New Virus With NO CURE Spreading: This Is WORSE Than The ‘Black Death’

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A new virus for which medical officials have no remedy is spreading. The infectious disease also has a fatality rate of almost 90% making it much more deadly than the black death plaguing Madagascar.

deadly outbreak of a rare and highly fatal virus has broken out in eastern Uganda and five cases have already been identified, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed. The disease is known as the Marburg virus. It is similar to the Ebola virus and can be fatal in up to 88% of cases.

The outbreak of the contagious and deadly Marburg virus disease in the Kween district of eastern Uganda was declared by the nation’s Ministry of Health back on October 19. Since then, five cases have been identified as international aid agencies, stretched thin by Madagascar’s black death outbreak, have rushed to deploy teams on the ground to control the recent outbreak. This news comes amid a surge in cases of plague in Madagascar, which is considered to be the “worst outbreak in 50 years” and now at “crisis” point.

Marburg virus disease (MVD), which causes severe viral hemorrhagic fever, ranks among the most virulent pathogens known to infect humans, according to the World Health Organization. The WHO website reads: “Marburg virus disease is a rare disease with a high mortality rate for which there is no specific treatment. The virus is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids, and tissues of infected persons or wild animals (e.g. monkeys and fruit bats).” MVD also falls within the same family as the Ebola virus – the hemorrhagic fever that decimated West Africa and killed around 11,000 in 2014 and 2015.

The outbreak is thought to have begun in September when a man in his 30s, who worked as a game hunter and lived near a cave with a heavy presence of bats, was admitted to a local health center with a high fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. The man’s condition deteriorated quickly and he failed to respond to antimalarial treatments. He died after being taken to another hospital, and a short time later, his sister in her 50’s also died of the same ailment.

Emergency screening has begun at the Kenya-Uganda border in Turkana after all three members of the same family died of the disease in Uganda. Health workers have been asked to work with communities to stop the deadly Marburg outbreak from devastating communities in the rural region.

Dr. Zabulon Yoti, a Technical Coordinator for Emergencies at the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa, said: “Community engagement is the cornerstone of emergency response.” He urged health officials to “work with the communities to build their capacity for success and sustainability” and develop a better understanding of the local customs and traditions.

Early symptoms include fever, chills, headache, and myalgia (muscle pain). Several hundred people have been exposed to the virus as officials worry this outbreak could spread rapidly into regions already devastated by the ongoing black death outbreak.

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  • awakemama

    So which globalist owns the patent for this “new virus”?

    • Any one who can defend the claims before the patent court.

    • Upperthoughts

      Bill Gates or the CDC no doubt.

    • Milly Vanilly

      The Rockefeller Foundation owns the patent on Ebola. I would ‘guess’ either Rockefeller or Gates foundation.

  • Freespirit

    HI Mac –

    What a disappointment. When I read that heading, I thought, at last someone with the COURAGE to talk about GOVERNMENT, only to discover it was about one of the many SCARE MONGERING tactics issued by “EXPERTS” to the gullible in the Alternative “News” Media by one Government or NGO, department to another.

    I could have forgiven the article IF it had concentrated on the knowledge that Government, via one of its Corporate partners such as, but not limited to MONSANTO. who creates these diseases or disease fantasies to get people all depressed and/or frightened,as per Hegelian Dialectic. Fearful people are more easily controlled,which I am sure you know, Mac

    Anyway just to help make this article not a total loss let me help a little with something REAL and TANGIBLE :

    “Billions in stolen money, a massive criminal organization
    in and around Donald Trump and eventually the story of the century – how the
    most dangerous criminal organization ever known could place one of their own in
    the White House.”
    : and BUSINESS as USUAL :

    Do AMERICANS have any IDEA or AWARENESS of how their Government Reps, via Congress and the President are INSULTING their intelligence or, should I say,
    what intelligence they have left !!!

    Is TRUMPS FALL impending? Does it really matter who is President????
    Personally I KNOW it doesn’t matter who is President. The UNITED STATES is
    still a CORPORATION controlled by the House of Rothschild, House of Windsor,
    the Vatican, and criminals named in this article and let’s not forget
    GOOGLE-Yes you read that right,GOOGLE.

    The President, ANY PRESIDENT, of UNITED STATES (Corporation) is A PUPPET, and thus only is President of a Corporation, controlled by those 3 Psychopathic CRIMINAL “groups/families, and others as named in the article and Video, no matter who the President is.

    The CONTROLLERS ,rule, NOT the Presidents.

    The REPUBLIC died or at best, was put into a closet, in 1871.

    Of course all the TRUTH about Hillary these days might be an OVERWHELMING DISTRACTION from Trump TRUTH

    • EliseCares

      Go away you stupid leftist troll. Take your political delusions to a more relevant website.

      • Elaine.Benes, II

        So are you being serious here? That’s what you took away from Freespirit’s comment? Are you really that stupid or are you a TrumpTroll?

        • Freespirit

          Thanks for your defense,Elaine but don’t worry about that person.

          I have gained my knowledge from RESEARCH since the late 1960’s ( I’m 77) and the difference between that person and myself is I KNOW what i am talking about.and I have INTEGRITY

          He or she is either a TROLL or one of the stupid
          ones I talk about with “no intelligence left”

          Good for you for being alert and actually, politically speaking I am LIBERTARIAN not “leftist”

      • Freespirit

        Truth scaring you, huh?

      • kerry88

        You might want to reread Freespirits comments. He speaks of what is true. Our governments, here and around the world do not care about the people. They only care about controlling the people and doing what they think is ??right??. If they truly cared about the people life would be really different. The turmoil we see is all about people trying to get their idea of government pushed on the people, for the benefit of those who feel they should be in control. Did you know that Bill Gates favors mass genocide? There are others just like him of the same point of view. Did you know that there are efforts out to wipe out whole populations? Ever heard of the book, “Wag the Dog”, it is basically about a president starting a war, so he can stay in office. Our war on terrorism, did we really need to do that? How many terror groups were started by our government? 9/11, do you really think it happened as was reported? How is it that only 1 jet engine is seen on the lawn of the Pentagon, and that engine belongs to a cruise missile. How is it that the fuselage of an air liner could penetrate the steel and concrete walls of the Pentagon. There simply is not enough mass in a commercial airliner to do that kind of damage. The burning of jet fuel in the destruction of the towers, did you know that without extra oxygen, more than the atmosphere provides is needed for jet fuel to get hot enough to damage steel. Those oxygen levels were not present from those aircraft strikes. If the government wanted to prove innocence from any collusion in the 9/11 attacks, they would bring out all the evidence they could, such as the missing video tapes from the strike at the Pentagon. So-o-o-o-o………… where is that evidence? Yes, my dear, our government is quite capable of doing illegal acts to get done, what they want done. They have plausible deniability on their side, and the means to make telling evidence disappear.

    • Maneki Neko

      Dear Soros Stooge troll:

      We’re rubber, you’re glue. Everything you say bounces off us and sticks to your puppet masters, your Obamamessiah, the Clinton’s, the Democrats, your beloved celebutards and Enemedia’s whores, and you.

      Nothin’ but love,

      PDJT and The Deplorables ™

      P.S. I hope you catch Marburg. It’s an excruciatingly horrendous and painful death. Your organs liquify.

      • Freespirit

        Thanks for your input, strange as it is 🙂

        Ron Paul is the only politically influential individual I respect, other than myself

        Try to behave yourself now,sonny

    • kerry88

      Does not matter who is in control, all governments are basically the same. They only care about their agenda, and keeping people from figuring out what is true. No one is really any better than those that we may decry as being without regard for human suffering. They don not care about the common people. Freespirit, you are right.

  • Smarty

    So, the bottom line here people is NO MORE sex with monkeys OR fruit bats !!! Got it ?

    • Being celibate is no insurance against fluids being exchanged.

      • Amanda Ham

        especially when this nasty pathogen turns your body into a spewing liquid bag of contagion. yikes.

        • No pathogen can turn a body with a healthy immune system into a “spewing liquid bag of contagion.” Since the majority of the cells in a human body are not human, those that are have to be well enough nourished to kill the pathogens. Most Americans are grossly malnourished before they are poisoned by pharmaceuticals.

          • Amanda Ham

            i agree with the notion that most in the US are malnourished. I believe your wrong about if your healthy enough you can beat a biological warhead like Marburgh.

          • I’d be willing to be an experimental subject for my premise if you would be willing to test yours in similar fashion. Marburgh (sic) is not a biological warhead, just a virus being used to take advantage of the predatory nature of modern man. Polio was on the way out before either of the vaccines for it entered the market. Many biologists are ignorant about learning curves.

    • Maneki Neko

      Marburg loves growing in the eyes.


    Marburg virus is not new.

  • Luap Seugirdor

    This is the Bil and Melinda Gates effect. They like to experiment on unsuspecting and trusting third world citizens. They already are responsible for many deaths in their quest to vaccinate the world. Africa and other third world areas are their petri dishes

    • Upperthoughts

      They are most wanted villains in India.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Well by all means, send ’em over here, just like last time….Only, THIS time we’ll send ’em all over to Barry&Michael’s posh pad. Hey, rumor has it they’ve got plenty of room……

  • Fingal Carson

    More nonsense. Only viruses I have ever seen in my entire life spread are different strains of the “cold” and the “flu”. Only way to get those are a weak immune system. If you do get one occasionally, you should be over it within 72-hours. ENTIRELY. Otherwise, you have no immune system and also don’t know what Vitamin C is. Just more fear-mongering so people will stick more needles with heavy metals and toxins into their body.

  • kerry88

    Were these countries not at one time British colonies? Countries that had a white leadership, but turned the country over to black rule? If so, might these out breaks be the result of diminished, practical health standards, set aside or ignored because the new governments did not want to sustain them?