Nearly 50 Million Americans Now on Food Stamps

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Editor’s Note: And you know who makes the most money off of Food Stamps? Megabanks like JP Morgan Chase and big box stores like Walmart.

For much of the presidency of Barack Obama, a record number of Americans have subsisted in part or in whole on taxpayer-subsidized programs.

For much of his presidency, Obama has claimed that is because he “inherited” the worst economy in modern history and that government programs were necessary in order to keep families from starving.

In 2009, Obama and fellow Democrats declared the Great Recession officially over. In spite of this, the number of Americans who have become dependent on various food assistance programs is the highest it has ever been in relation to the total population.

Ed Feulner wrote in The Daily Caller that in 2008, fewer than 30 million Americans utilized the so-called “food stamp” program, which is administered by the Department of Agriculture. Today, that figure is roughly 46.5 million.

Even though the figure is down slightly from a high of 47.6 million in 2013, Feulner notes that the slight downtrend is not a good sign, according to the 2015 Index of Culture Opportunity.

Why are the dependency numbers staying so high?

Feulner explains:

There are a couple of reasons. For one, the food stamp program (officially known now as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) is still much larger today than it was a decade ago—or, indeed, just a few years ago. In 2008, it was below 30 million. By 2013, it had hit 47.6 million.

It has since dipped a bit, as I mentioned (to 46.5 million). But for it to still be so high, despite an improving economy, is certainly troubling.

“The program may appear to be on the right track,” Maura Corrigan, a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, writes in the index. “But it is far from perfect and traveling much too slowly.”

In another sign that makes the economy appear to be improving slightly, the unemployment rate has been steadily declining for months. Nevertheless, far too many people are still participating in the SNAP program. One of seven Americans received some level of SNAP assistance in 2014, costing taxpayers $74.1 billion and making it one of the biggest means-tested welfare programs in the country.

“You’d think the improving jobs situation would translate to the number of SNAP beneficiaries declining by a much larger margin. But that hasn’t been the case,” writes Feulner, the founder of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Another reason that the food stamp figures aren’t moving in the right direction is because the SNAP demographic has been altered.

Prior to the Great Recession, 55 percent of households using SNAP benefits consisted of children and the elderly. Now, a slight majority of recipients are actually able-bodied adults who are not elderly. There has also been an increase in the number of working-age, able-bodied adults on SNAP who are now not working.

“Why? What explains the climbing numbers of non-working, non-elderly, working-age SNAP recipients?” Feulner asks.

“At least part of the reason can be traced to the waiving of work requirements for childless, able-bodied, working-age adults during the recession. Simply put, we’re not requiring those who are able to work to do so.”

What happens when the system collapses?

That is clearly unworkable, unsustainable and wrongheaded public policy. No welfare program can replace work.

Any able-bodied adults who are receiving SNAP benefits should be required to work or at least search for work. That’s what happened back in the 1990s when Democratic President Bill Clinton and a Republican-controlled Congress passed “workfare”, a welfare reform law that required recipients to engage in some level of employment.

As a result, fewer Americans had to rely on SNAP and other means-tested programs. This led to budget relief and a healthier overall workforce.

“Rather than allow the government to continue fostering dependency, we started insisting that non-disabled adults either work or be looking for work in exchange for benefits. And lo and behold, the numbers dropped,” Feulner writes.

Now, however, with the higher number of Americans relying on the government to feed (and clothe and house) them, they are highly susceptible to a systemic collapse caused by war, a natural EMP event or some other catastrophe. What happens then?

Starvation, civil unrest and perhaps even cannibalism. Widespread theft, murder and chaos.

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  • Mike

    All part of the plan. Once the government controls your access to food they control you.

    • Eric

      I agree but I think its even worse than that…

    • mirageseekr

      “Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control the people” -Henry Kissenger

  • AugUst

    not for long.

    • WOW! Obama dollars? Electronic government currency? Unless it is decentralized like crypto-currencies, no F-ing way! I’ll stay with bitcoin which they obviousloy are going to make illegal because nobody will want to use the fraudulent, manipulated Obama Dollars. I will remain with bitcoin, illegal or not.
      Great link! Thanks!

      • AugUst

        crazy i just seen that link i was huh

        • They are using them to stave off a crash it seems, not spendable by consumers but still a fake fiat to prop up the crumbling other fake fiat. This will just apmlify the implosion, maybe it is by design.

          • AugUst

            Yes Just like how the Obama admin won’t reveal to Congress number of
            Americans killed by Iran and the number of Isis realest by Iran.
            “the nuke deal”

      • omni

        if the internet goes down you are S-O-L

        • Yeah, you are right. If every single computer in the entire world all turned off at the same time AND instantly deleted the blockchain on every one of the many millions of computers that have a copy of it then I’m screwed! I guess I am a gambler.

          • AugUst

            researchers state that by 2023 Internet would have reached a ‘capacity crunch’ status as the cables and fiber optics delivering the data to users would reach its maximum limit

          • I believe by that time we could have a fully functioning, people-driven meshnet like or leaving the dinosaur corporate internet in the dust. The MIC and huge companies like walmart, banks, and services like netflix would be the only ones left. They are going to start censoring the internet anyway, that’s why they pulled that FCC move that the dupes supported, so we HAVE to make a move like that to keep info freely flowing to the people.
            On a side note, if I want to access the internet I don’t believe “they” will ever be able to stop me, I’ll go black hat if necessary.

          • AugUst

            yea but the others internet is different
            Sep 19, 2012 – Alcubierre’s idea: bending space-time in front of and behind a vessel . There are still things to work out in the theory such as the connection between gravity in the context of .Another internet Connection as well as stuff like this


          • arahn

            The internet is the modern day Gutenberg press. The Gutenberg press sparked the renaissance and the internet has done that again — but they are trying to control the new press, of course, ’cause they know how things changed the last time. Censoring the internet is no different than book burning of old.
            One thing I will say about the real ruling class, they are not stupid like most people are but then that is how they keep their position over us.

          • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

            It seems we’re gambling no matter which currency we use!

          • Yes, I love how their fake currency is better than my fake currency, lol!

        • CharlesH

          EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING will be S-O-L if the internet goes bust. No access to your cash in the bank, no ATMs, no FaceBook to no traffic lights to no water being pumped into homes or food being delivered to your local supermarket – everything is done through the internet today – everything.

          • omni

            I am not saying you are wrong-just mentioning the possibility

          • CharlesH

            The only possibility is the few people who are so disconnected from society now that nothing will change in their lives – they’re off the grid. However – I wasn’t specially referring to them – your average every day run of the mill American will be completely devastated if the internet (country wide) goes down. Society today is absolutely life dependent on the internet.

      • Ken, Megapolis

        Thanks for the tip off Roger. I will research even if I fail to INVEST LOL. I believe Bitcoin is still a CURRENCY subject to only the CONFIDENCE traders place in it.
        Lord I am overflowing with real coins and I need to DIVERSIFY LOL.
        I believe like you, I am a pirate at heart and I friend mateys of like mind.
        Hoist ye sails!
        The coins always outlast the notes and I have stopped paying in my pound coins into the bank.
        So help me God.

  • Eric

    Well, its pretty simple my fellow Americans: There are shit for “decent” jobs available. Corporate America has fired so many people and done away with so many jobs, sending good payingi jobs to shit, third world places like India so they can pay slave wages and you know what, screw America and the average American worker. The Gov’t if just fine with this, hell the Gov’t has basically promoted this. Corp America has “Congress” in their tight little back pockets…It is a complete disgrace. The middle-class is almost gone, extinct, never coming back. Pretty soon there will be 2 classes: Piss poor and filthy rich, this is what our once great nation has become. The Gov’t and Corp America are to blame period!!!! Oh and all of these “Great” jobs out there, sure if you can live on $9-10 an hr, good luck. That will hardly pay flipping God damn rent. We are screwed.

    • Find ways to make it outside of the system, soon that won’t be just a suggestion but mandatory if you want to live.

  • omni

    Half of them drive Lexus/Mercedes

  • CharlesH

    The food program won’t and can’t collapse – it’s literally impossible. Numbers are infinite and as long as the U.S. government can print all the fiat money it wants or needs – voila – endless social programs. Worrying about the debt limit – hahahaha – just raise it – Congress does that all the time. What about if we run out of ‘buyers’ of our debt? We won’t. As long as the U.S. pays them the interest they agreed to – it’s a lock. If someone backs out or sells our debt – no problem there either – the Federal Reserve will simply buy it – remember, they’re our Central Bank and they have unlimited funds – they just make them up as they’re needed – not a problem there either. Our government doesn’t deal in CASH – that’s so passe – everything is digital – just a few key strokes and presto – all the money you ever dreamed of (or had nightmares about).

  • dave

    Wow! Mr. Obama has a foolproof plan to take control of America and it seems that everyday he comes up with something new. With his executive orders in place he will be able to control and ration many things we need, like water, electricity, money, food, etc. He has already bought up billions of rounds of ammo that will make it very hard for the civilians to fight him and if we did try that he has too many sophisticated weapons for us to handle. Just last week he signed another e.o. that enables him to use mind control on anyone who opposes his plan. What’s next? Are we to become slaves to this man and his lovely wife? And to tell you the truth, I think it’s past the point of no return. In other words, he wins and remains as the leader of this country for as long as he desires.

  • RedTickAlert

    So hold on – over 10% of the US population use food stamps – gun up ad get ready, this is so abnormal it is terrifying and I am not even an American

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Yet there are still people who buy the bullshit story about an economic “recovery”. They spout about how unemployment is “down” but ignore the labor participation rate. Those of us who see what’s happening are looked at as if we’re loons. Funny how the rats are the first ones to know when to jump ship….

  • unbubbleslayr

    “One of seven Americans received some level of SNAP assistance in 2014, costing taxpayers $74.1 billion.”

    Billionaires underpay workers, hoard the money, taxpayers pick up the slack and billion dollar companies like Walmart profit off this system. Just another illustration why taxes need to be raised on billionaires.

  • Gearmoe

    Many have given up, they are good people, not lazy, many having previously successful lives, owned homes, etc. But they are weary, they are judged, discriminated, cast out, considered not viable. They were told to change with the times, they did, and still they were caught.

  • chad

    You can add all the refugees obummer is bringing to American, no problem we can afford it!

  • MarjorieCliff Picard

    Loads of people on SNAP are working people with families. Many of the jobs that have been added are low-wage jobs. Walmart jobs require people to go on SNAP because the pay is so low. The federal govt. is subsidizing Walmart in a way. It must be remembered that lots of SNAP recipients are children.. If we raise a lot of malnourished kids we will pay for them with welfare and SNAP in the future. It’s a mess.