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New Zealand Woman Dies From Drinking Excessive Amounts of Coca-Cola

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
February 12th, 2013


New Zealand television is reporting that a New Zealand woman has died after drinking excessive amounts of Coca-cola.

The  New Zealand coroner involved in the case of Natasha Harris said that the consumption of copious amounts of the soft drink was a “substantial factor” in her death.

Harris was addicted to the drink and suffered withdrawal if she went without it for any length of time.

Dr David Crerar said;

“I find that when all the available evidence is considered, were it not for the consumption of very large quantities of Coke by Natasha Harris, it is unlikely she would have died when she died, and how she died”

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  • Jaron

    So, instead of stating she had the problem, blame Coke instead? Blame my car for a car crash? My hammer for a smashed thumb?

    When did people start blaming everything else but themselves?

  • arigoto

    In a day or overtime?

  • sniper

    This is why I only drink pepsi. Why risk it?

  • ncjoe

    For a site that claims to promote self-reliance, you sure are quick to blame others. This woman was responosible for her own demise. It would be nice if you took the same approach with the gun and ammo industry as you do with “corporations”. But, you won’t, because you are a deluded idiot.

    • sniper

      TROLL”ncjoe” – go back to your cia TROLL cave.

  • SKIP

    Is/was she black? This sounds like the BS that blacks in Amurkistan pull.

    • Zack

      No, she was White. I saw a picture of her on another site. She drank two gallons a day, plus a pack and a half of cigarettes. Clearly bent on self-destruction.

    • Michael


  • Anonymous

    Ncjoe: so you’re saying our FDA shouldn’t be selling us poison & calling it safe to feed to our families? I’m pretty sure we’re told safety issues on our weapons when buying them, and that there not safe to hand over to our children. It sounds like your pushing the blame away from where it lies. Apples to Oranges!?!

  • Bill X

    It’s ridiculous. We don’t need warning labels on soft drinks. Just think about what drinking 11 liters of orange juice every day would do to you.

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