Never Forget: The US Gov’t Carried Out the Largest Church Massacre—24 Years Ago, In Texas

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The mainstream media has completely forgotten about the deadliest church massacre in history, the one the US government carried out in Waco, Texas.

On Sunday, a horrifying tragedy unfolded as a mass shooting terrorist walked into a Texas church and began slaughtering innocent women, men, and children. The massacre left 26 people dead, according to police, including an unborn child who died inside his pregnant mother.

On Wednesday, the names of the deceased were released along with the heartbreaking photos of the children, two of which were only 5 and 7-years-old. The tragedy is being dubbed the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history.

Sadly, there have been many deadly massacres which have taken place inside places of worship. From the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing to the Charleston Church shooting to Sutherland Springs, over the years, psychotic terrorists have gone into churches and indiscriminately taken innocent lives.

Now, some of those in the mainstream media are calling Sutherland Springs the deadly massacre in a church in US history. However, the actual largest church massacre in history had a far greater death toll.

The US government carried out the deadliest church massacre in history and it led to the deaths of 82 men, women, and children. It all came to a violent end 24 years ago in Texas.

Our source material comes from the FBI’s own vault, which contains two files on the case against Vernon Howell, also known as David Koresh. Koresh was the leader of the “Branch Davidians Seventh Day Adventists.” According to the FBI case file, Koresh was believed to have been holding people against their will at his compound in Waco, Texas, potentially guilty of “involuntary servitude and slavery” charges.

In 1992, Child Protective Services (CPS) was called in to investigate the accusations. After a thorough investigation, CPS concluded no one was being held at the compound against their will, nor any child abuse, and the federal prosecutor, who reviewed the report, saw no reason to prosecute Koresh. On October 16th, 1992, the FBI closed the case against Koresh and the allegations he was abusing children and holding his followers against their will.

Still, however, the FBI proceeded with investigating other allegations the Branch Davidians had converted semi-automatic AR-15 (assault) rifles into fully automatic ones, a violation of federal law. Also alleged was that the group was planning a mass suicide. The FBI concluded, “no information has been developed to verify the accuracy of the allegations.” Still, the FBI put local law enforcement on notice.

Despite having no concrete evidence Koresh, who some have said was delusional, had violated anyone’s civil rights, or abused any children, the investigation into the weapons violations continued. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives pursued the allegations the group was stockpiling weapons and explosives. According to the ATF,  the bureau found:








Wishing to further investigate the compound’s armory, the ATF secured a search warrant and attempted to raid the compound on February 28th, 1993. The Davidians, possibly feeling they must protect their home, property, and persons from the intruders, opened fire on the federal agents, an action which led to the deaths of several ATF agents and compound members.


The raid initiated a 51-day standoff with the ATF as well as the FBI. Koresh released 24 members from the compound, who were mostly children, and continued the stand-off with authorities which was broadcast daily across the country until day 51 arrived.

On that day, the government brought in heavy equipment and penetrated the compound with a tank-like machine which pumped the compound full of CS Gas. What happened next, in the minds of many who saw it, can only be likened to a horror film.

The compound became ablaze with a roaring fire. The all-consuming inferno killed 76 people who were huddled inside. Later, it was determined many of those who’d perished were also shot by firearms. Researchers, who later investigated the incident, concluded federal agents were observed shooting from the compound’s grounds into the building already set ablaze by fire.

While the official government narrative is those individuals committed suicide, the researchers were able to demonstrate they were likely killed by automatic weapons fired by federal agents, possibly killed as they were attempting to flee their burning compound.

To this day, the ATF maintains the fire was, “set by cult members, as law enforcement attempted to force them out by introducing tear gas into the building.” And for years, following the fiery destruction of the compound, the FBI maintained the same story line. \

However, in 1999, then-Attorney General Janet Reno made the following admission, “I am very, very troubled by the information I received this week suggesting that pyrotechnic devices may have been used in the early morning hours on April the 19th, 1993, at Waco. At this time, all available indications are that the devices were not directed at the main wooden compound, were discharged several hours before the fire started, and were not the cause of the fire. Nonetheless, it is absolutely critical that we do everything humanly possible to learn all the facts as accurately as possible and make them available to the public and Congress.”

Those facts, according to some of the survivors of the fire, who were inside at the time the fire broke out, are undeniable. They are convinced the government used incendiary devices to set ablaze the tear gas which had been pumped into the building. And they’re not alone.

According to CBS News, “Independent filmmaker Michael McNulty came upon some evidence that appeared damaging to the government. He found a shell casing from a certain type of tear gas round that could start a fire – a device the Justice Department had denied using for more than six years – publicly and to Congress.”

That shell casing led to Reno’s acknowledgment, but the government still has not taken full responsibility, as Reno denied the devices were used to penetrate the building. Questions still remain as to why they would be used at all.

Even though it was later determined Koresh had, indeed, molested children, and was by all intents and purposes a pedophile of the worst kind, the fact remains. The government used gas and allegedly fired on its own people which either directly or indirectly led to the deaths of 76 people — inside a church. Sadly, there was no outcry and this incident serves as a brutal reminder of what can happen when the US government makes up its mind to take out those they disagree with.

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  • Jim

    It is indeed interesting how the Branch Davidian incident got swept under the rug.

    • Emily

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    • Cynical Old Bastard

      People have been conditioned to believe that whatever comes out of the lie-factory is truth. If they read at all, all they read are the headlines and then react rather than read, research and rationalize.

      It’s why we call them Sheeple.

      They are quite amusing to watch.

    • Gil G

      Aw heck, we’ve pretty much forgot about the Las Vegas incident – so are we supposed to remember stuff that happened decades ago?

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Speak for yourself. There is no ‘we’ over here.

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        Good sarcasm, Gil.

  • John C Carleton

    This church mass murder was started under pedophile Papa Bush, and finished up by pedophile Clinton.
    They burned little children alive inside their church, using military tanks, machine guns, fire bombs, snipers to try to kill all inside, to cover up the Fk up, started bynthe ATF, because it was getting close to appropriations time in congress, the ATF had just undergone a 20-20 television show about female agents being sexually harassed and not promoted unless they preformed favors..
    So the ATF thought they would put on a show, They, the ATF invited the TV nations to come film it so they would look good on TV.
    The people of the church returned fire when the ATF came in shooting into their church and living quarters.
    So the USA government, murdered damn near 100 people, innocent men women and children, to cover up the ATF,s Fk up.
    Need gun control of the USA government.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Mass shootings and massacres perpetrated by the government are not mass shootings and massacres. They are manifest destiny and actions for the common good and the security of the people and therefore the nation.

    We must root these aberrations out! We must burn them in their homes! We must destroy these defective bloodlines and wipe them from the face of the Earth!

    This makes me wonder what really happened to the Neanderthals. Were they the first victims of Homo Sapiens? Or were there many before? How much actual history has really been wiped out in the name of various gods? How much knowledge went up in smoke at the library of Alexandria?

    • WhiteEagle

      Before the Flood of Noah’s time…. violence filled the whole earth, as well as or because of…a race of ‘giants’. Same bloodline(s) that the so called ‘elite’ think they are descended from and have a ‘divine right to rule’ because of.

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        Appreciate the comment brother, but you do know that whole thing about rooting out and destroying bloodlines was me speaking (somewhat facetiously) in the mindset of most religious fanatics (including government)… right? This is what they teach. This is what they preach. “Kill all who are not like us!”

        I’m serious about the Neanderthals. Think about it.

  • billyjackeng

    Yep, still the third largest death toll by a terrorist attack.

  • Ernie Engle

    Those people were murdered , simple as that… Waco should not have happened.

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      But it did. “Should not have happened” is kind of a moot point when you are digging a hole to bury a body.

      “I shouldn’t have let my dog off the leash next to that busy highway… he shouldn’t have been run over!”

      “Should not have happened” is a piss-poor and defeatist excuse for anything!

      That’s like leaving a loaded pistol on a coffee table in a room with an unattended five-year-old then crying out for more government gun control because “it shouldn’t have happened.”

      You’re damned skippy it shouldn’t have happened!

      • jimmy joe

        Not sure you are aware of theis partner, but, the terrorists sent in one of their seasoned woman and child killer, right from bloody ridge Idaho, after he murdered a woman carrying her baby, LITERALLY!! Terorists thats all they are, home-grown terrorists/cowards that hide behind badges, until, that is, when WE THE PEOPLE finally had enough!!

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          I’m aware that you are in serious need of remedial education, partner.

          Perhaps you can explain to me why it is YOU THE SHEEPLE let it get this far when we the few remaining people have actually been fighting it out here for decades?

          Sorry. Rhetorical question. I really don’t expect you to formulate a coherent and cohesive answer… partner.

      • Ernie Engle

        Cynical Old Bastard, I see your point, thanks.

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          No problem, brother.

          If you don’t mind me asking, how old were you when the Waco massacre happened?

          • Ernie Engle

            I was forty at the time it occurred.

    • darkhorse

      it was Hillary…forced Janet Reno

    • FollowDaMoney

      Could have picked him up at the dinner on Wed.

  • Gil G

    But the “good guys” had guns?

  • Phil_Ossifer

    When a psycho shoots up a church it it’s mass murder. When the government does it it’s “collateral damage.”

  • Odin Indaway

    Lots of strange shootings in the Waco area…Don’t forget the Twin Peaks fiasco.

  • WhiteEagle

    No outcry against the Goverment’s crime against the Branch Davidians? There was, and it was gaining momentum inspite of everything the Feds were doing to discredit it…until…… LOOK! its Oklahoma Federal building bombed by a Anti-gov radical ex soldier!!!!. And the covering up continued as the testimony of a retired explosives expert GENERAL was nearby and later testified that what he smelled was NOT from a fertilizer bomb, and that there were actually two explosions. The Clintons were corrupt to the core as well as the ignorant or brainwashed of the US population that continued to keep them and their associated corrupt politicians in power.

  • FollowDaMoney

    Didn’t Hillary have something to do with that event? Wasn’t that Hillary’s girl friend Janet?