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New Bill Proposed: Buying 1,000 Rounds of Ammo would Raise Red Flag

From the Trenches World Report
August 15th, 2012

FOX 40  SACRAMENTO— Bay-Area lawmakers proposed a new bill this week that would require gun vendors to report anyone who buys 1,000 rounds of ammunition within a five-day span.

AB-2512 would give vendors 24-hours to report the name and address of anyone who purchased 1000-rounds.

“A good person comes in, who enjoys shooting, you’re putting them now as being acriminal. They haven’t done anything wrong,” said James Deaser, owner of Just Guns in Sacramento.

The legislation proposal comes in light of last month’s shooting in Aurora, Colo. The shooter was able to buy 6,000 rounds of ammunition without raising a red flag.

“While incidents like Aurora may be rare, gun violence is an ongoing, yet unnecessary threat in communities across California,” said co-author of the bill, Assembly member Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley).

“The guy could have gone into the building and blew it up with fertilizer, so are we going to be ban fertilizer?” asks Deaser. “Just because you buy 1,000 rounds of ammo, doesn’t mean you’re a bad guy.”

One thousand rounds of ammo can be used for hunting, sport and practicing. As it stands now, the state of California does not require any tracked or reporting of large quantity ammunition transactions.

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  • Yankee

    Oh great! I guess my order for 2000 rounds will just blow their minds then! LOL! Screw them and their half-assed attempt to squelch MY rights!

  • johnd24

    I agree with Yankee I just ordered 2,000 and I’m ordering another 2,000 this Friday! lol

  • Casey

    Time to start a ammo company that sells batches of 999.

  • Heretic

    750 million rounds raises a red flag with me.

  • Casey

    The point they are missing in the video is that you don’t need a thousand rounds to kill a person. You could commit an atrocity with a single box. It’s just an excuse for more government.

  • Evie

    Of course they must have no coding on the box or data banks to track this.

  • FOOT

    Treasonous and were paying for their ammo to use on us these agencies have no right to be purchasing ammo. We need to intercept and demand answers and then to allow a law that tracks its citizens for buying a thousand rounds is further insult. criminal to the core needs to stop now.

  • rickyd

    let them stockpile ammo it will make it easy for us to take it from them

  • al hunt

    wow every person that shoots skeet is gonna be getting red flags. or do people really believe bloomberg that everybody has a gun shop nextdoor to them?

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