New Bill Would ALLOW British Intelligence to Hack Children’s Toys to Spy on People in Their Homes

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While the police and surveillance state here seemingly gets worse all the time, Britain’s is about to take the Orwellian Nightmare cake.

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill currently being considered there would allow British intelligence agencies to take over children’s toys and spy on people with them. From inside their own homes. The bill would also force Internet providers to assist in the “legal” hackings.

So long as the toy is internet-connected, it could theoretically be remotely hacked.

Via the Telegraph:

“A range of devices that have been in the news recently, in relation to a hack, are children’s toys, that children can interact with,” Mr Walker said.

“These are devices that may sit in a child’s bedroom but are accessible.

“In theory, the manufacturer of those products could be the subject of a warrant to enable equipment interference with those devices.

“So the potential extent, I think, is something that needs to be carefully considered.”

Little Katy’s “Smart” Barbie… spying on you in your house for MI6.

The same would go for any “smart” appliances in a person’s home as well.

Can you imagine living in a world where law enforcement agencies can hack your home’s “smart thermostat” with voice recognition software to spy on you inside of your home?

And if bills like this — which give up liberty for security — are being considered and will likely pass in the UK, it’s only a matter of time before we see this in America, too.

In fact, let’s be honest with ourselves. All of this is probably happening already regardless, but the fact that it is being legally sanctioned and put right in people’s faces, however, is mind-boggling.


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  • What’s the crime rate in Heaven?

    • Reverend Draco


  • doucyet

    Can you imagine being so utterly paranoid and such control freaks that you must spy on everyone all of the time.

    • I can’t imagine anyone that works for a government having the knowledge to do so. If we could get our “friends” in IT to stop sharing their abilities with the spooks in the NSA, CIA, GCHQ, and all of the other alphabet soup agencies, we wouldn’t have anywhere near as much problem with maintaining our privacy and the virtue of our OSs as we do.

      • doucyet

        Big 10/4 on that!

        Benedict Arnold’s will always be around though!

        • As long as Benedict Arnolds and their like are part of the government, we will never reachieve our constitutional republic. The combination of ignorance and treason is more than can be bested by the most motivated patriots.

      • I do my best to empower people on here to take back their privacy and lock out the spooks.

  • JustaMan

    The Beast Has Power! It has begun.

  • What law would prevent British Intelligence from doing anything they want?

    • They should just put up “No Tyranny!” signs in Britain and be done with it.

      • mirageseekr

        Same applies here.

  • StevetheHun

    The British Government has no problem with appearing to be draconian, tyrannical donkeys orifices, do they?

    • Reverend Draco

      Ever notice that, in Dystopian Fiction/Science Fiction, it’s almost always the UK that is the first to go over the slimy pink wall?

      • StevetheHun

        Yes. It is almost if the authors got hold of inside information, and just couldn’t contain themselves and saw a story in it. Given that London is the headquarters of the most powerful of the Bloodlines, yes… it could very well be.

        1984 is here. My Television can see me, hear me, and the Ministry has computers to monitor my every word. My phone spies on me too, and I don’t even know if the camera on this computer is one taking pictures of me.

        Winston Smith, compared to us, had a lot more privacy.

  • pothole

    This one is easy… DON’T BUY THE TOY? Boycott any brand that has the spyware?

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Let’s not kid ourselves about how this technology will be used. The US government, in it’s never ending desire to flout and circumvent the Constitution, will strike secret agreements with ally nations. In return, those nations will spy on Americans for the US government and we will spy on their citizens for them. The secretive nature of such accords will give the governments plausible deniability regarding any possible breaches of the Constitution and other laws. They will feign anger and resentment but tell us that, at the risk of damaging relations with a valuable coalition partner in the war on terrorism, the only action taken will be a diplomatic rebuke and then carry with business as usual. We have become the inhabitants of their global fishbowl.

  • All of these toys/appliances need to pass through your home wifi router/firewall if they want to “phone home” and if they are wifi connected devices they have MAC addresses and if they have MAC addresses they can be blocked from accessing the internet via access controls in your router. If you do this go to the administration section of the router first and back up your current configuration to a file that way if you screw up you have a quick goback. All you need to do is enter the MAC of a device(the MAC address will be on a sticker or label on the back) in the access control section and then use the options available to either restrict or completely block access to the internet, this works for parents who only want their children using the internet at certain times also.

  • Pontious Pirate

    Simple solution Micro wave soft toys for 5 seconds if they don’t catch fire your safe

  • No Bull Nonofit

    After the security forces hidding the truth about elite pedophile networks throughout the globe i bet there is a scramble for jobs in surveillence. Just so the sick bastards can not only watch us but can get off at the same time.

  • RE


  • Truly, it is a world revolution that is required!