Navy Ship Uses Bread and Water Punishment with Unnerving Frequency (Video)

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It’s time to do away with this arcane form of punishment. Bread and water punishment is inhumane and just goes to show that even prisoners often have more rights than those that serve in the armed forces.

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Source: ‘USS Bread and Water’: Old and Rare Punishment Loomed Over a Demoralized Crew

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  • darkhorse

    Sounds like the Navy is into nourishment for its men…and keeping them on the slim side

  • Fearthenut

    I was in the Maries in the mid seventies stationed on a naval base. I only recall seeing skinny sailors on rare occasions. Maybe this his how they want to fix that!

  • rouge1

    Bread on board a sub is wicked good if you have a good cook.

  • Andrew Miller

    The floggings will continue until morale improves.

    • Bruce F Buwalda

      old military saying which I heard numerous times while I served in the Army!

  • Odeezy Liita

    Some times the captain would give u a choice of taking 30-45 days locked up on the boat, mustering 3 times a day… taking 3 days bread and water in the brig. WE ALWAYS TOOK THE BREAD AND WATER. STOP BEING BITCHES!

  • Heather Mcdougall

    If this continues, then the US Navy will have to employ Press Gangs in order to recruit!

  • Linda Lee

    I was surprised to hear this. I haven’t heard of it being done in the Air Force. Being busted down a stripe or two is worse than three days of bread and water. Demoting by busting down to a lower grade affects one’s bottom line.

    • Jas

      Not in the AF, they will bust you a stripe or just kick you out, but while you are in you can eat all the chili mac and omelets you can handle. Overseas Army mess is the best though, could be their last meal, better be decent.

  • Billy Two Knives

    Oh boo hoo hoo.