New Year’s Resolutions for Congress

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As I prepare to retire from Congress, I’d like to suggest a few New Year’s resolutions for my colleagues to consider.  For the sake of liberty, peace, and prosperity I certainly hope more members of Congress consider the strict libertarian constitutional approach to government in 2013.

In just a few days, Congress will solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.  They should reread Article 1 Section 8 and the Bill of Rights before taking such a serious oath.  Most legislation violates key provisions of the Constitution in very basic ways, and if members can’t bring themselves to say no in the face of pressure from special interests, they have broken trust with their constituents and violated their oaths. Congress does not exist to serve special interests, it exists to protect the rule of law.

I also urge my colleagues to end unconstitutional wars overseas.  Stop the drone strikes; stop the covert activities and meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. Strive to observe “good faith and justice towards all Nations” as George Washington admonished.  We are only making more enemies, wasting lives, and bankrupting ourselves with the neoconservative, interventionist mindset that endorses pre-emptive war that now dominates both parties.

All foreign aid should end because it is blatantly unconstitutional. While it may be a relatively small part of our federal budget, for many countries it is a large part of theirs–and it creates perverse incentives for both our friends and enemies. There is no way members of Congress can know or understand the political, economic, legal, and social realities in the many nations to which they send taxpayer dollars.

Congress needs to stop accumulating more debt. US debt, monetized by the Federal Reserve, is the true threat to our national security. Revisiting the parameters of Article 1 Section 8 would be a good start.

Congress should resolve to respect personal liberty and free markets. Learn more about the free market and how it regulates commerce and produces greater prosperity better than any legislation or regulation. Understand that economic freedom IS freedom.  Resolve not to get in the way of voluntary contracts between consenting adults.  Stop bailing out failed yet politically connected companies and industries. Stop forcing people to engage in commerce when they don’t want to, and stop prohibiting them from buying and selling when they do want to.  Stop trying to legislate your ideas of fairness.  Protect property rights.  Protect the individual.  That is enough.

There are many more resolutions I would like to see my colleagues in Congress adopt, but respect for the Constitution and the oath of office should be at the core of everything members of Congress do in 2013.

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Contributed by Ron Paul of Congressman Ron Paul, Texas.

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  • Be informed

    Not going to happen. Congress has become a total mess that reminds me of some fragmented war torn country that tries to piece together all sorts of laws and regulations. This fiscal cliff crap is ridiculous, the country went over the cliff the second the debt become totally unmanagable, when the U.S. is only paying off the interest each month. In credit card terms with an individual this is called rocketing to the poor house.

    Every single time a large world power has fallen into that same economic tailspin it has ended up in war. This time though the H-bombs can actually severally impact the planet’s climate and environment. This time man has the ability to destroy civilization. Not all life on the planet, but just human civilization. It is almost certain to happen if some other catastrophe doesn’t hit first. Only those well prepared will stand a decent chance. Prep and then prep more, it will one day be very worth it.

    • SKIP

      Destrpy human civilization huh!!! not really an all that bad idea when you seriously think about it.

  • The Old Man;

    Well at least they got a raise/