New White House Petition Asks Military-Industrial Complex to Stop “Broadcasting Radar Signals into People”

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A new petition up on White is asking the Obama Administration to “Stop NSA/Air Force/Navy/DOD/CIA/US DOJ Signals Intelligence from broadcasting radar signals into people.”


It says:

It’s patented, infrastructure deployed, thousands of satellites and radar at sea and on land, are programmed to remotely imping civilians on American soil with radio frequencies. These frequencies are being broadcast to peoples homes, bodies, work, to enable building penetrating tomography, remote brain scans of high resolution, and as a weapon, they will direct these frequencies into citizens tissue/brains to assault, control, maim, and kill. Under law this is illegal, it is search and seizure of peoples bodies, homes, brains/memories without due process or probable cause under the 4th amendment, it’s also taking of life and limb without due process under the 5th amendment, it’s torture banned even with conviction under the 8th amendment, it’s taking from your own people.

The website mentioned links back to Oregon State, a site which is filled to the brim with information on mind control technology.

Pretty interesting petition considering that not just one or two, but several of the mass shooters and others who suddenly attempted to break into the White House in the last couple of years all have one thing in common: they all either claimed they were being attacked with directed energy weapons by the government and hearing voices directed into their heads with such weapons — technology that indeed exists — or that they could suddenly magically hear Obama’s voice in their heads telepathically in the weeks leading up to these events. It certainly is strange to have so many cases of such a very specific type of schizophrenia suddenly develop, and always, every single time, during a major political event or some other scandal taking place on the national stage.

Surely this couldn’t be a high-tech, modern day version of MKUltra activation and programming at all…

Could it?

(Hat Tip T.G.)

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  • anonoman

    Well that’s why I wear my tinfoil hat, duh!

  • Mike

    someone just made the NSA hit list. They hate the truth. It has already been proven that they can use your own wifi, cell phone, smart meter, or anything that produces radio waves in a 2 way type format can be used to map out your home, but show how many people are in it and if they are moving around or in one spot. This kind of crap needs to stop.

    • Todd Giffen

      That is passive radar, damn straight they’re using it. But what is the difference between passive and active interferometry? Any? Is active mode better? I am not sure, we would need to examine their preferences and systems to know..

  • Joe Lizak

    Why I just heard Obama in my head yesterday! He said “pay your Obamacare bill… your Obamacare bill”.

    • you just had the Nightly “News” turned up too loud 😉

    • Derek the Donkey

      But your name isn’t Bill my friend Joe. O’bungler gets his own administration into another fine mess LOL

  • way2inform

    They hears me me say kill obama, kill obama without being commanded to, and they still haven’t raided my home. Me thinks the prez has enemies more advanced than even I

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Hmmm! This sort of thing is often provoked by excess alcohol. My advice is that next time you are out on a stag night dress up in tin foil hat costumes to test my hypothesis.
    Seriously, keep the binge drinking down because isn’t it bad enough with GMO’s, chemtrails, a media that gets you to fear imaginary threats worse than the real ones etc.
    I believe that under stressful episodes I have honestly nearly lost my mind. Many life events resolve themselves in time but I am not ashamed to admit asking God for help over the most pressing issues.

  • yet every one of those signers probably has a cell phone plastered to the side of their head, a personal wireless router in the home, and microwave their food.

  • Displace Power

    It seems some of you didn’t even read the article. The author clearly states that the technology exists, yet you seem to imply that anyone who alleges the technology is being abused is “crazy”.

    I would like to ask you why this technology exists in the first place?

  • fgt4urights

    Hmmm… What will you naysayers say when you find out for years cointelpro and mk ultra, stalking, terrorism ….. was secretly being conducted within the US on innocent American citizens. What will that say about you?? Are you stating it’s impossible for our government, police state and intelligence units to not be rogue and commit/cover-up the crimes they are conducting? What makes you think you know your government? Is this IMPOSSIBLE, or is it POSSIBLE to be happening. After all the point of these rogue projects is to make the person look crazy and for the public never to know it exists. Our very own history shows government experimenting on their own even their soldiers. The technology is real, is it not?? The best weapon is silent without leaving any evidence….or so they think. It’s all real and various crimes are being conducted against the American population as our greatest threat and terrorist is slowly rearing it’s head….. all for your protection of coarse.

  • The Light

    Actually what they are saying is more like EVERYONE THINKS YOU ARE RETARDED, YOU ARE IN THE SYSTEM FOR LIFE BECAUSE MINA HAS YOU…even though I was never arrested. They also say, WE GAVE MARIE YOUR MOVIE CAREER BECAUSE YOU SMELLED…that is a flat out lie. They say I CAN KILL YOU WITH A CLICK SO YOU BETTER SING BECAUSE WE BURNED YOU…the only thing I ever sang is what was required of me in grade school. They also say YOU LOST YOUR COLLEGE BECAUSE CATHY HAS YOUR MANAGEMENT JOB…I am assuming they are referring to Cathy at former employer T-Mobile who sat at her desk coloring pictures for most of the day. They force me to watch 15 minute long porno videos in my mind. They are pornos they are planting in my mind somehow. They say YOU LOST BECAUSE YOU HAD NO BOOBS, YOU LOST BECAUSE YOU WERE A VIRGIN, YOU LOST BECAUSE YOUR SISTER SMOKED POT WITH US. They tell me I have to be my younger sister Marie who was declined admission to the college I graduated from, and who also has a criminal record because Mina has my movie career. The insults are 24/7 and never ending. They constantly tell me I goofed when I never goofed anything up. They tell me I’m getting raped, and there’s nothing I could do about it. They make my right cheek burn whenever they feel like it. They wake me up at 4 am to force me to watch Carmen Elektra’s boobs, which I never saw in real life. The people sending us these edited images of grotesque acts and insulting and degrading brain messages are drugged up bums with criminal records working for the Italian mob that owns the movie and music industry. They think I’m one of them who sings because they gave my movie career away that no one told me I had. I have a B.S.B.A., since 1994, and they just brag about stealing all my promotions all day, and I will never get up because Mina owns me. They tell me I’m under their control. It sounds like some sort of electronic and financial holocaust. They rob me when I play slot machines at the casino and brag out how they play my machine too by satellite so I don’t win anything. They tell me I am on a nuts list because I go to the local casino one a week, while they brag about stealing my ring, my husband, my friends, my job, and my everything. At this point, I think Obama gets a pay check from the Italian mob also.