New Mystery Photos: Why Is the Ice in Antarctica Turning a Vibrant Green Color?

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In a recent routine flyover of US satellite Landsat 8, NASA has photographed what appears to be a vibrant green chunk of ice 650 square miles in size (and growing) in an isolated part of Antarctica.


Just look at this stunning green color:




Interesting facts about Antarctica include not all of its mountain peaks are covered in ice and snow. During expeditions in the 1940s through the 1960s for example, researchers came back claiming Antarctica had unfrozen lakes in the interior and that many mountain peaks were not covered in ice or snow. One seismologist who spent a year on the otherwise icy continent in the late 1950s described a lake near uncovered mountains in the interior that had flowers growing in it.

So what is causing that color in what is otherwise described as such an icy, barren wasteland? According to reports, scientists are stumped.

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  • Czajk

    CO2 from global warming, I mean climate change…

    • deaderpool

      sapian climate disruption. tune in, turn on and dropout? is it strange that a bizillion kilotonnes of radioactive dispersing explosives have been detonated all over the planet and yet there is no metric for it’s contribution to uh, anthropomorphic global warming?

    • Proof?

      • Czajk

        That was sarcasm…

  • Uncle Sham

    it’s called algae, motherfka

  • MaybeYes

    As these photos are from fake science and fraud-based NASA it is difficult to trust them.

    • Caroltsaunders

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  • Uncle Sham

    i dont know if the scientists are as much to blame as the journalists reporting this. lol