New Anonymous Message to Barack Obama: Do You See What We See?

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Anonymous has published a new video, this time aimed at President Barack Obama.

As one commenter wrote, “You want to know who truly runs this country and who truly has us by the balls then all you need to do is follow the money. This country is not a democracy. We do not have politicians. We have puppets with strings that are pulled by the highest bidder.”

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    The US was never intended to be a democracy, that’s the problem.

    It was, and was founded, a Constitutional Republic, a vast difference.

    To understand the difference read some history. A contrast between the Colonial Revolution and the French Revolution would be a good start.

    The current, and past, oligarchy are bought and paid for by the global banking syndicate and have been since at least 1900.

  • satan’s meat puppets

  • pookieamos

    I just want to scream every time someone calls our Republic a democracy ! In a democracy the individual hasn’t any inalienable rights , in a Republic the individual has rights that are sancrosanct ! These rights come from God , there is no concept “for the common good !” It’s a damn shame that Americans fail to understand this.

  • Bruce Prentis

    We are being ruled only by consent. If we stop consenting to Roman or maritime law then and only then will we be free.