New gun shoots ‘DNA bullets’ to make apprehension of rioters easier

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dna gun

A gun produced by SelectaDNA shoots what is essentially a paintball filled with a synthetic DNA substance that allows police to later apprehend an individual when it might otherwise be dangerous to do so, like during a riot or large protest.

While it might seem like a great idea, one must wonder what would happen if police mistakenly marked a journalist or other innocent bystander.

After all, just the mere presence of the “synthetic DNA trace mark” may be considered evidence that could lead to a prosecution and conviction in court.

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  • JX

    Right. So, all they do is make a quick change in the database if they want to frame someone. Or they make a simple mistake. Never happens in databases, right?

  • charlie tango

    Whatever the tool, and benefit, it will be misused by the criminal element.

    • REB

      …that criminal element being government, right?

  • Cindy

    can’t you wash it off?

    • Jean

      No – takes several weeks to get it off.

  • Texas TopCat

    For it to be useful it will need to have the testimony of the person that marked the criminal. In one sense the lack of the mark may clear people that look the same as the criminal. A picture/video of the the marking event might also be helpful if not already included.
    “innocent bystander” at the scene of a riot is hard to accept. Either you are part of the problem (e.g. criminal) or part of the solution (e.g. victim). Hard to be just an innocent bystander.
    Just as the biker gang attack in NYC, the members that stood around an watched the violence are just as guilty as the members that committed the violence.

  • JC

    Wear a Tyvek suit, dispose of when needed, no evidence. Will the Nazis ever stop trying?