New NASA Report Reveals Ice Caps Are Not Melting

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Ever since 1979, NASA satellites have been collecting data on the extent of the Earth’s polar ice caps. Traditionally, this information has been used to prove the threat global warming poses to the human race. If the ice caps are melting, it could displace millions of people living along coastlines across the planet. However, new data posted on NASA’s website suggests that the ice caps may not be melting after all.

The report shows that when the data is averaged, the extent of the ice caps remained static until 2005, which is when they started to recede. By 2012, they had lost 10% of their original mass. But since that time, the ice caps have increased 5% over the 1979 average. In any event, it turns out that the 1979 benchmark used to gauge ice melt, was abnormally high. At the time, our planet had witnessed the end of a 30 year cooling period, thus our ice caps were much larger than they would normally be.

This information appears to be in direct contrast to NASA’s previous reports. The data update arrived less than a week after NASA announced that the Larson B Ice Shelf, which is widely believed to be over 10,000 years old, would melt and disintegrate over the next few years.

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  • Never A Straight Answer

  • tanstaafl

    And the Polar Bear’s fifteen minutes of fame is up….

  • doucyet

    Al Gore would beg to differ!!

    • Eric Blake

      Al Gore’s accountant / banker / promoter would beg to differ.

  • toktomi

    “Oh Good. For a moment there, I thought we were in trouble.”

  • Are these the same people who murdered 7 astronauts because they just had to launch the Challenger shuttle on schedule even though the engineers warned them not to?

    • Maybe they were complaining like the proposed moon astro-nots were so they had to get rid of ’em.

      • Not as all. If you aren’t old enough to personally remember the Challenger mismanagement, Richard Feynman devoted the latter half of his book What Do You Care What Other People Think? to same, which you should read so you understand the heinous and felonious actions of the NASA “managers”.

  • Sandman619

    In fact even during periods of climate change, natural or otherwise, cold waves & heat waves are still part of the natural order of things. The global climate is a very complex subject to be often given very simplistic explanations. Even today, we still lack the ability to run a single computer model to emulate how the planet’s climates function. In stead, we might have a few models that can run simplistic versions of smaller climate zones in hopes to get a predictable result. But, there is much that goes on that we don’t fully understand. While some years the ice appears to grown immensely, what has been noted is that large melt runoff may continue long enough that when the coldest weather arrives, the top layers of sea water are much colder than in other years. This creates the appearance of a growing ice shelf, except that when they observe the unseen part of polar ice, what is underneath, The ice that quickly formed because melt water was still flowing in to the sea, only a thin shelf of ice has resulted not the hundreds of feet that is common for these areas. There isn’t yet a single correct view point about what may or may not be happening. Scientific methodology doesn’t have quick answers, it takes decades for research to even begin to show a pattern. A single or even a few research studies are never the final word on any subject, they are simply another set of results that may or may not add credence to a theory which may show a trend someday in the future. Which is why there is never a straight answer, because most reliable studies can only cover a very small concept for the much larger issue.

  • Sandman619

    Failing to recognize that Florida’s governor has come up with a list of words that relate to climate change that he does not want used in his presence or publicly mentioned.

  • Sandman619

    You really tried hard, didn’t you ? We can tell that you did, but like the other attempts, you just fall flat on your face with a sentence that more than likely represents your failure than anything factual or logical.

  • Guest

    Lying to people is cooler than the Arctic. You should know. This is what NASA is *really* saying about the Earth’s ice.

  • Ken, North Face

    Hi. I am a great follower of the website set up by Robert Felix. There is probably no mystery as to how most of the last million or so years there was an awful lot more ice. This is mainly due to the physical properties of the ice itself. It reflects sunlight and I recall the word albedo to describe what I am thinking about.
    I also follow Satellite imagery of the Earth and I am quite frankly shocked at how white most of East Russia still is this late May.
    Moscow has known green Xmases but never further into Russia. The behaviour of glaciers here needs careful monitoring. Mostly receeded as my hairline LOL but I have a bad feeling that funds are lacking to study said glaciers.
    So help me God.

  • 9.8m/ss

    The Forbes article (it’s the “ice caps may not be melting” link, above) misrepresents what the National Snow and Ice Data Center really said. The poles are rapidly losing ice mass. That’s not a political issue, it’s an observation with calibrated instruments. Don’t be fooled by lawyers who work for the fossil fuel industry’s public relations network.

  • AnOilMan

    What a joke! Look at the source! A lawyer working for deniers;

    I bet he’s good at math and all that too!