New Evidence Suggests Bomb May Have Destroyed Russian Plane

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After a Russian passenger jet was destroyed over the Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people on board, ISIS was quick to claim that they had shot down the aircraft. Of course, the evidence that ISIS provided to prove their assertion was pretty weak, and the idea that they have the capability of shooting down an airliner is just as absurd now as it was last week. However, there is some new evidence that indicates the plane may have been brought down by a bomb.

Egyptian investigators have been pouring over the cockpit voice recording that was recovered from the flight, and have determined that the crash was likely caused by an explosion of some kind. However, they’re still trying to determine what kind of explosion it was. According to the Egyptian official leading the investigation:

Mokadem said the flight data recorder stopped about 23 minutes after takeoff when the plane was at an altitude of over 30,000 feet and traveling about 323 miles per hour. The wreckage was scattered over eight miles, indicating the plane disintegrated in midair, he said.

To determine what caused the final noise on the cockpit voice recorder, investigators may have to pour over each millisecond of sound as they look for clues into what caused the crash, according to Tom Haueter, the former director of aviation safety at the National Transportation Safety Board.

An extremely loud noise like an explosion or rupture would be heard as a “click” on the recording, Haueter said. Investigators then break that “click” down into milliseconds to see if the sound profile appears to be a bomb, fuel tank explosion, rupture or other event.

While nobody is officially calling this incident a terror attack, those in the know seem to be treating it as such. Both Russia and the UK have suspended all flights coming out of Egypt, leaving tens of thousands tourists stranded. European investigators who have examined the recording are saying that the crash was not an accident, and according to AFP, the investigation is leaning towards the possibility of a bomb plot.

The head of Russia’s emergencies ministry said Russian experts had taken samples from the crashed jet and were testing it for any traces of explosives.

But a source close to the investigation told AFP the black box data “strongly favours” the theory a bomb on board brought down the plane.

Another person close to the case in Paris said the plane had suffered “a violent, sudden” end, saying: “Everything was normal during the flight, absolutely normal, and suddenly there was nothing.”

If this does turn out to be a terrorist attack, it’s going to leave a lot of unanswered questions on the table. If an ISIS affiliated group was really responsible for planting the bomb, why did they erroneously claim that they had shot down the aircraft? And if they didn’t do it, why haven’t the culprits come forward? Terrorist groups almost always confess to their attacks. And isn’t it interesting that nobody has targeted any American flights, despite the fact that our military has been bombing Syria for over a year?

At least, it’s an intriguing question for anyone who doesn’t know about the US government’s relationship with ISIS. That leads us to the possibility that our own government was somehow involved, but even that doesn’t really make sense. Surely, even Washington knows that downing a passenger jet would have zero effect on Russia’s campaign in Syria, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Hopefully this will just turn out to be a freak accident, because otherwise, there is no other reasonable explanation we can turn to. It suggests that something is in the works that we won’t fully understand until after the fact.

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  • SovereignPatriot88

    So apparently this plane had no strategic value. But what about the passengers? Could there have been a passenger on board that they wanted dead? A journalist or whistleblower on their way back to Russia with dambing evidence? Perhaps something about the hospital we just bombed that would implicate that it was done on purpose?
    Or perhaps this was just another provocation to start a war with Russia? They already know that we have been funding and supporting ISIS for years. And if ISIS does something to Russia, basically it’s us doing something to Russia. And I’m sure that they won’t be happy about it. And they could possibly retaliate against us for this. And that would certainly bring us closer to war with them.
    Whatever it turns out to be, it stinks of a covert operation to increase hostilities between us and Russia.

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  • Enough is enough

    This was the U.S. Government. It has there name all over it. The video of supposed ISIS taking responsablety for it. Looks like some white guys in bad holloween costumes.

  • Rick E.

    The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has reported that two CIA “assets”(whatever that is) have been arrested for the downing of the Russian plane. They were arrested in Yemen.
    I don’t know if this has been confirmed but it’s interesting though not surprising.

    One way or another there is going to be hell to pay because of this!

  • If it were a space shuttle, NASA managerial incompetence would be the cause.
    Why is it that so many people believe that the analysis of a noise can provide the source thereof? Why wouldn’t a ground to air missile make the same noise as a onboard bomb? Several countries have such missiles with such range, and since ISIS was created from al CIAda, with millions of dollars in funding, why couldn’t they have gotten an appropriate missile from them? The administration is grasping at straws to continue their attempts to remove Assad from power, so this is just another false flag on the way to that goal.

    • Nexusfast123

      If you break the ‘noise’ down into milliseconds you can tell a lot about the profile of the event. Anyway, can we now believe anything that is published?

      • A click would indicate a change in the electrical environment, probably when the black box was separated from its power main and other connections, most likely long before any sound could have been captured by a lone microphone elsewhere in the plane. Since the flight recorder is located near the tail and the cockpit microphone is at the other end of the plane, with the connecting wiring passing through the cargo compartment, it would have been severed by an explosion before the sound could have propagated to the cockpit.

  • Gearmoe

    ISIL said they did it. Why is it unsafe to believe they did? If we killed every one and found they lied, so what?

  • Jackal


  • This is becoming a major international crisis by now, as Putin was forced to follow David Cameron’s decision to suspend all flights to Egypt, thereby damaging the local tourism industry – a major goal of the British sponsored Muslim Brotherhood throughout the years in Egypt. Now that the UK has managed to drive a wedge between Egypt and Russia in this manner, it’s easier to understand who might have planted the bomb in the first place, as we suggested already last week:

  • Someguy

    Anybody else think they are just adding up attrocities to pin on the US to start another anti-white WWar?

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Am I the only one who finds it curious that MSM reports about this event are quoting US government officials and agencies? Like they are in charge of the investigation. Within hours of the bombing, the US was saying it was a bomb. How did they know, and how did they know before the Russians? Something about this just doesn’t smell right.