highly organized, covert, operation, likely ran by the C.I.A., possibly using corporations such as GE Capitol and their operatives as fronts to further push the issue of gun control amongst the populace of the united States. In fact GE’s connection was first reported on Nov. 18, 2013 by News Times in an article titled GE surprise: $15 million for Newtown. An excerpt from the article details the rather large donation, reading:

General Electric executives told town leaders the Fairfield-based company will donate $15 million in a multiyear grant to design and build a community center for Newtown residents.

First Selectman Pat Llodra said she expects the center will be located on the town-owned Fairfield Hills campus, near the Municipal Center.

Llodra said this “great goodness” from a company that employs some 150 local residents left her teary-eyed. The announcement was made just before the regular Board of Selectmen‘s meeting.

To no surprise, all of this has some wondering what is so important about the region. Why the push to continue efforts in the area? Maybe it was some sort of give and take deal. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, sort of thing.

So is GE in bed with the C.I.A., or is the C.I.A. embedded in GE?

One thing is for sure, after the Sandy Hook shooting GE was caught halting financing to gun shops, validating this article yet further. In fact, Ernest Scheyder reported on April 25, 2013 in an article titled GE Halts Financing to Gun Shops Following Sandy Hook:

General Electric discovered it was financing a small number of firearm purchases in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shootings — despite deciding five years ago to avoid the practice — and moved to stop future loans, the company said on Wednesday.

Many of the conglomerate’s employees live in or near Newtown, about 25 miles from GE’s Fairfield, Conn., headquarters. Peter Lanza, the father of the Newtown gunman, is a General Electric Co. (GE) executive.

The company’s GE Capital unit stopped providing consumer financing in 2008 at retailers whose primary business was firearms, except to less than 75 grandfathered businesses. After Newtown, it stopped financing even those handful of stores, spokesman Russell Wilkerson said Wednesday.

Now, due to the paper trail, some can see how all of this sets a motive for the state-sponsored corporation, factions of the U.S. government, including the C.I.A., to pull together for one massive smoke and mirrors display.

Not to mention the final icing on the cake — the town was awarded $50 million to rebuild the school as reported by USA Today.

Follow the money.

Other C.I.A./GE connections:

“John Francis ”Jack“ Welch, Jr. (born November 19, 1935) is an American business executive, author and chemical engineer. He was chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001. During his tenure at GE, the company’s value rose 4000%. In 2006, Welch’s net worth was estimated at $720 million. When he retired from GE he took a severance payment of $417 million, the largest such payment in history.”, reported Wikipedia

However per the C.I.A.’s own website, according to Zefram Cochran in an article he wrote titled When Jack Welch Was Deputy Director for Intelligence:

Jack Welch became Deputy Director for Intelligence (DDI) after long service at General Electric. For me, a longtime student of management theory—especially Welch’s—his arrival offered much promise. Amazingly, his arrival also led to the seeming fulfillment of an old dream of mine, service as the DDI’s executive assistant. So forgive me, if I can’t help but look back on his four years as DDI with fondness.

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Ambellas, Shepard - Bio IconShepard Ambellas is the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News and the maker of SHADE the Motion Picture. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook. Shepard also appears on the Travel Channel series America Declassified.

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  • Rick E.

    Interesting. And IF proved true, begs for an explanation that’s truthful and rational. Sounds kind of far-fetched though.

  • Barn Cat

    Unlikely. Regardless of the idiocy you read on this site, real people died there.

    • Chantal_Designer

      Sure, real people died there.. some time ago & of natural causes..

    • efmbman

      I find it most curious that lawsuits were filed quickly after Columbine, Virginia Tech and Aurora. In the aftermath of all those children being slaughtered… no lawsuits? Curious…

    • Who died? Where are the autopsy reports?

    • petercrissgirl1972

      And you know that why? Oh, I know…The MSM “Toe Da Sew”.

    • Steve in Iowa

      Who cleaned up the mess? Where did they take the cleaning materials after they were finished?

  • Dan Hennen
  • Jeff Delagado

    Robbie Parker’s acting should be enough for people to question what happened. What a JOKE that guy is. you tube….

    • efmbman

      Was that the guy that was shown “getting into character” just as a new conference is starting? I have a difficult time getting past that. So bizarre to watch that.

  • Thomas Parker

    This is just fucking pathetic. Some dopey sounding “YouTuber” explains, confusedly, how everybody got their mortgage paid off five years ago and implies that this was a payoff for an event three years later. Then some other fool blathers on about GE and Jack Welch, and the whole time President Obama is controlling all this from his White House lair. DS is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel on this. But there are a few of you fucking morons who buy into this, so I guess the manipulators at DS are happy. “That oughta hold the little bastards for a while.”

    • Building Seven

      Thomas feel free to go back to your reassuring lies at MSNBC, Foxnews, CNN. You are a perfect example of someone who has outsourced all critical thought to media and govt. I feel bad for you son, you are either really stupid (exactly what politicians love), or another paid shill.

      Read your comments to yourself. LOL, your anger and regurgitation of EVERY mainstream media defensive tactic.

      By the way, insulting people is not an actual defense of any sort, Rather, it says more about your own insecurities. Your problem is a personal problem, and you should deal with it.

      • Thomas Parker

        BS: Because you have no counter to my points, you attack me, the messenger. BS, you are the one lacking critical thought. To be expected, I suppose. Logic and critical thought are rare around here. My suggestion to you is read the article again and construct a timeline in your head. If you do it correctly, eureka! Bullshit. That, stupid, is an example of critical thinking.

    • Christopher Tutt
  • Thomas Parker

    The “YouTuber” is Daniel Alexander Cannon a wanted con-man and former real estate agent.

  • Thomas Parker

    Doubtful, lone gun-nut exercising his second amendment rights on first graders.

    • 1nativetex

      yep how did you suspend logic here genius and weakly autistic kids gonnah carry 60lbs of ammo and guns kill all those kids w/o any blood shown on the scene and like WACO the crime scene is razed and all records sealed up yep yeah you and the rest of the sheep go back to sleep…

      • Thomas Parker


  • Thomas Parker

    Another lie. I’ve seen the video. Just twenty-four children standing on a football field. Nothing to indicate who they are.

  • Chev

    and not to mention columbine shooting happened in 1999…and they had cameras so theres no reason why in 2012 there was never at least one CCTV video showing the shooter or the chaos.

  • Chev

    so why are the families still beggin for money after 2 years? of course youll come on here and vouch for this..because you are friends of these lying devils.

  • ShaneJohns

    The fact that you have not seen it does not mean that it is not there to be seen. It simply means that there are standards within media. They will no more show children riddled with bullets than they will show any other kind of p or n. And that’s just what it is. I doubt that the parents would much appreciate having such images put in the MSM too. If you want these images, you will have to put work forth to get at them. And I for one think it should be that way — out of respect for both the dead, as well as those who love them.

    • davol

      What do ya think folks? Troll or kool-aid drinker?

    • clarioncaller

      Media standards? Like the green screen interview with Anderson Cooper’s nose clipped off? LMFAO

  • 1nativetex

    No not far fetched the truth is always hard to grasp when fed mass Psy-Ops from the media and the subconscious wants to believe the narrative as the truth….I mean who would kill their own or stage such a crime for an agenda right????

    Well the same country that would spray nerve gas on sheep, give black people syphilis, and feed them LSD etc, etc, etc….yes our very own government that is who..and they succeeded only because there public are true sheeple and very few push back and demand to know the truth…..ever since common sense was buried with the magic bullet of Arlen Spector in the Warren Commission. and 911 stays a media propaganda lie as well……

  • kikz2

    I don’t know if the error came from Intellihub, however, you really should get a decent editor. “…likely ran”is incorrect English …..eyeroll…… Errors of this nature hack the credibility of your reporting, making it much less likely that your site will be taken seriously by the public.

  • Thomas Parker

    There’s gold in them there conspiracy theories! Lotsa gullible rubes ready to buy books and TV networks willing to pay big bucks for me to lie

  • Ezra Pound

    “Zefram Cochran” is a fictional character from one of the Star Trek movies…..

    • Highlander

      Actually, the character first appears in an episode of the original series, and again in The Next Generation movie First Contact.
      Additionally, there was an episode of Enterprise where an outtake is used from the above movie.

  • Highlander

    The statement near the end of the article was: “However per the C.I.A.’s own website, according to Zefram Cochran in an article he wrote titled When Jack Welch Was Deputy Director for Intelligence:”

    So, aside from the fact that ‘Zefram Cochran’ was a fictional Star Trek® character, does that real person actually exist?

    A search engine search is full of Star Trek® references, but not one reference to some real person.

  • HouseofChristina

    Oh bs! YOU stop spreading lies ! Way too many red flags, photo shopped pics, “dead” people giving interviews, “dead ” kids with the president. Go be a dumb sheep yourself, we arent buyin it

  • Prove it. What’s your name, what’s your friends’s name, what’s his “child’s” name? Any photos? Any actual evidence? Or did you get a “free house” too?

  • Thomas Parker

    You have unintentionally shown what this conspiracy bullshit is all about. I suspected it, but you have confirmed it. Y’all are ashamed and guilty over the use of first graders as target practice. Response-pretend it didn’t happen. The power of humans to deny the truth is incredible.

    Oh, they are our dead, asshole, not my dead.

  • Thomas Parker

    Odd, such news would have won some enterprising reporter the Pulitzer prize. Maybe those that investigated it found this to be bullshit. Or maybe the reporter was snuffed by the CIA before he could write the story.

  • Highlander

    Whom are the statists?

    • Thomas Parker

      Who is fine.

  • Highlander

    Especially when one of those dead people subsequently appears at the Boston Bombing as yet another victim. How did she arrange that?

  • Highlander

    Oh, and BTW: Why are the death certificates, and the autopsy reports —including Lanza’s— all classified?

  • Daniel Barger

    So the CIA knew THREE YEARS ahead of time that this shooting was going to happen and bought off the town to facilitate it. WHAT A CROCK O SHIITE. Stupid people will believe anything.

  • Mike

    Yes, and let us not forget all the secrecy of the demolishing of the school with armed guards and the total destruction of all rubble.

  • Thomas Parker

    OK, Einstein, whatever you say.

  • Christopher Tutt
  • Christopher Tutt

    First of all you are full of shit… You NEVER seen any bodies or body. Some people actually DID RESEARCH!!! You are pulling shit out of thin air and are FULL OF SH*T.

    NO ONE seen ANY dead bodies..

  • schallb2157

    where’s the source that says there’s no death certificate

  • barry soetoro

    (Forensic PROOF) Sandy Hook = HOAX.

    Newtown was PAID OFF and THREATENED via GAG ORDERS.

  • Jarhead Joey

    LOL video already pulled. when will wanabe reporters learn to rip the videos off youtube and upload on their OWN servers?

  • Sandy Hoax.

  • Jas

    This is like 2 and a half years old. I looked over 2 years ago at ‘the city of Newtown Assessor’s office’ that will take you right to the search page, top right box put in ‘Riverside Road’ and it will pull up the whole street! Then use the hand to drag around and check all over. I found around 80-85% of private homes I looked at had a $0 transaction on Dec 25, 09. People were selling their homes to themselves for $0. Even the Newtown’s boys home, the Sandy Hook Cemetary Association, many business properties, blank lots and even homes in neighboring towns (yes I looked) Even the State of Connecticut got free land. Add in the 3.8 million Eric Holder brought to pay the police for ‘overtime’ and the hundreds of millions flowing into the school and town. Lottery winnings are public records, tons of people in Newtown win 1-5 grand every month, since 09! Whole families rotate winning, where do I sign up to be a ‘crisis actor’ again?

  • Chris Sky

    Just throwing this out there…. The OFFICIAL “Church of Satan” headquarters is in Sandy Hook, Connecticut… now I don’t know if any of you have seen “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.” but an entire town, based around Satanism… is just as viable as a town based around christianity.

  • desertspeaks

    Oh come on, it was just a computer glitch, really, no seriously, it was just a glitch, nothing nefarious occurred like someone paying people off to create a fraud to grab guns, we promise!! Anything that doesn’t support our official lies, um i mean story, should be ignored because erm,,.. um hold on, we’re thinking.. ummm, ah ha! YOU HATE CHILDREN!
    all 500 of those poor children that attended sandyhook are so traumatized that you should just never ever ask any questions, especially since we don’t really have any plausible answers nor do we have any proof that students actually attended sandyhook!
    Come on people, believe us, we’re the government!! Sure we’ve lied so many times about everything that anything we have to say is laughable. but but but WE’RE THE GOVERNMENT! and you should remember your indoctrination and our propaganda and instantly believe whatever we spew at you, no matter how unbelievable or how many holes in our story exist, or that one kid that gets killed every few years!

  • Al

    You KNOW this is a false flag, there isn’t a municipal employee in this country that would work on Christmas Day.

  • Bill Roy

    I bought a few handguns through and online shop that offered six months same as cash through GE. As soon as I heard this a few years ago, I immediately closed my account.

  • jeannonkralj

    Newtown Ct is a Potemkin village and the state of Connecticut is a Twilight Zone. Search on “Potemkin” at the MemoryHoleBlog. For many years, Newtown area has been being prepped for this for many years.