Nearly 6,200 People Sign White House Petition for Alaska to Secede and Join Russia

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“We the People,” the White House’s online petition website that claims it is “giving all Americans a way to engage their government on the issues that matter to them,”  is currently hosting a petition for Alaska to leave the United States and join Russia.


The petition, written by S. V. of Anchorage, simply reads:

Groups Siberian Russians crossed the Isthmus (now the Bering Strait) 16-10 thousand years ago.

Russian began to settle on the Arctic coast, Aleuts inhabited the Aleutian Archipelago.

First visited Alaska August 21, 1732, members of the team boat “St. Gabriel »under the surveyor Gvozdev and assistant navigator I. Fedorov during the expedition Shestakov and DI Pavlutski 1729-1735 years.

Vote for secession of Alaska from the United States and joining Russia.

The over 100,000 people who signed a petition for Texas to secede over a year ago — the threshold that forces the White House to respond on it’s petition website — were basically told no. A White House official claimed that the reason was because our founding fathers established the United States as a “perpetual union” — and the White House has of course overwhelmingly proven how much they respect and care about what the founding fathers thought about how the country should be run, so…

The Alaska petition was just created yesterday. At the time of writing this, 6,198 people have already signed it, which is 15 more people than when I decided to put this up here about ten minutes ago.

(Hat Tip: Sandy Bone)


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  • oldranger68

    I signed the petition, and if it were to really happen, I would move to Alaska tomorrow. Cannot cast a vote for another’s fate unless I’m willing to share it.

    • Jay_Sherman

      I’m with you, Oldranger68! Not that Russia’s my ideal…but at this point in time, they are even saner than this country has become, and offer more freedom and less intrusiveness.

      Back in the 90’s when I still lived in the “big city” in the Northeast, I had some customers who had immigrated here from Russia. One day they showed up and I asked what I could do for them; they said “We just came to say goodbye”- they were going back to Russia. They said they couldn’t believe how the US gov’t interferes with the family here, and that they were freer in Russia- plus “there is less crime there”.

      • oldranger68


  • Truman Golden

    I wish it could be true because I would join Russia in a heartbeat.

  • Shantiananda

    Well Alaska has a border with Russia like the Ukraine, so maybe that would not be too far fetched as it sounds.But of course, Russia would not be in violation of international law because Kerry said the U.S. wasn’t in the failed U.S proxy coup d’ ‘etat in the Ukraine !

  • Paul Hoffmann

    Maybe I’ll go one step further and take the ferry in Nome into Siberia.

    • spktruth200

      Goodbye don’t let the door hit in you in the arse. We have a Consitution, bill of rights, they have nothing like that…but please proceed.

      • Paul Hoffmann

        We have a constitution? You are a blind dupe, pardner. Bush killed that “piece of paper” (as he so respectfully called it) almost 20 yrs ago. Did you ever hear of NDAA? Obama kills not just Arabs, but Americans too now. And he just executive-ordered last week that anybody who disagrees with him on being against WWIII can lose his citizenship. You call that free? And also, what the hell is an “arse”. Is that some kind of Englishism? Go follow your cult leader. As for me — I prefer freedom.

        • spktruth200

          ARSE `~ ASS! YOU actually believe its better to live in Russia?I dont follow any of these corporate presidents…And it wasnt 20 yrs ago that the idiot son Bush destroyed the Consitition by taking out whole amendments and calling it the “patriot act”….I worked to get my city to BE FREE of the “patriot act”. Freedom is just a word, used as a ruse to make us think we are free, we arent free anymore than the Russians are free…The whole world is being turned into a plutocrat, corporate owned globalized planet where we will all be enslaved by them. I believe both parties are nothing but a two headed corporate snake.

      • oldranger68

        Moron. There is no Constitution. You are so ignorant I doubt that this will penetrate but…we have a dangerous Patriot Act that is in no way Patriotic. We have NDAA and can be interred forever just for pissing off anyone. How far back in the woods have you been living these past few years since the Jewish 9/11?

      • Jay_Sherman

        A Constitution is worthless when we become powerless to hold those entrusted to uphold it responsible when they refuse to abide by it. Today, every cop, local official….even park ranger, is a veritable dictator who must be unquestionably obeyed, and who can get off scot-free with trampling the Constitution every day of their life. Everything about our country today is a blatant trespass on the Constitution- from the IRS, to the TSA to the NSA- to your local town hall which demands that you get a permit to have a yard sale; or a permit to install a fence or change the landscaping on your own property- or uses a SWAT team to serve a parking ticket warrant!

        A Constitution is meaningless once we’ve lost the power to enforce it, and our elected boobs use it as toilet paper.

  • Republic 1791

    I would like to inform all you communist that Alaska does not have a border with Russia like the Ukraine! Also if you want to move to Russia go ahead, yes we Alaskans have our problems with the extreme left trying to change things up and push there agenda! However we still have one of the largest per capita ratio of veterans and gun owners in the USA for our population. If your looking for true patriots and defenders of the constitution we got em here in Alaska.

    As a life long Alaskan and veteran you commie / liberals will find you can hide out in Anchorage if you want but patriots still run this State!

    • Muhammad Abbass

      Communists? That would be the feeble opposition to Putin who the USA actually backs in Russia. The USA today resembles the former Communist USSR more than Russia. Actually though Alaska as part of Russia does make sense and if they choose to go you bozo then it aint’ none of your business.

      • Doc Lem

        Over 75% of the fortune 500/1000 stock is own by government investments, you bet it’s all a form of communism.

        • Doppleganger11

          That isn’t communism.

          • MediaMike

            Actually, when the govt owns the corporations, it IS communism. When the corporations own the govt (more like now) and the military (exactly like now) then you have fascism. When the elite few own the govt (exactly as now) then you have an oligarchy. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (not yelling, actually in all caps) is a corporation registered in Puerto Rico run by a fascist oligarchy.

            The “parties” selected for you, two unqualified candidates to choose from. If you chose either, you waived any protection of your rights under the Constitution. The information revealing lack of qualification for Obama, McCain, and Romney is all available a passé researcher.

          • spktruth200

            Wrong ism…..when media, government and corporations act as one its called FASCISM

          • MediaMike

            When govt is owned by corporations…that’s what I said. That’s why they act as one. The money from the corporations owns the govt. Media are corporations. We have a fascist oligarchy.

          • Doc Lem

            Communism is super capitalism in the hands of the state…

          • Doppleganger11

            “Capitalism” and “hands of the state” are opposites. Thus the former does not exists in the latter. What you may be trying to describe is oligarchy.

          • Doc Lem

            Many die-hard communist idealists will agree with you.

          • Doppleganger11


        • Victor

          Communism is when all your properties are confiscated and you sent to GULAG for having it.

          • Doc Lem

            No, communism is when you’re dispossessed and forced to work in a sweat shop in China owned by USA or EU government pension fund investments… Dispossession is the ultimate aim of super state capitalism.

    • MediaMike

      It isn’t just the left that’s the problem. The fascist Neocons have destroyed this country just as badly as the socialists with their “wars for profit” mentality.

    • spktruth200

      Its not the extreme left that is YOUR problem is the Koch Brothers attempting to turn our constitution into toilet paper and rid you of all your rights. The corporations multi nationals want every person on the planet as their personal slaves.

  • Tony Spencer

    Next we are going to see Putin in downtown Anchorage saying “Hey they wanted to be part of Russia, we now need to protect our assets.” Oh you want to do what with what sanctions?

  • AtomicMetroid

    Yeah right!!! Then they’ll all lose their welfare and disability checks! lol

    • matism

      Not many chimps up there, Binky. Your hives are where those EBTs go.

      • AtomicMetroid

        Statistical data shows that a lot of people there are living off the system, chimps or not. Hawaii is probably the biggest welfare/disability cesspool in America.

  • tayronachan

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that Russia’s Constitution dosen’t have anything like the 2nd Amendment in it. All those Alaskans with all those mini arsenals, would more than likely have to give them up if they joined Russia.

  • spktruth200

    Proof the majority of people who are mentally insane are not in the asylums.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Here’s an alternative plan. Firstly I have never been there and had zero Akaskan Facebook friends but set up a free trade zone where all Russians, Canadians and Americans can freely vist. Low taxes to encourage much needed investment. Minimal Government interference. Turn Alaska into the ‘Dubai of the North’. Tourism and ski resorts heavily marketed. I’d love to see them glaciers.
    Then friendship societies can flourish alongside russian language courses. World leading Universities may be set up and despite the most awful winters there will be no shortage of settlers seeking better life.
    We need to get organised because Dubai was once just a useless desert.
    So help me God.

  • Republic 1791

    Are you a veteran?

  • Aldous Huxley

    I’m not trapped in here with you. You’re trapped in here with me. lol

  • I’m totally beside myself […] No , not w / Alaska , w / Texas ,that they were able to get over 100 thousand votes to secede fm the U.S. ?! Does that mean the [ Cowboy’s] will no longer be a part of the NFC east ??

    • Victor

      No, most people who sign petitions like this one are not US Citizen and do not even live here, since WH site allows it. I observe it by looking at foreign forums.

      • Still […] It’s pretty shocking that ppl that are not even citizens have the power of the pen !?? . […] Who knew ?

  • Badger Badgerism

    don’t matter what the WH SAYS…TEXAS IS LEAVING

  • T.j. Thomas

    Maybe they’ll go live on all those Russian islands some ignorant folks have been claiming for twenty years that the U.S. is giving away to Russia . . .

  • furbaby

    I agree. I would much rather fix what’s wrong with our government and get it back to observing the Constitution than to try and learn how to speak Russian.

    • oldranger68

      Have you not noticed that the only fix is with force of arms and Soldier will probably obey the order to attack his own people?

  • Jay_Sherman

    The difference is, Soldier, we were once free, and we stopped caring about freedom. Whereas the people who lived for the last few generations under communism, have come to appreciate the value of the freedoms we once had, and thus they seek to have that freedom and cast-off communism- whereas too many Americans today seem to be inviting communism (Just look at who or what is in the WH!).

    Standard of living? What standard of living? It’s GONE! We’re turning into a third-world country- with more than half of our people relying on some form of tax-funded entitlement or gov’t job for all or part of their sustenance- and that can NOT continue- it is not sustainable- so there is only one way for us to go- and that is DOWN. (as can be seen happening now).

    One even has more freedom in Russia to homeschool their children than one does here. Times have changed.

  • Karina

    Cannot stop laughing))Then a found some humorous articles about it in our local russian web – I thought it was just a joke:)But it occured to be real,lol))It is not a local joke, it`s worldwide trolling:)That`s great that we can troll our govs and show that we are not so dependent on the mass media anymore,thank yo internet:))
    I really love this world:)Untill it has sence of humeor- it`s rather safe:)

  • Karina

    stop writing bs please,don`t make us be ashamed of you:)

  • thokhan

    Alaska should claim independence and be its own constitutional republic while arranging banking ties with Iceland or other non illuminated banking cartels.

  • Truman Golden

    I’ll tell you why I can’t at this time. Jews in America with their bank kiking and money laundering and destruction of my country have put me and millions of Americans in a condition that we can’t move and benefit Russia at this time, ewe would be just a burden on them. I guess to a Jew like you, hating Russia and gentiles is just a given thing…??

    • Victor

      Well I am originally from Russia and I can see you don’t have even a slightest idea what you talking about. If you expect to see no laundering in Russia you would be utterly disappointed. And, yes, you would be a burden on them for sure considering average retirement benefit in Russia is about $200 with food and other prices near 1.5 of what you see in your local market. Good luck!

  • Truman Golden

    Too late, USA is really jewSA

  • Doc Lem

    There is little difference except fascism is usually national where communism is international.

  • Freespirit

    Won’t happen without violence because the FED will resist, so be prepared citizens. You all are aware what Lincoln did to the Southern States, are you not?

    Is your Militia, prepared, armed, ready and willing?

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Right mate! I am an eccentric ENGLISH dude, Welsh blood but my comment was merely a freely put suggestion amongst many concerning INVESTMENT and new ideas. You and Charlie are treating me like I have just driven up in a bulldozer about to smash your house down to make way for a motorway.
    For the record, most of the B towns in my country are choc a bloc full of Mosques and Muslims:- Bristol, Birmingham, Bolton, Bury, Bradford etc. I suppose you get used to it LOL.
    Salam Alekum because no harm and pollution of your most pristine and beautiful northern territory was intended by just a post Sirs

  • Rick E.

    Friend, it sounds as though you were talking about the USA! Bill of rights-gone! English language-almost gone! Standard of living-just about gone to 3rd world status with our astronomical deficit!