New White House Petition Asks Military-Industrial Complex to Stop “Broadcasting Radar Signals into People”

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A new petition up on White is asking the Obama Administration to “Stop NSA/Air Force/Navy/DOD/CIA/US DOJ Signals Intelligence from broadcasting radar signals into people.”


It says:

It’s patented, infrastructure deployed, thousands of satellites and radar at sea and on land, are programmed to remotely imping civilians on American soil with radio frequencies. These frequencies are being broadcast to peoples homes, bodies, work, to enable building penetrating tomography, remote brain scans of high resolution, and as a weapon, they will direct these frequencies into citizens tissue/brains to assault, control, maim, and kill. Under law this is illegal, it is search and seizure of peoples bodies, homes, brains/memories without due process or probable cause under the 4th amendment, it’s also taking of life and limb without due process under the 5th amendment, it’s torture banned even with conviction under the 8th amendment, it’s taking from your own people.

The website mentioned links back to Oregon State, a site which is filled to the brim with information on mind control technology.

Pretty interesting petition considering that not just one or two, but several of the mass shooters and others who suddenly attempted to break into the White House in the last couple of years all have one thing in common: they all either claimed they were being attacked with directed energy weapons by the government and hearing voices directed into their heads with such weapons — technology that indeed exists — or that they could suddenly magically hear Obama’s voice in their heads telepathically in the weeks leading up to these events. It certainly is strange to have so many cases of such a very specific type of schizophrenia suddenly develop, and always, every single time, during a major political event or some other scandal taking place on the national stage.

Surely this couldn’t be a high-tech, modern day version of MKUltra activation and programming at all…

Could it?

(Hat Tip T.G.)

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