New Moms Demand Action Gun Control “Comedy” PSA with SNL’s Rachel Dratch Is Just Dumb

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This is what happens when you are backed by a billionaire who wants gun control and can pay any price for the propaganda to help get it.

The description says, “Loaded guns. Families with kids. And Alcohol. Featuring [former SNL star] Rachel Dratch.”

It features a doting mom who makes sure her kids are safe and don’t do things like run with scissors. It drags on forever without getting to the point until they wind up at a restaurant that allows open carry.

The implication of this one is that all the time there are horribly scary incidents where people who can legally carry guns into restaurants are getting legally intoxicated at said restaurants and somehow accidentally shooting families with kids who were just innocently attempting to enjoy dinner out.

Because, you know, everyone is just bringing their AK47s to the local pizza joint, getting hammered, and leaving those guns sitting around in precarious positions where they could accidentally go off and kill everyone… or some such nonsense.

Forget the majority of gun deaths are suicides. Forget that the majority of gun crimes are not committed by legal gun owners. Forget that legal gun owners carrying guns in public places have saved lives when no one was else present to do so.

Forget reality and be afraid, be very afraid … of nonexistent drunken gun accidents by legal open carriers at pizza restaurants.

Give me a break.

It comes as no surprise that Moms Demand Action — the people making an unrealistic, bad argument with terrible logic — have disabled all comments on YouTube.

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