New California Bill Would End Vaccine Exemptions

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Despite its notoriety for being one of the least free states in America, California does still have some lingering freedoms in certain regards. Ever since California mandated that all teachers and students be vaccinated against polio in 1961, the state made sure to allow certain exemptions. In fact, California has some of the best vaccine exemption laws. Residents living there are allowed to keep their children vaccine free, for either religious or personal reasons; a status which it shares with 19 other states.

But unfortunately, in California, no individual right can remain untouched forever. After the measles outbreak in Disneyland, the busybody freak show is out in full force, and they want to cull as many vaccination exemptions as they can.

Senate Bill 277 does not specifically address the religious exemption. But if passed as now drafted, the bill would end all “personal belief exemptions,” including religious exemptions, said Sen. Richard Pan, a Sacramento Democrat and pediatrician who co-authored the bill with Sen. Ben Allen, D-Redondo Beach.

“There is no religious exemption in the statute,” Pan told this newspaper Thursday. But he indicated that might change as the debate over the legislation plays out over the next several months. “I’m certainly open to the discussion about the necessity and the nature of any proposed religious exemption.”

That could come through “the legislative process or the governor himself, if he wishes to be engaged early on,” Pan said. “It’s up to him.”

When Pan, then an assemblyman, carried a bill in 2012 aimed at tightening vaccine policy, Gov. Jerry Brown signed it. But he directed state health officials to maintain the ease of religious exemptions.

Asked if Brown believes that the issue of religious exemptions needs to be revisited, Jim Evans, a spokesman for the governor, would only say that “the governor believes that vaccinations are profoundly important and a major public health benefit and any bill that reaches his desk will be closely considered.”

Sometimes it’s just painful to hear these people discussing the destruction of our rights so casually, but there it is. The idea that our freedoms are at the whims of legislators like these is just unbelievable, but I guess that’s par for the course in California. The politicians there (as well as plenty of the residents) have zero respect for individual freedom, and it’s frightening to think that a state like that holds so much influence over the rest of the country.

And the debate over vaccines themselves is hardly relevant. Even if they worked perfectly, and didn’t cause autism, and truly helped build herd immunity, this is still highly unethical. Everyone should have the right to choose what they put into their bodies, and every parent should have a say in how they raise their children.

Fortunately not everyone is going along with this, and contrary to popular belief, California isn’t brimming with collectivist sheep as far as the eye can see. Those people just happen to be a majority that forces their beliefs down the throats of everyone else.

Keith Howe, 59, a San Jose chiropractor, has long opposed efforts to impose vaccinations requirements. He said when Pan introduced his legislation in 2012, “I sent him a scathing letter saying this is not Communist China and he is not Mao Zedong. He is violating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

My sentiments exactly.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    Politicians everywhere are slowly but surely losing their exemptions against assassination.

  • pretend gov’t rules only apply to gov’t. period.

    • jim_robert

      Mother Jones is a fascist, leftist rag. Yes, even a broken clock is right twice a day, but why waste the time with them?

      • oh. The original Mother Jones is on a Colorado Tourist video, back in the early 1900’s or late 1800’s, the quote is from a sign in a large group of protesters.
        Didn’t have any idea about the current MJ publications.

  • Kevin G.

    They sure think they own us don’t they?

    • if you are registered voter in the pretend gov’t called USA INC,,,,,they do

  • StealthGhost

    It’s all about control for the agendas coming.

    • patriot156

      Yep absolutley

  • Joe Lizak

    The writer of this article Joshua Krause lumps all the people of California and the state itself into one pot, lambasting them, all because of a couple of Congressman who were probably bribed by big pharma, betrayed us all. Nice cheap shot Krause.

    • jim_robert

      Of necessity, Joe, unless you want a 100 page article, you have to speak in generalizations. The point is, if it passes, it’s not just a “couple” corrupt leftists. And besides, it was just a tiny minority of Bolsheviks that took over Russia. Same as the Bolsheviks in CA. But yes, as a CA. native, I am well aware that there are MANY fighting the leftist hypocrisy there.

  • M Fr Nch

    When they come with their needle they will have the shock of their life right before it enters their own body. Never allow anyone to force anything into your body, are you kidding !?
    Now you see how far they will go to try and kill you and they will I guarantee you that, the agenda calls for millions to die and millions more to follow. Are you impressed enough with these assholes to die for them? If not how about bringing some consequences for their actions. We are in the right and we are the ones who deserve better, it is unfortunate we have to take it, but take it we shall and I look forward to the day I can help to dispose of the garbage in the proper manner.

  • Mark

    More in Stalinist California…

    Life in California: The California Department of Justice, under
    Attorney Gen. Kamala Harris, this week announced a series of proposed emergency changes to regulations of the state’s new and troubled safety certificate scheme. The Firearms Safety Certificate program, which took effect at the first of the year, replaced the legacy Handgun Safety Certificate program that had been in place in one form or another since 1998. However, the new program instituted a number of additional requirements and was expanded to include all firearms to include rifles and shotguns, not just those of handguns. Currently, to purchase a firearm from a dealer in California a would-be buyer would need to have a current HSC, which requires a written test drawn from a 50-page study guide, $15 fee, and safe handling demonstration. The new scheme was brought into federal court by the California Rifle and Pistol Association just days after it took effect in the case of Belemjian v. Harris, calling out the state and Harris in her official capacity for implementing what the gun rights group contends are “underground regulations.” Now the DOJ has responded with a new set of proposed emergency actions to recast some finer points of the program, citing these are, “…necessary to avoid serious harm to the public peace, health, safety, or general welfare.” … (So much for rumors that Harris would moderate her hositlity to the RKBA as she prepares her run for the Senate seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer.)

  • jim_robert

    You got that right! I was born in CA in SF the 1950s, and it was very conservative and western. Now it’s full of New York leftists, radical gays who are themselves the H8TERS and fascists, and other nitwits. I would NEVER go back.

  • Pete 752
  • Common Sense in this country is on a slipper sloop and more and more people are on that ride down… If your child is vaccinated, how does an unvaccinated child become a threat to you? And if a child who is unvaccinated comes down with, let say, measles – a disease that is not life threatening can the state then file charges against their parents? We are on a road that leads away from freedom to one of oppression, control, and sickness. If you are one that believes in vaccines, you NEED to read the actual inserts and then research other countries who have banned these use of vaccines (Japan and Italy). In fact studies and the court out of Italy have in fact linked the MMR vaccine to Autism. The CDC you say? Last year two Sr Drs became whisleblowers about how the head of the CDC covered up the link to Autism – that head now makes over 2 million a year working at? Merck the number one vaccine maker!

    • DontLikeWimps

      Exactly…no one has died from getting measles in years!!! But 100 children HAVE DIED from the Measles shot !!!!!! Italian COURTS just ruled that vaccines cause AUTISM !!!!! Which our news media will not report on here in America!!!

  • DontLikeWimps

    Stand up people against this tyranny!!! Major airlines are now trying to put plans in place to make you show proof of all Vaccine Immunization records OR they won’t let you fly….I emailed United and told them how I feel !

  • Review Portal

    My classmate died from vaccination at the age of 11. While such complications are rare they do happen (please, check VAERS database). Should the parents of the dead child have a right to reject vaccine to their other child? How would they feel if California unconditionally mandates vaccination when they see their
    child dying from one? Does the friends of these parents have the right to review vaccination schedule for their children when they see a child of their friends died from vaccine? Please, let me remind you that the people in California are humans, not cattle.