New Moms Demand Action Gun Control “Comedy” PSA with SNL’s Rachel Dratch Is Just Dumb

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This is what happens when you are backed by a billionaire who wants gun control and can pay any price for the propaganda to help get it.

The description says, “Loaded guns. Families with kids. And Alcohol. Featuring [former SNL star] Rachel Dratch.”

It features a doting mom who makes sure her kids are safe and don’t do things like run with scissors. It drags on forever without getting to the point until they wind up at a restaurant that allows open carry.

The implication of this one is that all the time there are horribly scary incidents where people who can legally carry guns into restaurants are getting legally intoxicated at said restaurants and somehow accidentally shooting families with kids who were just innocently attempting to enjoy dinner out.

Because, you know, everyone is just bringing their AK47s to the local pizza joint, getting hammered, and leaving those guns sitting around in precarious positions where they could accidentally go off and kill everyone… or some such nonsense.

Forget the majority of gun deaths are suicides. Forget that the majority of gun crimes are not committed by legal gun owners. Forget that legal gun owners carrying guns in public places have saved lives when no one was else present to do so.

Forget reality and be afraid, be very afraid … of nonexistent drunken gun accidents by legal open carriers at pizza restaurants.

Give me a break.

It comes as no surprise that Moms Demand Action — the people making an unrealistic, bad argument with terrible logic — have disabled all comments on YouTube.

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  • Smarty

    Yeah. Even the gun grabbers won’t swallow that one. To properly brainwash a sheep, you have to use a somewhat realistic approach. It was funny to watch though….

    • BigGaySteve

      There are people that stupid that will believe it. I enjoyed the comic gyno star for years before I realized it was not parody of feminists. I still read it because you couldn’t parody it harder if you tried.

  • Reverend Draco

    Funny thing – with few if any exceptions. . . when I read in the news about some drunken choad pulling his gun on people at a bar. . . it’s an off-duty cop.

    So. . . maybe, in a roundabout way, this is a good one. . . it might force a connection that people don’t even know they have the information to connect with.

    • otis cambell

      Yeah, we had one here practicing quick draw in a restaurant bathroom. Bam ! Thing went off. Stupid bastard had one chambered. Deputy Sheriff. Benton Co. AR

      • Reverend Draco

        Way to go, Deputy Walton. . .

        • otis cambell

          Deputy Fife probably.

          • Reverend Draco

            Well. . . Benton Co, AR – home of WalMart. . .

          • YaRt

            That is exactly why Andy made Barney keep his one bullet in his shirt pocket!

  • Sean

    The moral of the little video is, of course, that guns are icky and dangerous, and yahoos will carry them carelessly and endanger the CHILDREN!

  • mirageseekr

    Looks like a saturday night live skit and it is a wonderful display of stupidity.

    • There is a reason why those of us who grew up on the first generation eschew all the subsequent ones.

      • Sandra Allred

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  • Just wow

  • toktomi

    Perhaps, Rachel will follow up with a knee slapper about how the Constitution makes good butt wipe.


  • Reverend Draco

    @MomsDemand I see that you cretins are as ignorant and fearful of the 1st Amendment as you are the 2nd. Knock it the fuck off.

    (sent via twitter)

  • patrickkell

    I remember why i stopped watching snl and other media shills

  • Another Thought Criminal

    Maybe she should look more into that peanut allergy her fictional kid has than armed citizens. Seems a real, caring mom would be more worried about skyrocketing rates of autism and food allergies in children more than citizens being able to defend themselves.

    • Reverend Draco

      “Prohibition of self-defense is evil and people who
      support it are no different from rapists: they get
      their jollies from controlling and harming others.
      Such sadism by proxy must be stopped.

  • miro

    Rachel somehow reeks of Saturday Night Live. SNL , particularly in Rachel’s and Tina Fey’s generation, is straight, direct political propaganda. Unwatchable garbage I turned off years ago. Checked in when Soros did Greece a few years ago and saw Fey shill for the big banks. Speaking as a Greek, she scolded Greeks for being lazy and not paying their ‘ fair share’ into the ‘union’ of Europe. Haven’t checked in since and will continue to avoid Fey…….since she has shown what she, (and the show), is. Of course, you could say the same things about all of mainstream. But they don’t all mask their prop and conditioning as comedy; (despicable and effective).

    • sunshine

      I’ve seen it a few times over the past 5 or 10 years and it’s all anti-white hatred. I couldn’t believe how racist it was. Tina Fey is a Jew, it’s to be expected.

  • Half of the gun deaths in America each year are from suicides. So tell me again we have a “gun” problem? HALF are from suicides but I don’t see any politicians calling for more money to be spent on mental health. All I see is Obama wanting to restrict gun purchases and lessen magazine capacities. He’s never mentioned ONCE one thing about calling on a national referendum on mental health. No, let’s concentrate on GUNS and not on mental health. Remember, HALF of gun deaths are from suicide and not from one person shooting another person. It’s a person shooting themselves because this country can’t and won’t deal with mental health issues, mainly depression.

  • Guillotine_ready

    News flash life is risky and people will do things that scare and offend you. So if you think guns are dangerous and do not like to be around people with them, move to the desert and be safe, maybe.

  • mayday911us.

    Well I hope they don’t read the background check system for last month. Gun sale surged again I wonder why?

    I really wish they would actually read the laws that around the books now. The states that have open carry/Carry concealed you cannot being intoxicated/Under the influence of drugs with being armed it all depends those states of BAC and laws. Or at a establishment that sells over 51% alcohol.

    What it would be would be criminal possession of a firearm will be intoxicated. Permit or not it’s a crime.

    But they don’t seem to understand that they have to put out this mindless drivel.

  • Chef Sp

    Statistically….what does go wrong? How many times? Maybe their view is what is flawed…not the situation.

  • whiteberry

    Anyone who takes that video seriously shouldn’t be breeding in the first place!!

  • none

    I don’t think she has enough talent, to get on the original Saturday night live show.
    Look at all of the material she had to work with?
    Think of the Griswold s family vacation. Notice how undisaplined the kids acted? As a post actor on that show, she should be embarrassed to use the name.

  • YaRt

    Every time my wife and I go out to eat we are lucky enough to sit next to a family with the type of loud mouth children, that quite frankly should have a gun stuffed in their face and told to be quiet, but we resist the urge. If they only knew the truth, that all those kids being shot in restaurants (any?) and not one is a real accident!

    [disclaimer: the following post was 100% sarcasm]