New Father Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Leading Towards a New World Order

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(The Daily Sheeple) Mark Dice notes that Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg is now officially working towards a new world order in tandem with the birth of his first child – as he and his cohorts continue to work with the upper echelons of the intelligence community and the elite Bilderberg crowd.

Apparently he has been doing his homework as well.

According to a new video from Dice:

Facebook founcer Mark Zuckerberg just posted that he is reading Henry Kissinger’s book World Order.

Though it may not appear that way at first glance, Facebook is as important to global politics as the stuff that typically makes diplomatic and world affairs headlines.

Zuckerberg’s social media platform is now essential to reorganizing society inside the digital grid, and has been wielded by those at the reins of power. It is, and has been about much more than just sharing memes and dumb pet pictures.

It is the forum of the future.

Wow! Can’t wait to share that one with all our friends on Facebook. But then again, who is listening?

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his sister have already been outed for calling their users “dumb f—ers.”

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  • NonYo Business

    opt out like i done did.

    • Reverend Draco

      Better yet – don’t opt-in to begin with. Like I done did.

      • NonYo Business

        Well I woulda, if I was awake back in the day. I regret it oh wise draco… Someday my balls will be as wrinkley and wise lol. My biggest challenge these days is separating the fear mongering from the truth.

        • You seem to have retained the cause of the original poor choice.

          • NonYo Business

            And you are?

          • whiteberry

            A douche!

          • A critical thinker like the good reverend.

        • Reverend Draco

          Practice keeps the brain agile. . .

          I did do the Myspace thing – that’s what learned me not to do the Farcebook thing. . .

    • Mr Gadget

      too late…for everyone


      Paperwork will save no one when the boots are marching down main st., stomping on heads.

      • NonYo Business

        Then I guess we should all just give up then.

        • ANARCHY

          Of course not.
          We need to band together.
          All of us.

  • WeeSee

  • otis cambell

    Never was there. Never will be. Made that decision years ago. Never trust anything called MyFacePlaceSpaceBookThingey.

  • sunshine

    ZuckerBERG wants his Chinese Jew daughter to join the ranks of the other Asian Jew hybrids and rule the NWO from their new host country. Just like a parasite, and especially this particular type of eternal parasite, to brag about it and think the goyim are too dumb to notice or care.

    • whiteberry

      How right you are!!!!

    • Off topic: They just took down the IFERS flat earth boards also! Looks like a coordinated operation taking out the truthful/damaging to the establishment forums. IFERS(International Flat Earth Research Society) had over 3000 members. One of the comments said that it was the white genocide info that did it(IFERS had a very impressive pro-white section, I should have linked to it for you). I hope Eric puts up another forum, I hope Mark does too.

      • sunshine

        Wow….can’t say that’s surprising. They’re on an all out assault on anything truthful. You know Disqus is gonna remove comments from the Daily Stormer next month, right? So much for freedom, but you know they never ever stop the black foot soldiers or any of the other non white actual hate sites that call for murdering whites….apparently white people being proud of being white is a problem but calls to violence is a-OK!

      • WeeSee

        here is more on the star-gate

        its long and its like a radio

  • jim_robert

    I dumped Facebook years ago. Guess what? I’m still here, and if someone wants to know about my vacation or my life, I call or send an email, instead of wasting precious hours posting something no one will read.

    • Nexusfast123

      Figured out what an exploitative piece of trash it is and never went on it. I watch sad people scrolling through the inane time-line when I’m on the train to and from work.

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    Mark Suckaterd.