New Video: Three Las Vegas Massacre Witnesses Come Forth And Spill The Beans

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Man says police responded before fully automatic gunfire broke out

Three eyewitnesses who were attending the Jason Aldean concert on the night of the Oct. 1 massacre came forth recently in a candid conversation with Youtuber Michael DiBari to explain what really happened.

According to the witnesses, it has been a little too quiet in Vegas, and there has been no talk about the shooting.

One of the witnesses said that he initially saw “four police officers run outside the gate” after he heard “two pops” which he identified as “gunfire.” The man stated that this happened before the first volley of fully-automatic gunfire broke out.

The man also said that it felt like the shooters were “inside” the venue and were chasing them, as other eyewitnesses have also said.

The witnesses maintain that a lady was shot in the head and killed right next to where they were sitting which was to the back of the venue toward the west side.

Additionally, the man confirmed that the FBI was “erasing” evidence from peoples phones and even pointed out that he thinks Stephen Paddock is likely a patsy.

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    Search on YouTube : ‘ Israel Seeking To Link Las vegas Shooting To Muslims ‘.

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    Vagas and ‘9/11-Israel did it’

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    The FBI was involved? That explains it all. No more need be said, other than the entire upper echelon of the FBI under Obama needs to be EXECUTED for the sell of Weapons of Mass Destruction/URANIUM to Russia. An ENEMY which THEY defined as such. Time for necks to SNAP. Necks of dirty SCUM TRAITORS that have subverted, robbed and murdered the American People far too long. The sell of URANIUM to Russia IS Conspiracy to MURDER the American People. America wants to see them HANG or receive multiple hot holes from FIRING SQUAD LEAD perforate their bodies …TODAY.

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      I just came across this website ‘newspaper’ and can hardly believe it exists. I am appalled. This is the epitome of ‘fake news.’ Nearly every comment (especially ones like yours, Mike Smith) reveals a paranoid approach to life that any rational human being must reject. You think some type of genocide will solve our problems? You and your kind are throwbacks to the 50’s, with your paranoid slogans, fear-mongering, and ranting against anyone who is not exactly like you. Archie Bunker must have been your hero. This site is called dailysheeple because the scared and scary people who adhere to the tenets set forth here (end-of-the-world survivalists, extreme white supremacists, NRA radicals, etc.) keep bleating the same song: “they” are out to get “us”. You and your buddies have been brainwashed by generations of poor white men vainly trying to protect their tiny quarter acre kingdoms, seeing a new threat every moment. You are being led to believe you are superior, but your leaders are feeding your paranoia instead of easing it. I am an old white woman and I have watched the battle between the ignorant and the aware for a long time. It sickens me to see our country so polarized by fear of each other. I have stood up against the corporate giants and government pundits; I won’t be hushed by tiny tyrants either. I worry about Trump and Putin, true, but I’m more afraid of herds of terrified sheep like you, trampling our country while you run amok, spreading your fears.

      • Billy Sharpshooter

        Well said Nonnie. God bless you this Xmas x

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    Osama bin Lanza(ed) again!


    “Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage..”