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New Activity Book for Kids: Biotech Giants Attempting to Brainwash Our Youth into Accepting Genetically Modified Foods

Anthony Gucciardi
March 22nd, 2012
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Facing direct opposition from the public, biotechnology giants like Monsanto and Dow are now making a disturbing attempt to brainwash developing minds into accepting their genetically modified foods using blatant lies and propaganda. In a last ditch effort to potentially sway public opinion, the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) has launched the ‚ÄúBiotechnology Basics Activity Book‚ÄĚ for kids. With the intent to be used by ‚Äėagriculture and science teachers‚Äô, the activity book spreads absurd lies about GMO crops ‚ÄĒ even going as far as to say that they ‚Äėimprove our health‚Äô and ‚Äėhelp the environment‚Äô.

The book can be seen on the organization‚Äôs website, and makes it extremely apparent that it is full of misinformation and propaganda that completely ignores scientific research surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In fact, let‚Äôs examine some claims made by this book that serves as an ‚Äėeducational‚Äô tool to be used by teachers. The first claim by the activity book is that genetically modified seeds actually grow more food than traditional seeds, and is followed by even more ridiculous statements. The activity book reads:

‚ÄúHi Kids! Welcome to the Biotechnology Basics Activity Book. This is an activity book for young people like you about biotechnology ‚ÄĒ a really neat topic‚Ķ. You will see that biotechnology is being used to figure out how to: 1) grow more food; 2) help the environment; and 3) grow more nutritious food that improves our health. As you work through the puzzles in this book, you will learn more about biotechnology and all of the wonderful ways it can help people live better lives in a healthier world. Have fun!‚ÄĚ

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  • Scott Jackson

    We need a list of restaurants, (fast food and other chains) that sell GMO foods so we can “educate” folks on what we/they are eating!
    It’s bad enough what is in Pepsi!

    • Farmer

      @Scott Jackson,

      Too late to get away from GMO foods anywhere in America. Seriously, a person can not hardly purchase non-roundup ready soybean seed anymore, and even if farmers went thru the bother to get “traditional” seed, it would only cross pollinate from the GMO field the neighbors planted. In our area, there was one poor soul who tried to grow a special soybean for some Japanese business, after the crop was tested following Harvest, it was determined that there had been enough cross-pollination that it was not going to be used for the Japanese people. Thankfully, they did pay the farmer for trying, but returned the crop to the farmer. You can guess what was done with soybeans :-). Sent on it’s way to the American consumer by being sold off to the local elevator (they had no objections to taking it)

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