New York Introduces New Car Tracking Technology

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New York City officials are looking for 400 volunteers for a pilot program that would test their new “Drive Smart” technology. The tiny device would be inserted underneath the steering wheel, and would track your whereabouts, how fast you drive, when you drive, and how much fuel you use. The data would be sent to city officials with the Department of Transportation, who claim they’ll be able to use the information to make the streets of New York City safer.

Like any surveillance program, the proponents of Drive Smart are trying to regale the citizens of New York with the benefits of this technology. Safe drivers can send the data to their insurance company and have their rates cut, and the device will help you find less congested routes. However, there’s no reason to think that this technology couldn’t be easily hacked, or that the authorities could use the information against you.

City officials have assured the public that the information is anonymous, and would be deleted from their data base every 48 hours, but I think we know better. Our government has shown us time and time again that they don’t care about our rights, and they cannot be trusted with our private information. They also make no mention of how long this technology will remain voluntary. Surveillance is a slippery slope, and it will only be a matter of time before they force every driver to install Drive Smart in their vehicle. All in the name of safety and efficiency of course.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • Razedbywolvs

    Agenda 21. The UN needs to go away.

    • Only we can evict them, their headquarters being in NYC. I think we should extradite them to The Hague, where they can be tried for crimes against humanity.

      • Reverend Draco

        Or Lexington for the second shot heard ’round the world.

        • Lexington isn’t what it used to be.

          • Reverend Draco

            America as a whole isn’t what it used to be. . .

          • Largely because our ancestors abdicated from their responsibility to control the government given them for the purpose.

    • nara

      Not until the UN gets 65,000 Muslim terrorists into America.
      Scary video

      https://www youtube com/embed/6PzT8vEvYPg

      Scary video

      • Razedbywolvs

        Don’t up vote your own comments.
        “For twenty-five years, the Center for Security Policy has pioneered the organization, management and direction of public policy coalitions to promote U.S. national security.” (that was 25 years of fail) Learn how “non profits” are basically government backed propaganda centres.
        There is plenty wrong with throwing to drastically different cultures together. But more often than not organization like this are purposefully building fear in order to promote an agenda that works backwards to what you might expect.
        Be careful or you will end up giving more tax money to the same government that ships in illegals by the bus load and pays ISIl to take the heads of christens.

  • Under the steering wheel is in the driver’s seat?

    • Rick E.

      I believe they’re plugged in to the OBD2 port in every vehicle since 1996.
      They’re just to the left of the left knee, and up under the dash near the wheel.

      • The OBD2 is the automotive equivalent of the USB, having no control over anything but data access. The one in my van is under the dashboard, centered below the steering wheel. If they meant that when they said under the steering wheel, that would make sense. Fortunately that doesn’t give them that much information unless the vehicle has a digitally integrated dashboard, as indicated by a electronic odometer instead of the mechanical one my 2003 has.

        • norinco

          Almost all speedometers are tied into electronics of the on board computer…seen a rep jack up a 1996 t/a and turn up the mileage with a frequency so he could put miles on the car to get a new company car…the speedometer was registering 55 mph while setting in his driveway.

          • That can be done with any vehicle that has a VSS speedometer, because when mechanical speedometer cables went away they were replaced by a system with a sensor in the transmission that sends a pulse for every so many degrees of rotation of the drive shaft. All you have to do is connect a pulse generator in place of that sensor and you can convince the electronics the vehicle is doing any speed you want.

    • nara

      At least one of the major auto insurance companies advertised this on TV for weeks.
      The people were duped the into using this technology to save money,yes?
      Government social control?

      • The government probably isn’t involved. The insurance company wants to monitor your driving habits so it can find a “legitimate” reason to increase your premium, if it finds something it doesn’t like.

        I have not had a chargeable accident or a moving violation in over 40 years, and my insurance has never gone down, unless I changed companies.

        • nara

          I believe you maybe right, but I would trust and verify. It started with the animal conservation groups tracking animals. These people found this technology works on several other platforms. Which will eventually lead from the OBD2 port to the chip implant.
          Most people like their On Star, the smart technology continues to be voluntary accepted on monetary reasons for now.

          • The chips are easy to remove if it is done before adhesions form.Most people don’t recognize violations of their rights until their personal oxen are gored. In the next ‘bill of rights’, we need to recognize rights as absolute and violation by any organization set up and/or recognized by any subordinate government (such as corporations) as a crime by the individuals doing the violating.

  • Jim

    Ha ha ha. This is a big bullshit story if I have ever heard one. It’s about control. Oregon is trying the same thing.

    • Rick E.

      And it’s about money too! They can charge by the mile once they know precisely how many miles one has driven. But monitoring and controlling the serfs are the main immediate agendas.

      • Ken, Megapolis

        I observe a mass drive to collect ever more finer detailed information on everybody regardless of how relevant it may or may not be to marketing campaigns.
        People in Facebook and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings volunteer a helluva lot. But I find this not good because I worry some nut job may use the information against a sincere addict trying desperately to clean up his life.
        This is but 1 example. I could quote hundreds of others.
        Just keep a low profile is best advice. Difficult for a person who is Drama Queen by nature but gotta work on it LOL.
        So help me God.

    • Razedbywolvs
    • norinco

      I think they are perfecting a way to track you mileage for tax purposes …they have a plan to charge by the mileage since the tax on a gallon stays the same and cars (with their 6 speed transmissions are getting better mileage now)are bringing in less revenue. They will start out saying that those hybrid cars owners are not paying their “fair share” of road taxes, and all the rest will say “hell yeah”…till they find out that BOTH taxes will apply to ALL motorist eventually….just a new tax and how to make the masses accept it….that is all.

  • gato felix

    Because tracking us by means of our cell phones, cameras in every corner, drones flying over us, cameras in the computer screens, every purchase on the visa, debt card, is not enough!! Feel free to add to the list!!!!

    • fgt4urights

      In our dystopian present day America and Orweillian double speak, it’s called FREEDOM… The more your tracked and observed the more free you are and rights you have, or so they have the population believe. They have even convinced the brain dead population they send your loved ones to fight and die for FREEDOM, when in reality they fight and die for this country’s tyranny and oppression of it’s own citizens. Forget that lie they tell you about defending this country against foreign and domestic threat, as the domestic threat is the parasite and cancer which they are fighting for.

      • gato felix

        Correct on all points!!


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    • lasers destroy cameras

    • nara

      The chip embedding movement is underway, our charge cards, then us.

  • Mike

    It is far past time for a revolt.

  • Kairos

    Using Progressive’s “SnapShot” as a beta testing for this type of thing was always just the beginning.

  • Gearmoe

    NYC as other progressive controlled cities are power hungry fascists with no respect for liberty. Seattle is easily as bad but doesn’t draw the same attention due to size. These areas destroy the USA, having no respect for the individual citizen.

    • nara

      It is easy to accept control in these cities of Liberal education and illicit drugs, who wouldn’t go for it under the influence, yeah?

  • sysadminpgh

    So you should buy cheap cars that don’t have all the fancy bells & sh*t. Maybe buy a cheap beater from the early 90’s. Then again if YOU plug it in then you can remove it, mount it to a computer and hack it. I can see democrats spending a billion $$$s on a program like this and republican leaning kids creating various hacks. Then the brilliant minds of democrats in DC adding another billion to fight it.

  • WatchingTheFall

    Bow to your Computer Gods. Saw all this coming back in the early 80’s. They told the youngsters for years that they needed to prepare for the “Jobs of the Future” while they flooded the country with Mexicans to do the labor work that the youngsters were being told they were too good for because they were all going to be computer geniuses in order to sell them on video games and the Internet. Now that wages suck, jobs are gone, and the population is dumb downed, it’s time for The Great Surveillance.

    • nara

      Lots of religious people saw this coming decades ago, nothing new, just people waking up too late.

      • WatchingTheFall

        The classic war between science and religion, with the rest of us caught in the middle.

  • one

    retroactive ticketing to follow!

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Hey! What a fantastic gateway for further taxation! Imagine getting a notice in the mail with a fine for speeding-“To the anonymous driver, driving the Blue Monte Carlo with license plate #XYD7738: Our records indicate that on March 30, April 10 and April 15, this vehicle was recorded speeding at 7, 12 and 10 MPH, respectively, above the posted speed limit. Additionally, on April 15, the vehicle also ran a red light at the intersection of Fifth and Seventh at 8:37 A.M. Please pay the total fines in the amount of $538.77 by or on May 09, 2016. Thank you for helping to make our streets safer!”….

  • patriot156

    Just like Oregons pay per mile program that’s coming here pretty soon.
    When progressive started thier commercials on this kind of thing I knew it wouldn’t be long before Govt would get into the act.
    Mark of the beastish very much so

  • nara

    The smart phone sheeple go quietly into the Muslim ovens.

    Hitler & Muslims of WWII era, killing Jews, would bow down to Obama’s America.

    Unfortunately we/you/I elected the all morons in charge.

  • Mary_Linda

    Joshua writes, “… the proponents of Drive Smart are trying to regale the citizens of New York with the benefits of this technology”.

    Here’s one way they can prove that – now. Let them provide all their clients who are Jewish and observant a 1/7th cost reduction because this target audience does not drive within the 24-hour period of Shabbat, Saturdays! (Let alone all the holidays, for now).

  • Becky Strohl

    Well the idiots have pounded it into us for the past decade that we’re killing the planet with our cars so now we’ve quit driving so much and buying higher mileage cars. Now they have cut their own necks because the gasoline taxes have been severely cut and yet they still have to keep the roads in repair. This is just putting the frog in the cool water on the stove to slowly prepare us for mileage taxes too. Just little increments of more heat and the next thing you know, we’re cooked and served up for dinner.

    • nara

      Look at California, it is a test bed for all Liberal causes that spread to the Yeast coast.
      Too many progressive fruits & nuts in Sacramento it is toxic to America.

  • nara

    How soon will this platform technology be turned into the dreaded chip implant?
    Maybe they can track us, walking per mile and tax us each step with a chip implant.