New Zealand Plans to Drown Its Citizens in Toxic Fluorides

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“Oh, I love New Zealand. It’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s…what? What did you say?…No, that’s impossible. That couldn’t be happening. They’re doing what??”

The strategy of the New Zealand government is simple.

A series of local movements is successful. So kill them off by claiming decision-making must occur at a “higher level.” Take power out of the hands of locals.

The people can’t represent themselves. That’s dangerous. No, big government will represent the people—by squashing what the people want.

The issue is fluorides. I recently wrote two articles demonstrating the extreme toxicity of this substance, which of course is dumped in water supplies as a medical treatment. (fluoride archive here).

In New Zealand, a group called Fluoride Free NZ has been highly successful working with town councils to ban fluorides from local communities.

But these successes are a threat, because they contradict the lies medical authorities spew about how safe fluorides are, and because grass-roots victories erode blind faith in centralized government.

Here are quotes from Kane Titchener, who represents the group, Fluoride Free NZ, in New Zealand. His remarks lay out what’s happening behind the scenes in that natural paradise:

“…the fluoridation issue has been brought to a head. The NZ Government is proposing that the [bigger] District Health Boards take over the decision making [about] fluoridation [in water supplies] as opposed to the local councils. This is because we have been very good at winning at the local council level.”

“Fluoride Free NZ was formed in 2003. Since that time we have had many substantial victories in local Councils throughout New Zealand. Local Councils that have stopped [fluoridating water supplies] as a result of Fluoride Free NZ’s lobbying efforts: New Plymouth; Taumarunui; Waipukurau; Far North…”

“In summary, the Government is planning to implement mandatory fluoridation to the whole of New Zealand. Currently, only around 50% of households are on fluoridated water, with only 23 out of 67 local councils still fluoridating, while voicing their growing concerns about fluoridation risks and dangers. In response to more and more councillors and mayors deciding against fluoridation, the Government is now taking the decision away from local councils and communities and putting the power into the hands of District Health Boards (DHB), who are under the direct control of Central Government.”

If you think Fluoride Free NZ’s successes working with town councils is a walk in the park, think again. This group has scored victories against long odds. This group is smart, dedicated, and effective.

They represent what can happen when strong, clear-sighted, creative individuals band together to accomplish a righteous goal.

And the tyrannical response of big government is predictable.

However, there is going to be blowback against that government in New Zealand.

The degree and power of the blowback is going to depend, in part, on the response of people around the world who become aware of the situation and make their voices heard.

Contact Fluoride Free NZ. Help them. Spread their press releases all over the world.

Why should a government be permitted to dump poison into the water and call it medical treatment?

And having called it medical treatment, by what power can a government mandate it for all citizens without informed consent, without the explicit permission of those millions of patients? Yes, patients, because that’s what they are. They’re being treated every day.

By what power can this happen? Dictatorship calling itself democracy.

A note to tourists: how do you feel about traveling to New Zealand and bathing in, and drinking, poison? Do you like that bonus for spending your good money in “paradise?”

If not, you might want to contact the New Zealand tourism authority ( and let them know about your change of plans.

Such organizations are always interested in money, where it’s coming from—and where it won’t be coming from.

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Contributed by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News.

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  • Since New Zealand is among the favorite places for the idle wealthy to find refuge, this could exterminate them at an appreciable rate.

    • StevetheHun

      The Wealthy do not drink tap water.

      • They drink whatever their servants serve them. I have never seen a decent filtration system in a trophy house. With the proliferation of fluoride in the ground water, a well needs as much filtration as tap water does.

    • Mr Gadget

      The wealthy planning to hide there are pushing it so the locals are dumbed down and easy to control for their personal use.

      • Maybe the locals will respond with equally onerous substances.

        • Mr Gadget

          I’d say guns, but I don’t know if the citizens have been disarmed…yet.

          • A squirt gun can be filled with many noxious substances, and are ubiquitous in toy departments and stores. If we can’t be as creative and imaginative as our enemies are, we will wind up not being at all.

  • pharmerdavid

    The evil entity tried to sneak fluoride into the water supply here in the Portland area a couple years ago, but a massive groundswell of opposition stopped it from happening. Getting fluoride in our water seems to be VERY important to the evil entity, and we all know how it effects the pineal gland, which is our transmitter-receiever to Source and telepathic communication. The coal fly ash being sprayed as “chemtrails” bonds with the fluoride circulating in the atmosphere, which adds nano-particles of fluoride to the aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. contained in the coal fly ash – constituents vary depending on where the fly ash was sourced from. Did you know coal fly ash is more toxic and radioactive than nuclear waste (look it up)? Fluoride escapes into the atmosphere through the coal burning power plants, but the coal fly ash gets filtered-out because its so toxic….but later it gets sprayed in the lower stratosphere (where the ionosphere begins) and troposphere (where water vapor and weather is made), where it bonds with the fluoride from the coal power plants (and nuclear detonations?)….wtf? The evil entity is diabolically evil.

  • SimonSays

    When the people do nothing about there scumbags gov
    you get what you get, Stand up walk tall are sit down and die.
    Either way all life comes to an end your theirs mine every one.
    who’s 1st to go in the question you need to ask your self

  • SP_88

    What I don’t understand is how they find people who will dump this poison into the water. It’s highly toxic and corrosive. It will burn your skin if you touch it. It only becomes “safe” to touch after it is very diluted in the water. It also corrodes the pipes. And the people who’s job it is to put this poison into the water must wear all sorts of protective gear such as thick gloves and goggles and an apron, etc. So who would be ok with putting something in the drinking water that required all this protective gear and caused all this corrosive damage? And wouldn’t more of them tell other people?
    I’ve watched videos of people who’s job this was and they have scars all over their arms and hands and face from it splashing on them. And they described how this stuff would eat away the pipes and how dangerous it was to work with.
    It is poisonous to us and has no medical value whatsoever. It does not help our teeth one bit. In fact it will erode our teeth if the levels in the water are high enough.
    And it is forced medical treatment. They claim it is for medical purposes, but they don’t have our consent. And since when is the government so interested in our dental health that they would dump tons of chemicals into our water supply at their expense? I realize that it isn’t really costing them anything because they are being paid to dispose of this toxic waste byproduct, and they are getting rid of it for free by disposing of it in our water supply. But that’s not something that they want the average person to know about, because it would throw up a red flag that something isn’t right. I would guess that the average person believes that they buy the fluoride from somewhere so they can give it to us out of the kindness of their hearts for free. Which should also throw up a red flag. But nobody thinks about these things all at once and tries to analyze the reason why they would really be doing this. Critical thinking is a dying art.

    • Critical thinking is an untaught skill under Common Core.

      • SP_88

        Not only that but they are likely teaching them to avoid any critical thinking.

    • mirageseekr

      Just look at most cops who believe beating the shit out of and or killing citizens means they are “just doing my job”. They hire some sheep to do it who believes the lie or submits to authority blindly. Not to hard to find those folks anymore.

      • SP_88

        Unfortunately that’s very true. I just don’t understand why people will either blindly support this or do it knowing that it’s bad. I know it’s easy to find people who will do all sorts of things that are bad for us, I just don’t understand why.
        I wish people would refuse to comply with the government whenever they tried to force people to do something that they know is wrong. If it was normal for people to argue with the government whenever they tried to pull this shit, it wouldn’t be such a big deal when it happened. And people would accept it instead of believing the lies coming from the government. But somewhere along the line people became brainwashed by the propaganda and the lies. I think that laziness had something to do with it. People just didn’t care, and they didn’t want to be bothered dealing with it.