New Bill Would Let Cops Enter Your Home without a Warrant and Kill Your Dog

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In light of recent events, it’s become apparent that the public’s opinion of law enforcement is rapidly falling apart. Technology is partly to blame for giving the average citizen the ability to film police encounters at a moment’s notice, and post these videos on the internet for the world to see. There’s always been bad cops, but now their antics are being exposed now more than ever.

Of course, that’s not even the half of it. The police wouldn’t get any bad exposure if they weren’t caught doing terrible things in the first place. A cursory look through a Facebook group like Copblock will give you page after page of cops being stupid, trigger happy, petty, and negligent (and those are just the links gathered from the last 24 hours).

But I don’t think anything has sullied the reputation of American law enforcement more than their propensity for killing dogs. For most dog owners, their pets are members of the family. They treat them like their children. To walk onto someone’s property and shoot their dog, is like shooting their kid. And yet these cases are rarely, if ever, brought to court. It’s hard enough to convict a cop for murder. To the courts, reprimanding them for killing a dog would be laughable.

A recent bill being proposed in Mississipi may make it even more difficult to hold the police accountable for these crimes. Specifically, if that dog is a pit bull. If this legislation passes, then anyone in the State of Mississipi who owns a pit bull may have their homes searched by the police without a warrant.

Dubbed, the Mississippi Regulation of Dangerous Dogs Act, it also grants police permission to kill your dog if certain criteria are met. If the dog is not “under proper restraint when on the premises of its owner,” isn’t wearing any vaccination tags, and if the police have failed to peacefully subdue the dog, then they would have every right to shoot.

I think the first category is the most egregious. What exactly is their definition of “proper restraint?” And more importantly, what does this mean for dog owners who don’t keep their pets on a leash in their backyard? I mean, how many of you reading this are dog owners, who keep their dogs kenneled or leashed at all times? I’m sure some folks do, but unless your dog has a reputation for being violent or escaping, then doing so sounds kind of cruel. Leashes are for going on walks and kennels are for going to the vet or the dog park. They shouldn’t be necessary on your own property.

They’re basically saying that if you own a certain kind of dog, they have every right to enter your property, which practically guarantees that the police will have an encounter with your dog. And since most dog owners don’t keep their pets restrained at all times, it practically guarantees that your dog will be killed by the police. This bill should be called “The Mississipi Kill All Pit Bulls Act”, but obviously that wouldn’t go over to well with the public. So they’re hiding their intentions behind a facade of safety and benevolence.

And don’t get me started on the whole pit bull debate. I don’t believe for a second that a certain breed of dog is more prone to killing people than another breed. I’m sure there are certain breeds that are easier to train for that (like, I don’t know, maybe the German Sheperds the police use), but pit bulls don’t just attack people for no reason (at least no more than any other dog). My brother has owned a pit bull for about 5 years, and that dog has never attacked anyone. So to me, saying a domesticated dog breed is more likely to attack someone, is like saying Asians are good at math, or Africans or inferior.

When this flawed logic is applied to humans, we rightfully call it racism. When it’s applied to dogs, we start treating each breed like they’re separate species. We forget that all domesticated dogs are from the same species (Canis lupus familiaris), and their differences are marginal at best.

Granted, each breed has some slightly different genes, which makes them better suited for certain tasks, but we have the same thing with humans. Like people from Nepal who can live with less oxygen, or how Europeans are better at digesting dairy than Asians or Africans. But no sane person believes that certain human races are more prone to violence because of their genetics. This whole debate on the aggression of pit bulls is completely asinine.

So what we have here is a piece of legislation that is designed to violate the rights of law abiding citizens, gives police permission to kill their dogs without provocation, and is based on an argument that is more akin to an urban myth.

In my mind, this reveals the lynchpin of police state’s strategy to take away our rights. When they fail to take away our collective rights in one fell swoop, they will try to widdle them away by criminalizing every community, every opinion, and every activity, one at a time, until they’ve captured us all. Someday everyone will be a criminal, if they aren’t already.

And when that day comes, they’ll be at liberty to pick and choose who goes to jail, and who gets to enjoy the illusion of freedom and privacy. Welcome to the new America.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • euragone

    Assisted Police Suicide by home owner is going to be the new thing….

  • CharlesH

    When God created man – He knew He would have to make breathing an involuntary action. I think He had places like Mississippi in mind – knowing that humans who were really stupid would forget to breath and obviously die. Maybe the rest of us should be thankful for places like Mississippi for being so pathetically ignorant.

    • blubaljim

      I’ve been everywhere, and everywhere I’ve been stupid people abound. The worlds cup runneth over with them. So you just go right ahead and feel free to pick on any state, country, or continent on this globe, but don’t you try to tell me that at some point in your life that you haven’t done at least one stupid thing no matter how major or minor

    • L O

      Just when you think Mississippi is ground zero for stupidity, you find out that Places like NYC breed the same.. and adding insult to injury, they move around the country.

  • patriot156

    People have been wanting an excuse for a long time to erradicate pit bulls and this helps that. That said while I’m glad I don’t live there I will say they come into peoples homes without warrants better meet them with full on resitance. I can’t believe people would forego their 4th amendment protection, but if they can get this, and it stands against all challenges look out we are next!

  • doucyet

    Legislators write legislation, that’s what they do, all day long, day in and day out. How can it even be assumed that more and more of our freedoms won’t be taken every day of every year……year after year!

    • B00000000000000000000000000000

      It can’t. Just wake up and look around! Course if you have had your head in the sand you won’t notice any difference.

  • so, who are these PUKES signing taxes , called BILLS, anyway?

    buncha’ suits who are banned from being citizens of the states united by the original 13th amendment.

  • moovova

    ” I don’t believe for a second that a certain breed of dog is more prone to killing people than another breed.”


    • Reverend Draco

      Are you saying that he’s an idiot for stating an opinion based on reason and logic, or that you’re an idiot for not agreeing with him?

      I’m confused.

      • moovova

        “I’m confused.”

        That doesn’t surprise me in the least as that appears to be your permanent state of being.

  • Reverend Draco

    He did say “sane person,” just to clarify.

  • This is where I shoot first. No warning shots. All shoot-to-kill.

  • The more laws, the greater the tyranny.

  • M Fr Nch

    Police are an armed gang that is sent out to rake in your money and take to intimidate you into compliance. They represent the monied interests and the puppets.
    This will stop when they think it might be bad for their health to do it. not until then. Consequences are teaching tools, we have not given them consequences, so they have not learned.

  • B00000000000000000

    I will just say any body enters my house unannounced will be shot on sight. Case closed!

  • Honey badger

    Willkommen zu kommunistischen Amerika!

  • Richard Medicus

    If MS passes that bill it will be found unconstitutional. While I don’t condone police killing a dog that is properly contained with a homeowners yard, loose or otherwise. The warrantless search of a house simply because of a “loose” dog will not pass muster.

    • blubaljim

      Lets hope not at least, but I don’t know, things are getting crazier with every passing day.

  • From my experience, many people in lower income areas have pit bulls as pets and protection. I suspect this may be a ploy for law enforcement to be able to wantonly enter onto these people’s premises for the sole reason of drumming up arrests and fines. When you are poor in America, you tend to not have any rights, as the judicial system in this country is a pay to play one.

    • Dave

      “From my experience, many people in lower income areas have pit bulls as pets”
      I concur; Here in Iowa it almost mandatory it seems.
      So let’s examine this.
      [Note: I say none of this as insult; only as I have observed.]
      To be honest; most of the low-lower income folks are of lower intelligence.
      The pit bull has an aggressive look and can be aggressive. It is why they are used as fighting dogs.
      These folks LOVE the personna and reputation that the pit bull brings to the table.
      The main trouble begins with the absolute inability of these folks to maintain any sort of discipline and training needed for ANY pet (and many times their very children).
      These folks seem very short tempered and believe voice volumn, expletives and corporal punishment is the immediate (and only) answer for every failure to comply to an order and directive. (Again; pet or child.)
      Add in fact that the pit bull has a jaw clamping pressure not seen in just about any other breed and you have a recipe for disaster.
      With the exception of the ‘bad seed’; it is almost never the pet’s fault.
      It is the owner.
      As with most Law; this example again attempts to punish all for the action/inaction/inability of some.
      Let us not examine the true causes, let us throw a blanket.

  • whitefeather

    Somebody here mentioned the 4th Amendment. It actually violates the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Amendments….

  • L O

    There will come a time when the public will fight back. Until that day comes, until block watch groups are formed for the protection of citizens against police practices,as well as the common street criminal, the public will just take it…

    • blubaljim

      I’m afraid you are exactly right. I’m beginning to believe that no matter what the gov’t does or how heinous the act is, it’ll never be bad enough for the people to get fed up enough to actually start fighting back. We are like the proverbial frog in slowly boiling water. We are going to wake up one day in the not too distant future and discover that our goose has been cooked once and for all, and we’ll not be able to lift a single finger against it.

  • blubaljim

    Whenever they start that BS it’s time to wire up a double barrel 12 gauge to the door knob every night before going to bed.

  • blubaljim

    Maybe he just isn’t aware of a little thing called statistics.

  • L O

    For every one story about a pitbull attack, there are 5 to the contrary…

  • nighthawk

    Enter my home without permission , and/or kill my dog , you have signed your own death warrant.